Thursday, February 18, 2010



We had a MUCH better day today. The weather was gorgeous. We spent almost all day outside. Nana and Grandy, you will be so happy to know that Justin and I got the yard all cleaned up today. I had the hedge trimmers going like no one's business. We got all of the broken branches cleaned out and it really looks so much better. It felt so great to be outside in such beautiful weather and we all enjoyed it so much. Lucy LOVES to help in the yard. She was carrying big branches to our giant pile to be picked up. She would drag them to the pile and come running back for more. Annie was so happy the whole time. She just wandered around and played in everything. It was such a great morning. And we headed right back out after very short naps.

The girls were so worn out after a big day outside and such short naps, that Lucy asked to go to bed at 7:05. That never happens. Annie went to bed right after her. Annie was up at 8:45 with an upset tummy. Really yucky diaper and she was hysterical. I brought her to our room so that she would settle down. She laid with me for 30 minutes without wiggling even a bit. Annie is NEVER still when she is awake, so this was a special treat for me. She calmly went back down. I truly love snuggling with my babies.



Mom said...

Hey! Is that LeeLee's mango pop?????????? Looks good.

Beautiful day here also. Put on my yard clogs and cut the crepe myrtles back--needed Lucy to help me carry out my branches! And raked up 4 trash bags of pine needles and pine cones. Must have been "yard work" day. Good for you guys.

Glad the girls got to get out for a lot of fresh air. I know it did me good. Hope that Annie's little tummy is ok.

Hugs and kisses to all, LeeLee

I can hear Nana and Grandy sighing with relief!!!!

Mom said...

I forgot to ask you, "What am I? Chopped liver?" Lee

Anonymous said...

i think kids love it when they can be active outside. happy that you guys had a good day! i hope annie's tummy is doing okay.

Sharon said...

Your days sounds great! I almost forget what color our grass is at this point! : )

Jen said...

My little girl is also a wiggle worm and I know what you mean about cherishing the quiet times! My yard is buried under 2 feet of snow.

Anonymous said...

Love these photos - especially the reflection!