Sunday, April 04, 2010


Happy Happy Easter to all. What an amazing day to know that Christ has risen! I just love Easter and everything that comes along with it.

First, I know how awful of a blogger I have been. On this blog. All of my posts are HERE. Whoosh. That was one crazy week. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. Seriously. On top of working what felt like non-stop, I slept awful while we were in Little Rock. Being in a room right next to Annie, I could hear every peep out of her, and once I was up, I was just kind of up because my mind would start racing about the upcoming sessions and I could never get back to sleep. Annie slept especially bad last night and then we had the drive home this afternoon, so I can't even post the pics of the girls first thing this morning hunting eggs. Don't have it in me. My brain hurts from looking at so many pictures the past week.

We are happy to be back at home and want to again thank Lee Lee and Papa for all that they did for us this past week. Let's just say they were on babysitting duty pretty much nonstop while I had all of those sessions.

More tomorrow, but again, Happy Easter!


Mom said...

Happy Easter to you and the family! Was a whirl wind week, and you had better NOT be on your computer, but enjoying Dada's company!

All well here, but it has gotten so QUIET! Even Emma has ventured downstairs again! (Our cat Emma remains hidden upstairs while Kelly's two Chihuahuas
are here!)

Hugs and kisses to all, LeeLee

KrisJ said...

Happy Easter and Happy Bday to Annie! Glad you had a good and busy trip! Now hopefully you can get a good rest in! Gonna go check out your sessions!!

Jericho said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your precious little ones! :)

ccorley said...

Happy Easter to you guys!! Sorry, but here is my late birthday wish to Anner's! I am a horrible Aunt. Love and miss you all! Take care.