Thursday, February 11, 2010



We got our snow, and it has been so much fun!! I knew Lucy would come to get in bed with us last night. She was not happy about having to move back into her room after Papa and Lee Lee have been using it. And sure enough, she showed up sometime in the wee hours of the night. When she showed up, Justin said, I am going to her room. He couldn't handle another night of her wild sleeping, so it was just Lucy and me. When she woke me up in the morning, I crawled out of bed and just barely peeked out of the curtains to see if the snow was coming down. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was totally white outside and still really coming down. I flung them open and told her to take a look. She was beside herself. It was so precious. Of course, she wanted to go straight outside at 7:45 am, which wasn't going to happen, so that part was not her luckiest.

By the time I got some coffee, we all ate some breakfast, and I figured out something that should keep them warm, it was about 10 am. Our entire yard was covered in this fluffy, white, beautiful snow. It was the perfect snow for a snowman, which is all Lucy could talk about. That and snowball fights! So we made Sherman, our snowman. And Annie watched from a safe distance on the sidewalk. She was perfectly happy and content as long as she was not boot high in the snow. As you will see in the pictures, she got quite angry with us when we moved her into the actual snow.

Lucy loved it so much that she didn't care that her boots were full of snow and her jeans were soaked from the snow angels she made. She was just happy. She told me that today was the perfect day. So sweet.

When we were done playing outside, me and both girls got in the big bath tub because they were cold and I figured this was the best way to warm them up. Then we made hot cocoa before lunch. Again, this is all heavenly for Lucy. She did get a little crazy before nap because she was just so excited and wound up that it was VERY hard for her to settle down. Both girls took great naps though and we had a fun afternoon with friends.

I seriously am so thankful for this snow because Lucy has been talking about snow since this summer. For some reason, she just has been dying for snow to play in. We NEVER get this much snow. We ended up getting over 6 inches, which is just crazy for us. Since living in Texas, I have never seen this much snow. Fun, fun, fun. It was a lot of work trying to protect my camera from the very wet snow falling. I rigged up a plastic bag to keep it safe.

What I am not thankful for, is the build up of snow on our satellite that is prohibiting me from watching my tv shows. That is not making me happy at all!















Anonymous said...

oh leelee!???


Anonymous said...

The one of Annie freaking out makes me want to scoop her up and hug her tight. I can tell she did not like it. Glad to see Lucy had so much fun! At least your snow will not last long... ours will be here until the end of May.

Beth said...

I absolutely love the look of Lucy in her white coat and red hat, against the white snow. Perfect!!

Mom said...

Oh my goodness!! I wish we were still there to have witnessed all this fun! Your snow is beautiful! I knew Lucy would love it--and I guess she did!! Not so much for Nanners--but that doesn't surprise me, either! LOVE Sherman!

Dada--I don't have snow on a satellite, and I've been watching my shows!!! Can you travel safely??? Be careful!

Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Jena said...

the pic of Annie crying/screaming is just too precious!

Ki said...

too cute!!

Kate said...

Love the pics. Lucy can have all our snow! We've had over 80" in total since December. UGH.

Anonymous said...

the girls look so wonderful in the snow...such precious moments.

Terynn said...

Magical photos today!! I am so happy that snow can make someone, well, so happy. Cuz I gotta tell ya, living in Iowa, I am so over this winter. ugh

Thanks for the photos of child-like glee.

KrisJ said...

So FUN!!! Great pics! Snow pics are hard but of course yours are amazing!

Kelli said...

It looks like Lucy had the time of her life!

Nicki said...

Love it! And so so jealous. I should have just started driving until we found the snow. All we have is cold wet dreary blah. It is as depressing as your pictures are beautiful! It is amazing to me that just a few hours away you have all that snow! So glad your girls (or girl?! LOL) got to enjoy it!

Katia Andrea said...

Yay for snow. We got about 12 inches by DFW airport. It was wonderful. Even big kids (my brother is 17 and i am 23) LOVED the snow and pretty much spent the whole day outside! I am so glad Lucy got to experience it. Your pictures are precious!

Katia Andrea said...
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Anonymous said...

Look at all that snow! Love all the pictures!! It looks like the girls had a blast, well for the most part. The snowman picture with both girls cracks me up!

Stay warm and enjoy your fluffy snow!! :)


Heather said...

Love the photos! Could you post the settings you used for your snow photos? Mine came out blue--I could not get the white balance adjusted right--they were either blue or completely washed out. Sigh. Yours are amazing!!!

Erica said...

A colleague is in Dallas right now and called to report that ya'll had gotten 12.5 inches of snow! I almost fell off my chair--we were hit with a couple of snow storms in the last week, but none of them amounted to more than 7-8 inches at a time.

Glad Lucy loved it so much because I HATE it and Duc isn't yet a fan. If he touches it (of course, he won't wear mittens) he will complain he has an "owwie".

Those photos are precious and Annie's reaction looks a lot like Duc!

Dawn said...

OMG...that snow man picture totally cracked me up. I had to look twice, cause even though I knew it was Annie, it really looked nothing like her. Too funny! Love Lucy's coat

Anonymous said...

Love these - how did you do the lighting on these? Many times my snow photos turn out too dark from the camera being fooled by the bright snow. Did you have to post-process? Thanks.