Tuesday, February 16, 2010



I think the reason I have been in a rut is because we have had a touchy past three days. Annie is especially off. She has been very fussy, whiny, and super needy. We all know how exhausting that is, so Justin and I have just been worn a little thin. And Lucy isn't so fussy, but she isn't quite 100% either. We drove all the way to gymnastics today and made it about 5 minutes and headed back home. Lucy just did not want to do it and kept saying that she wanted to go home, even though I was sitting with her in her class - which is not how it works on a normal day. So, I told her she could just sit with Justin and watch and I would do Annie's class with her. When I joined Annie, she only wanted to sit in my lap, so we said we would see them next week. Lucy has told me that she still wants to go to gymnastics, so I might see if we can do a makeup class for her later this week. We'll see how the next few days go.

Watching American Idol. I can't wait to see who makes the top 24.



Mom said...

Hello!!! Well, first of all, I love Anners jammies! They look pretty comfy--as do Lucy's. Sorry everyone hasn't been 100%, but we all have days like that! Yes, Kel, even you!! Glad Dada's home so you two can space things out!!

Froze our fannies off today, but at least the sun was out! WooHoo! I like the Olympics, but I really needed Biggest Loser. What a let down.

Hugs and kisses to all, LeeLee

Mom said...

Oh Dada--------was I first????? Lee

Wanda said...

Yeah...the onesies are toooo cute.
I was watching AI too. Looks like it'll be an interesting season!

Ashley said...

Days like that are the worst:( Hope tomorrow makes up for it! Love footies, Molly still wears them, too!

Sharon said...

We all have those days and thankfully they pass. I was in the same place last week. I've had 2 good days now though. Here's to a new happy, bright day!