Saturday, April 12, 2008

All Better

Lucy bounced right back to normal the next morning. Yeah! I was pretty sure she would, but I must say, I was a little scared she was going to wake up sick because she is just not a whiner. We were so lucky that was not the case. We are all entitled to have a crappy day.

Lucy's Nana and Grandy are in town (Justin's parents). When she woke up Friday morning, Nana went in to get her, and Lucy has literally been attached to one of them nonstop. She always remembers them when she sees them, but this time has been different. She has just been so excited that they have been here and pretty much ditched Justin and me for her grandparents. I was holding her tonight and made the comment that I have not really held her since they have been here because she has wanted them the whole time. I love the fact that she loves all of her grandparents so much. It is so sweet.

Yesterday we worked in the yard all day. It looks beautiful. I will post pictures of it next time. Justin's parents come every spring and help us get the yard in shape. I can't thank them enough. We got all of the weeds up, trimmed back every tree/bush that needed it, planted new flowers, put out new mulch, and fertilized the yard. Lucy was in HEAVEN for yard day. First of all, the weather could not have been any more gorgeous. It was warm enough that we brought her little pool in the front and once the water warmed up a bit, she swam around. She helped pick out flowers and then helped arrange them in the flower bed. She seriously kept herself so busy while we worked our tails off. I am so thankful at how well she can keep herself entertained as long as we are close by. She finds all kinds of things to play with and it does not have to be some big fancy toy. The littlest things make her happy - like using a water bottle to fill up in her pool and then water the flowers. She LOVED watering the flowers.

Today we finished the last of the yard work. I made a pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner and it was yummy! Then we took Lucy to get ice cream at Marble Slab. When we get to the ice cream shop and Lucy realizes where we are, she starts doing this little happy dance. Then she wants you to hold her so she can look at all of the flavors. She got Birthday Cake ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. We all got something different and you should have seen her. She would take a bite from her own cup, then nose dive into Nana's cone (strawberry and chocolate), then sit there and stare at Justin's milkshake until she got a drink, move on to Grandy's malt, get a quick bite of mine, and then start all over. She had so much ice cream and loved every second of it.

To say she got a bit of a sugar high is quite the understatement. She was nuts. We came home and I put her in the shower with me. Justin was trying to get her lotion and pjs on, but it was not easy because she was so wiggly. Then, she was just jabbering away with herself. She would say all of this jibberish and then shout YEAH. It was so funny. Once she started to wind down a bit, I took her up to try and put her to bed. She was actually letting me rock her, but she was still talking away. I was saying our prayer and her little face was right by mine. I see her start to grin. I knew it was all downhill from here. She was smiling so big that it made me start to giggle. Giggling is bad news as far as bed time is concerned. My giggle got her giggling and soon we were both hysterical with laughter. This went on for about 5 minutes. Really, it was so funny and we were both laughing SO hard. Then, she is winding down again, and she pulls out her best trick - the word ELBOW. You guys have seen the video of how she says it. We ask her to say it all of the time and she won't because she knows we want her to so badly. Well, she starts saying it over and over again because she knows how much I love it and she knows how it is buying her a lot of time at the moment. Finally, I call Justin in to witness this madness. We are both just dying laughing. Eventually Nana and Grandy come up. She is so excited at this point that everyone is in her room. She starts pulling out books and toys. After a while, I tell her it is time to rock. She insisted that Nana rock her! She NEVER does this. I know that Nana was really excited to have the honor to rock her.

I have had several comments about wanting to know the secret to our sleep schedule. My next post will be devoted to how we got to where we are as far as sleeping is concerned. So stay tuned. I certainly don't hold a secret clue, but I can tell you how we got here.

Here are pictures from yesterday in the pool.


This first video is to show you all the wonderful things that Lucy's daddy loves to teach her. He always has something fun up his sleeve that is going to be fun to try and reverse.

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And this video shows her counting and kind of the abc's. She can actually say the first several letters on a good day. You can also hear one version of her fake laugh on this one. This is a mild fake laugh, and some days it is much more dramatic. Also, Bruiser snips at Lucy a lot, as you can see. He never actually gets her and it has lost any scare factor that it ever held. Most of the time she laughs at poor Bruiser as he tries to scare her off. Poor dog. Don't worry, we would never let him hurt her or vice versa.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, you have the cutest accent! I love yard work days when the weather is nice. Do Nana and Grandy want to make a trip to Phoenix? :) I'm glad Lucy is back to her happy self. I was worried she might be getting sick, but glad to hear it was just an off day. Mattix gets SO giggly at bedtime after his bath. It's become a routine of sorts. We bathe him, lube him up with all the nasty stuff for the eczema, get him in his jammies, and put him on the floor. And the fun starts. Tonight, all three of us (Ed, Mattix, and I) rolled around on his floor "bed," laughing hysterically. He just learned to pull up his shirt and smack his gut when we ask where his tummy is and it's so funny. He claps wildly every time. Anyway, going on and on. sorry! I can't wait to read the sleeping post. Although things are much better around here, they're nowhere near your success!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome bathing suit miss Lucy has! Cutie pie.

I loved reading that she is close to her grandparents. That's so important to me- especially because I'm quite far from my parents geographically.

Sherri said...

I am so jealous of your weather. It is great to see the pool pics. I loved checking in to see her latest swimwear/sunglasses last year. I am glad that Justin is teaching her all the important stuff. Miss you.

Shawna said...

Ha!! Justin, you are trouble Mister. That "heiny" shake was too much!

Shawna said...

Ha!! Justin, you are trouble Mister. That "heiny" shake was too much!

Kate said...

loved it!!!
kel--love the new me bout that! lucy is just the cutest thing! :)

Mom said...

Kell Bell--well, I am so jealous of the yard work. You know how much I love that (seriously). I have planted a lot of impatiens, and I'm worried that they might freeze tonight. ugh My neighbor said that I can always plant more. Of course our girl is a genious!! I feel sure that she will pay Daddy back some day for all the new tricks he's teaching her!! Love the new swim suit. I suppose she already has 10. Can't wait to see her and you guys!! Love and miss ya, LeeLee

Any more news from Seashy about your photography!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I am glad to hear that you got so much yard work done and Lucy looks like she LOVED the day in the pool! Hey if you cannot teach your kids things like where their hiney's are then what can you teach them :) (I am trying to help Justin here, can you tell!) I love that she loves her grandparents that much!

John and Brandy said...

Glad to hear that Lucy had a better day! It has been beautiful lately... perfect for yard work!

Anonymous said...

aww, she's so adorable.

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Mia's Mommy said...

What a truth you wrote! I need to remind myself more often that my kids are entitled to a crappy day too. Thanks for that Kelly!

I'm glad Lucy was in such a better mood the next day.

steelashley said...

Okay, so I confess that I stalk the blog every day and haven't posted in forever, but I really can't get over how big Miss Lucy has gotten! She's some sort of pre-teen these days! :)

P.S. That's kind of rude that Justin's parents didn't pop over to Fort Worth to help me in my yard! Ha ha -- Becky will be here all week while I'm in Lubbock whipping mine into shape...

Hope to come play with you guys soon -- Lucy is getting more beautiful by the day!!

Norah said...

Lucy just has the most fun-filled, loving days ! Keep the videos coming because Linhsey can't get enough of them : )

Kate said...

Glad Lucy had a better day. Wait until she starts talking more. My Luci complains so much...gab, gab, gab! That kind of whining will drive anyone insane. I'm trying to figuring out a way to deal with it without exploding!!!

Love the "hiney" video! Try having a daughter in a house with FOUR men!!! Hineys are nothin'! =) Farting? Yeah, she knows all about that!

Jen said...

I had a laugh watching Biana tell bruiser that snapping is not ok!

Glad that you guys had fun getting the yard ready for summer. Ours needs a bit of love before we leave!

Kelli said...

I am glad Lucy is back to her old self! I can just picture the two of you rocking, giggling, laughing and Lucy saying "elbow"(I only watched the video like 10 times)- I just chuckled envisioning the scene! You guys have such a wonderful relationship! And I am so glad Lucy has a great relationship with her grandparents.

I can't wait to hear about your sleep situation- I am soaking up all the advice/experience I can get right now!