Monday, June 19, 2006

Back to the Daily Grind

Justin and I got home last night from a wonderful trip to NYC. We got to stay with my best friend, Katie, who we rarely get to see. It was great to spend some time with her. We went to a Radiohead concert, ate at some amazing restaurants, and spent the rest of the time shopping. We literally shopped so much that I am so sick of shopping I don't know what to do with myself. There is just too much to do in Manhattan. Lucy made out like a bandit. She has a closet full of clothes and shoes. We did buy everything in 12-18 month size, so surely it will fit her one day. I sure do wish that some referrals would come in to VORF this week, but I don't think that they are going to. I have started making a list of projects to get done around the house before she gets here, so I will be working on those for the next several weeks.

Lucy's nursery is almost done. We are just waiting on her rocker to come in. It is toooooo cute. We just got the blanket that is on the crib and the pillow in the crib. My friend, Katie, got Lucy the metal "I Love Lucy" sign and it is to die for. We love it.
The view from the door to the Nursery
Some fun friends for Lucy to play with
Where Lucy hopefully will sleep Her bookshelf


Stacey said...

I love your nursery!!! Good luck on getting a referral soon!!

R&H said...

Once again, I LOVE Lucy's room! It's so beautiful, the colors are stunning. You did a great job!
Hope your referral comes VERY soon!!!
We're almost DTV, but our agency is saying 5-8 months for a referral-or even longer :(