Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We love you sweet Dada!

I forgot to write this on Monday, but I don't want to forget it. When I was carrying Lucy in to school on Monday, she squeezed my neck and says, "Momma, you are the very best momma in the world." I squeezed her back, fought back some tears, and told her that she and Annie were the best daughters in the world. This came out of nowhere. It is so great to hear your baby say things like this, especially when you have days like today when she and I just butted heads most of the day. Love my girls.

After I dropped off Lucy this morning, I met up with a dear photographer friend and chatted all things camera. Love that. Justin got to spend some qt with Annie. We let Lucy skip nap to spend some extra time with Dada. Lets just say she was tired by the end of the day. We had a showing on our house tonight from 6-7, so we played with our neighbors during that. I got the girls bathed and right to bed when we got home. I am going to enjoy some quiet time now that all babes are to bed. Can't wait to catch up on American Idol.

I have a really cool photo session coming up next weekend with a musician that I am so excited about. It is going to be something totally different and new for me. I think some awesome things could come of it if it turns out the way I am hoping. The point of the session is his new album artwork and his promo stuff - like the posters posted at venues advertising that he is coming. I am off to start doing some research of things that I like when it comes to a session like this. Justin is going to be so helpful in my inspiration for this session. How cool would it be to get to photograph musicians?!?! Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. It make me nervous, which is actually really exciting to me to be totally challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Fun stuff.






Erin said...

really cool pics today!! good luck on your photo shoot - sounds like an awesome opportunity and i'm sure you'll have some fabulous pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Justin and Annie is really precious.


Mom said...

Love the pics, and love the girls loving on Dada!! Travel safely, J!

Yes, I think it would be awesome if you broke into the music world. You go girl!

Hopefully everyone is peacefully asleep at your house and that you are resting a bit.

Talk at ya later. Love and kisses, LeeLee

Jena said...

so sweet!

KrisJ said...

Cute cute stuff today!! Love how happy the girls are with their daddy! I am SOO excited for you, and hello you will do amazing!
My camera has been taking totally crappy pics and I just cant figure out what in the world is going on.. so frustrating! Anyways YEAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the joy in these photos - beautiful lighting too. Just wondering, what is that huge vehicle in front of the fence? Cathy

Kate said...

quick question:
i have been wanting to get my car painted with the EXACT design on the bus. it is so neat to see my exact vision in real life...can you put me in touch with the artist?
love the dada and girls pics! too cute!

Amber Herlocker said...

Yeah for NEW things happening!!! Rock it girl!! I know you will do great!

Kara said...

you have such a beautiful family!

mimi lam said...

Beautifull,loving images of Daddy and his girls, especially the one with Annie. so cool is the truck's design, it served as a perfect compliment to these pictures. Good Luck with your new, exciting photography adventures.

Nicki said...

Hey - you guys got a new car! ha.

THAT is super cool. Will you be able to share a sneak peak of the session? Via email at least? I am dying to see it! Good luck! I know you'll rock it.

Harrisongb said...

Your daughters are beautiful. I love reading your blog. Maybe I didn't catch this, but can I ask what your husband does?

MKH said...

really cute pics today and good luck with the photo session!

Amy said...

The upcoming photo session sounds exciting! Good luck to you.

Love the photos of the girls.


Kelli said...

Love these pictures. Best of luck with the upcoming photo shoot!

Elizabeth said...

I could NOT figure out where that first picture was taken because it looked like your sidewalk but a strange landscape. Too funny to realize as your aperture got bigger and the background got more in focus I realized it was the bus! Long ride to NY. Must be something in the air because we're dealing with stuffy noses on the little ones and butting heads with the older. Ya'll hang in there and have a good weekend