Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Misery of Working Out

So, until 3 weeks ago, I worked out on a very regular basis. We have been so busy for the past 3 weeks that working out got put on the back burner. Well, Monday I started back by going to my regular classes - which is abs class and then a class called Cardio Chisel. Now, these are VERY intense classes, but I thought 3 weeks wasn't that long to miss. I was severely mistaken. First, I thought that I was going to pass out or puke through the entire class. Second, the class seemed a million times harder than I remembered it being, and finally, I can seriously barely walk today - the stairs at our house are my worst enemy at this point. I am walking like a grandma. How could I get THAT out of shape in 3 weeks?? It just doesn't seem possible. The classes were always challenging before my little hiatus, but not that hard. Of course I just kept pushing myself knowing that I was going to massively pay the price. I figured it was punishment for getting so lazy and eating so badly for the past several weeks. Now I really don't want to work out. By the way, I am NOT someone who enjoys working out. I think that it is important for health reasons, but that is it. It does NOT make me feel better, it does NOT give me added energy, and I truly HATE it in general. I find the gym to be a beating on any average day!!

So aside from the pain, I do have a small bit of adoption news. I had thought that my dossier had not been authenticated because I thought that my check to the embassy had not cleared. Well, I was wrong, it cleared on June 9th, so I am assuming that it is good to go. Our agency handles this, which is why I didn't know before. So, we are officially DTV!! I am about to call our agency and see if I can pry some referral information out of someone. It would be great to hear anything at this point. I am really hoping for a referral in July.


Nicki said...

I feel your pain. I hate working out and I get out of shape so fast if I don't (which I currently am not!). I'm impressed at your discipline! Can't wait to hear if you get any referral news!

Alice said...


Thanks for your post over on my blog!

I just did two pilates classes this week. The pain hasn't set in yet. I have that to look forward to tomorrow. blek.

Elle said...

Hi thanks for the post!

I cannot say I feel your pain on the working out. Don't do it. But I do play hockey (ice) and man alive the first few games of the season I feel like I have been run over by a truck.