Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Obsessed Beyond Belief

I have found myself completely addicted to blogs all of the sudden. I really knew nothing about this whole thing just 2 weeks ago. I am constantly reading other people's blogs for updates and just to pass the time. I wish everyone would write in more - so get with it folks.

I wish that I had some adoption news to share. I have realized that I haven't even really shared much about our adoption journey. I keep an online journal in addition to this blog. The journal has all of the details of our journey thus far. The website for it is I have found myself using this blog more for just idol chitter-chatter, which I have thoroughly enjoyed thus far. The journal will be used to show our daughter how exactly we came to find her.

A quick overview of where we are and how we got here. Signed with an agency in January of 2006. Did the homestudy in February - waited what seemed like forever for our social worker to get the final copy to us to send in to CIS. Got our I171-H in May. Switched agencies in May because we didn't want to wait 12 months for a referral of an infant girl when there were other agencies with much shorter waiting lists. By the very beginning of June, had our dossier to the new agency. We are #2 on their waiting list. Are currently waiting for our dossier to be authenticated and then it is off to Vietnam. So, we are essentially just sitting around with nothing more to do than wait for our referral to come!!

The waiting in this whole process is more than wearing on my nerves. I am the kind of person who likes to get things done in a quick and efficient manner. I am truly working on my patience. I think that I am improving - my husband even thinks I am doing pretty well.

Justin and I are trying to really enjoy our last months together as a no-child couple. We have been going on some trips, staying out late, etc. We always end up talking about Lucy though - which reassures me that we are ready to have babies!! So here we are, just two fun-loving people waiting for "The Call" from our agency telling us we are going to be parents. Sure do wish it would come today.


Tracy said...

Hi Kelly,

Hang in there. I'm glad to be DTV but it isn't making my life any easier. I hate not having a deadline. It's hard to countdown to a question mark.

Stacey said...

Hi Kelly,

I know what you mean about how addicting the blogs can be. I am a teacher so I am home all day during the summer and I catch myself checking blogs a couple times a day. My husband and I are also awaiting our referral. We too are enjoying our last bit of "freedom" before we get our child. However, if you are anything like me - you would give up that so-called "freedom" at a moments notice if the agency would just call with a referral!
Well, enjoy your reading - I know I will!

Jennefer said...

Good luck with your adoption plans! I always tell myself that I am not going to go adoption blog hopping (time consuming) and then I just end up doing it anyway. I am a true addict.

Jenny said...


waiting is really really bad. I started in Aug 05. 10 months. It is awful. and I am starting again!

Anyway, I can't email you back from your comment soo...I saw radiohead at MSG, Radio City, and liberty state park 2x. I also saw them In Maryland and Toronto. I am addicted to them. I used to live in the burbs of NYC so it was easy to hop into the city to see them. I am vv Jealous, I wanted to see them again before we get the baby.

you can email me at: