Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to Normal Life

We are back from our road trip. I know I keep saying it, but we just had the best time. I used to really dread a 4+ hour drive in the car with Lucy, but now it is totally fine and this time was even pretty fun. I generally hate road trips. I get very antsy and bored in the car. But we took back highways the entire trip to Fredericksburg and it made the trip quite enjoyable. Lucy watched movies and I took in all of the sights. We drove through a million tiny towns where you would have to slow down to about 30 mph, and we would roll down all of the windows and let the wind blow our hair all crazy. Lucy would hold onto her hair and laugh her little head off. It was really sweet and a special moment for us.

A few things that we witnessed on our trip home that I thought were worth sharing. We stopped at a Dairy Queen in a very small town. Apparently it was prom on Saturday night in this town, and we saw 3 prom couples come in for prom dinner at the local DQ. How funny is that? The guys were in tuxes and the girls were in HUGE, fancy prom dresses. I am talking about Texas country prom dresses - think lots of rhinestones, satin, and ruffles. At the same DQ, the local parameds had driven their ambulance in to grab a quick bite to eat. When they were finishing up their meal, one of their very loud walkie talkie things went off telling them their was an emergency. One of the men (who was massively overweight and trying to finish up his blizzard) said to the other paramed, "Let's just pretend like we didn't hear it." I know my jaw hit the ground. After a few minutes, the other one said that they better go ahead and check it out and they VERY leisurely cleaned up their mess and walked out to the ambulance. So, if I were you, I would not have a medical emergency in small town Texas. Can you believe that? I was seriously stunned.

Here are the last of my favorites from this weekend. You can see all of the pictures if you go to our Flickr account which is on the sidebar. Thanks for having us Liz!!! We miss you guys already.

Lucy checking out baby Reece. She absolutely loved the baby!!
The girls at another creek. Lucy could throw rocks in the water for hours. She does this hilarious little arm swing back and forth several times before she releases the rock. She did not have good aim and I had to keep a close eye on Taylor to make sure she didn't get nailed. A few times Lucy almost hit herself with the rocks because they ended up flying straight up in the air. Luckily, no one was injured in any of our adventures.
This is a door to an adorable chapel.
More from Wildseed Farms
And these are from this evening back at home. I really love a few of these.
This one is so sweet of her precious smile.


Shawna said...

Love, love, love those pics of Miss Lucy! I especially dig the green dress and that picture of Lucy looking at the baby is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Kelly--I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! I need to get all of them! Hugs to everyone, LeeLee

Kelli said...

Love the picture of Lucy in front of the chapel door! And those last few in the green dress took my breath away- amazing and an amazing subject!

KrisJ said...

Ok what in the heck do you do with all these photos? I am imagining your walls covered in Lucy! I just think that with those photos all the time it would hard putting them away! Just gorgeous, wonderful job and I love the blue door with her infront of it just amazing color!

Kate said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them!!!!!!!! kel--good work!!!!! :) i would like a few of those made into throw rugs for me! :)

dwayne and melanie said...

You gotta love this kid! I love her pillowcase dress! Her smile just melts me! Glad you had safe travels, and I am glad you didn't get choked at the DQ and needed a medic. Sounds like they would have let you loose all consciousness until they realized they need to perform the hymlic!

Amber said...

you are becoming quite the professional!!!!!!! I so love all of the new pics! Don't forget to pack that camera when you head up our way :) Kate has been falling down on her job with Cy's pics :)

Sharon said...

Does it get any cuter than that little tongue sticking out?! The Chapel door is beautiful. What an unforgetable road trip!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous!
Nice story about the DQ! he he!

R&H said...

WHY don't you live closer to me! Then you could take pictures of Elia for me! Seriously, your pictures are so beautiful! Mine never look like that-it's frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I am peeling with laughter over the DQ prom and the paramedics. Classic. Not surprising, but amusing non-the-less. The pictures are just awesome! I love the ones of Lucy smiling in that adorable green dress. We're so glad you guys came to town. Taylor keeps asking where 'the friends' are and what are Kelly and Lucy doing. We loved having visitors and wish you could come EVERY weekend!

LawMommy said...


I love the photo of Lucy leaning on the fence with the poppies in her hair and the poppies behind her - it's really special.

Sounds like you had a great time.


Anonymous said...

I love that duck dress, and the 2nd to last picture of Lucy (smiling) is just adorable. I can't get over how beautiful that poppy field is. Gave me a whole new picture of Texas. Unbelievable about the paramedics though - not that it would make it any better, but perhaps they were volunteers?! Yikes!

Kate said...

Your pictures are beautiful--although not as beautiful as sweet Lucy! =)

Again, my Luci has that same Pink Chicken dress!!! We have the same taste in girls clothing! Aren't they fun to dress?

What editing program do you use for your photos? I'm looking for a program and don't want something too complicated or that would require taking classes to learn.

You can email me when you have the time--

stollmyheart said...

seriously...too cute!

StaceyF said...

What an amazing weekend you girlies had! Awesome pics!

Lynn said...

Love the black and white of Lucy. You should put that one in a frame in the entryway of your home.

Also, the one closeup of the strawberries looks like something you would see in a magazine. You're getting REALLY good at photography!

Courtney said...

Lucy was a name we had picked out. I love it. What a precious little girl. So adorable. I love the pictures. You are such a good photographer. I also love her green dress......Where did you get that ? Courtney

Ann said...

She is a very photogenic child. Breathtakingly(is that a word?) beautiful. You are a very good photographer too.
Loving the picture of little lucy checking out the baby.

Nancy said...

Wonderful pics! Sounds like a great trip!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I got your blog address from Kate's. You're blog is amazing and your little girl is so precious! I'm sure she looks so cute in her Misha Lulu dress that we sent you! And your sister is now working for me at the store! Its a small world! Truly, Lucy is adorable! Paige, Bella Jack's

Carrie said...

Your pictures of Lucy are amazing! I have only been to Texas twice in my life, but I have actually been to Wildseed Farms (I have a great uncle that lives in Fredericksburg) and it was fun to see your pictures from there. Thanks for sharing. The hill country is truly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! You need a photoblog now too! I just can't get enough! My favorite, though, is the chapel door picture. I just love it.

Hey I have a new book recommendation for you: Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv - I think you'll really appreciate it, especially after your Fredericksburg trip!

Susan said...

Oh, you two girls just had a heck of an adventure the past few days, didn't you? I loved seeing all the photos and reading about your time away. Even when you're off having fun, there's always something special about coming back home. Now, how about your next road trip being one to Tennessee?! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I check your blog almost every day just to see the beautiful pictures you take....they are always amazing!!
(of course you have a wonderful little subject!). I also LOVE seeing what little miss Lucy is wearing. :) I'm Susan's best friend and my girls think Lucy and Lily Ana could be sisters---they just love the Lucy pix too. We feel like we know yall just from talking to Susan/Nanny.
You, Sue and Sherri have some cutie pies!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Unbelievable about the paramedics, I'm a loud mouth and probably would have said something. :0)

Incredible photos, great job and Lucy is beautiful as always!!!!

Kim said...

Great pictures! What settings do you have your camera on??? I need help!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and Lucy had such a nice time. And the "live out" thing - yeah, I AM slow sometimes. :) I want to pick my favorite photos, but there are too many. I definitely love the one of Lucy in front of the door and the one of her with the poppy in her hair (with the shadow). You're developing some awesome photography skills, Kelly!

Christy said...

Lucy is absolutely adorable!! I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and I can't believe how big she is getting!! I have strated a blog for my baby girl Lily, who is due May 26th. Lucy is just too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! I have a hankering for strawberries now. :)

I had a good chuckle over the mental image of sequined prom dresses and lazy paramedics in the small town Dairy Queen. Ha! (although I really hope that wasn't a life or death emergency!)

Josh and Marcie said...

You need to enter some of those pictures of some contests. I bet you could make big bucks! She is just precious and I love the outfits you always have her dressed in. Absolutely adorable. What a proud mama you must be.

Jenn said...

everytime I check in..lucy seems to have grown so much! great pics!