Monday, April 12, 2010



I am drowning in work and dealing with the girls, so the blog has officially been neglected. I simply don't have the extra time in the day to devote to this blog. Things will slow down again, but not for a while. I have been so busy editing, doing new sessions, booking sessions, and processing orders. I am having a really hard time staying on top of things.

And Lucy is going through some sort of yucky phase. It is really hard. She is battling allergies, transitioning out of her nap, and dealing with both Justin and me working a lot. It has taken a toll on her. I feel really bad for her, but am also maxed out on my frustration level. I have made a huge effort to be extra patient with her because so much is going on, but I have just about had enough with the fits and whining. She is having meltdowns quite frequently, which is just not her at all. Hard on all of us.

Annie's birthday party was this past weekend and it was wonderful! Annie loved every second of being the center of attention. And she blew out her candle on her very first try. We were all quite impressed with that. I hardly took any pictures because I made a big effort to enjoy the time with my kids and friends and not let the camera be my focus. It was nice.

For all of you that have kids ages 7 and older that have any sort of interest in taking pictures, you should 100% sign them up for Jessica's 503 Kids Workshop this summer. You will not find anything else like this out there for your kids that have a love of photography or cameras. What a cool way to encourage their interest and get them doing something creative! There are different classes for different age kids starting with 7 year olds going through high school kids. Jessica is a truly amazing photographer and teacher, so I can assure you that your kids would benefit from this and have fun while doing it. AND, if you are interested, you can enter a contest at The Savvy Photographer to win a spot for you child. So, go enter or sign your kids up asap. They will fill up, so don't wait!




Anonymous said...

first lee!!

thanks for coming this weekend...hope travel home wasn't too bad.


Mom said...

You rascally rabbit!! Travel was fine and I wouldn't have missed the weekend for anything! You all and the girls have such lovely friends.

Hug and kiss those gals for me! All well here, but this pollen is terrible. Hope you can find something that will help the Goose. Makes us all miserable.

You and Justin being busy is a good thing, Kelly Belly. A problem many people wish they had. You are just going to have to slow down a little, so that you can spend quality time with the guys, get some work done, and most of all, get some rest! Ants are not a disaster, just an inconvenience. One I share with you! End of soap box.

I love all four of you so much and miss you already!
Still can't believe Annie is 2, but she's jumping quite high (and often) to show us just that. And, this summer our Goose will be 4. Unbelievable!
Guess Nana and Grandy got home safely!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!

Seashy said...

she looks sooooo cute in the dress!! :)

Cearley said...

Love the cupcake kitty cute!!

Nicki said...

LOVE that cupcake cake! Happy birthday Annie! So glad she loved her day!

yeah I totally understand the frustration and toll it takes when both parents work so much. It was ROUGH for us this past six months. I absolutely had to make a change. I just kept thinking that life passes by so fast and I had to slow down and enjoy my kids and let them enjoy me while they were still tiny. But it is hard. It is hard to turn down work or slow down - it smacks in the face of success! Maybe it's time to raise your rates?! :)

MKH said...

Sounded like a great little party for sweet Annie!!

foureverlove said...

don't put pressure on yourself! you are a working mom who has no obligation to us at all. your priorities are right where they should be. :) this blog is not going to take care of your when you are old, your kids are. :) you are a beautiful, strong, successful woman and an amazing mother. Pat yourself on the back and tell guilt to BITE IT. :)