Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is her. Laughing the most awesome laugh in the entire world. She was so tickled. Wish you could actually hear the joy that I did when this was captured.

Lots of pictures today. Just having fun outside before dinner because it was about 65 degrees and the girls got bubbles at a birthday party this morning. I have to give Justin huge props for taking both girls by himself to a birthday party this morning while I had the Matilda Jane show at the house. Lets face it, birthday parties are exhausting and Justin has certainly never done one alone with both girls. Lucy sometimes gets really overwhelmed at birthday parties, so you just never know how she is going to do. She truly has such a hard time knowing that there is cake and that she has to wait until the very end of the party for it. So funny to me, but so true. She and I are a lot alike with our love of sweets. By the way, I am doing great with not cheating, but I am still craving sweets big time. Hopefully that will go away soon! Anyway, the party went well and both girls apparently had a great time.

The MJ show was great. Lots of people came and I am beyond excited about the new goodies that will be coming for the girls. Oh my it is the cutest stuff. As always, I want it all!!!! The girls are going to be looking precious this spring/summer.






I know I am biased, but I swear, they are beyond beautiful. They really are.






She was just in the best mood. Giggling the entire time.

Admiring the neighbor's dog. She is such an animal lover.

Those long toes come in handy when she needs a little boost.

A couple of the images of Lucy are just really killing me today.

She laid down and told me she was going to watch the clouds for a minute. Love.



Beth said...

You're right. They're beyond beautiful. All the pics today are super cute, but I really love the picture of Annie, looking back over her shoulder. So sweet. - And don't you just LOVE when they're in an extra great mood, full of happiness and giggles!? :)

Mom said...

Oh my goodness! These pictures are the best! I know that not everyone reads on the weekends, but can't wait till your buds see these!

Glad the MJ party went so well. Can't wait to see the goodies. Shout out to Dada for doing such a great job with the girls at the party. Daddies need to know just how much WORK parties are!!!!! Glad they all had a great time.

What did my little shoe loving girl do with her shoes? Can't believe she wanted out without them. Lucy is just full of JOY today. Love it! Anners is just full of her own JOY too!!! Love it!

Well, now that I've seen the pics, I'm off to bed! Turn off your computer and get some rest yourself, Poopsie! Love and kisses, LeeLee

Candice said...

Your daughters are beyond beautiful and your pictures are amazing (as always)!!!

Missy said...

Always love your pics, but today's are my favs. The joy just radiates from your girls. Gosh, they look so flipping cute in their MJ. I'm so bummed Paige won't wear it anymore. She's given it all up for skinny jeans and abercrombie...sigh!
Great pics :)

mimi lam said...

Oh!such awesome captures of the beauty of innocent childhood, the girls's beauty are just radiated through the pictures, love Annie's little feet.

Nicolle with two L's. said...

Probably my favorite day of 2010 so far.

Sharon said...

No, it's really true...they are both beyond beautiful. They are so different yet remind me of each other at the same time. Their features seem so delicate. I like this time of year when you start posting outside pics and talk about the warmer weather. It gives me hope.

ELMORE said...

ADORABLE pictures!!!!!!! i could just eat up the girls. it was nice to be outside so much yesterday.

MKH said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Melissa said...

Wow! Gorgeous pictures today!

Sherri said...

You really got some great pictures of Lucy. Really increadible. I missed the warm weather so much and I was so happy to see my old friend sunshine this weekend. Just wish the ground wasn't saturated with water. It was tough keeping Gracie out of the mud.

Heather said...

LOVE the one of Lucy watching the clouds! Wow! That is fabulous!!!

Elizabeth said...

The pictures of Lucy laying in the grass may be some of my most favorite of her ever.

Hope you guys are good!

Annette said...

I agree with everyone's comments. These are really great pictures! The girls are absolutely too cute, and I love their outfits.

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Love how you captured their pure joy.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always. Especially love the ones of Annie looking at the dog.

MrsKP said...

You are right. They really are beyond beautiful!

Charlotte said...

I love sibling pics. And ponytails sibling ... so cute.