Monday, February 22, 2010




Sorry for no post yesterday. I tried to get it done earlier in the day, but ran out of time. First of all, yesterday was my dad, Papa's, birthday. So a big huge birthday shout out to Papa. Wish we could have celebrated with you. Lucy made you a few of her famous pretend birthday cakes yesterday, so we did celebrate. You really are such a super duper dad and I am so thankful that you are my Dad!! We all love you so much.

We went to dinner with our neighbors last night because tomorrow is Steve's birthday. We had a lot of fun, but I was way too tired to post last night when I got in. The pictures outside are from yesterday.

I know you guys think that I am crazy for letting Annie have that paci in the pictures from today, but just look at how happy she is about it. Lucy actually gave her that this afternoon when she found it in the cabinet. I let her play with one last week that I found in the bathroom. She was really happy about it. She wasn't really sucking on them, but kind of playing with them. She did get annoyed with it today and threw it down, so I am not worried that we are going to make her really want a paci.

I have been working on a HUGE project all day today. I have started the process of listing the girls' clothes on Ebay that we don't need anymore. Things that they have outgrown are getting out of here. I have gotten 35 things listed so far, and I have stacks of stuff still left to list. I am going to be working on it tonight and some tomorrow. It is so much work, but if I want to get the most out of it, I think Ebay is the way to go. For those of you that love the girls' clothes, here is your chance to get your hands on it!! You can view what I have listed so far HERE. My seller id is klf0929 if that makes it easier to see what I have listed so far. This is all really, really nice boutique clothing for dirt cheap, so check it out and tell your friends about it. I wish that I would have bought more of their stuff in places like ebay because honestly, most of the things I have listed have been worn 3 times or less and I have paid a small fortune for this stuff. I am working on some of the super cute stuff - like Misha Lulu dresses - right now. I am sure some day we will have another little girl and I am going to be so sad that I sold this stuff, but I just can't justify keeping it any longer. It will be nice to earn some money from it.

So yesterday we were outside barefoot, and today it is freezing and tonight we are supposed to get snow again. This has been the most bizarre winter ever.






Mom said...

I finally quit waiting for a post last night when it finally kicked in that I knew you were out for dinner. Good grief!

All the pics of the girls are so HAPPY! Love 'em. Good work on ebay. I keep seeing signs all over town for a big consignment sale of kids clothes this weekend. Too bad you're not here, too! Also the garden show downtown. Think we're going to go to that for ladies lunch. Love to see all the beautiful flowers/plants. It was so dark and cold all day. Don't think we are to get snow, but they aren't ruling the possibility out. ugh So, looking at the garden ideas should be a real pick me up.

Watching KU and OK. Kent and Diane are at the game having fun.

Dad LOVED his massage today, so that was a good present!

Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Beth said...

Just checked out your eBay stuff. I just wish my little girl was younger than your girls, then I'd definitely be shopping your auctions!!

Sarah said...

There's never much Misha Lulu stuff on eBay. Hopefully you'll get lots of bidders that want to snatch up some good deals! I bought a lot of Baby Lulu off eBay when Hannah was 6-9 months. I'm a big fan of Tea now because it fits my daughter's slim build, washes so well, and the Asian inspired design. Have you seen the City Seoul Korean inspired line for spring? Love these florals, especially the lotus flowers.

LeighAnn said...

Great job on the ebay venture!! My Addy is the same age as Annie so I'll miss out, but I am expecting again and won't find out for a few more weeks if this is another girl or boy. If I knew it was another girl, I would be scooping up some of your awesome, stylish clothes. Baby Lulu is one of my faves and I've been searching for Misha Lulu but it is hard to find. You know that you're gonna have mommies fighting over these clothes??!!

Sharon said...

Such cute pics. They bring happiness and hope for Spring. Thanks for sharing!

Kristin said...

I am so excited about the ebay listings--I am due to have a baby girl tomorrow, and have long been an admirer of Miss Lucy and Miss Annie's wardrobe!

Jill said...

Your girls and Miss Zoe are the most stylin girls on the www. If you have any 2T or bigger that you don't want to hastle with listing on ebay let me know I would love to buy it straing from you for Abigail :)!

Anonymous said...

such precious pictures...always beautiful!

Erin said...

I want to buy it all, except I have no babies! My neice is too big, and my nephew is, well a nephew. I really couldn't justify bidding, as bad as I wanted to! I hope you kept some of your favorites just in case you have another!