Monday, April 05, 2010



It is water hose time at our house and the girls are beyond excited about that. Lucy, being the bossy older child that she is, gets to control the hose. But that is perfectly fine with Annie, who LOVES to be sprayed and then run from the water. They did this over and over and over this evening. That is until Annie started freaking out. Justin and I figured she had gotten cold and that she was mad at how heavy her diaper had gotten because she was pulling on it. So I ran in and grabbed a towel because she was really crying. I took off her diaper, wrapped her up, and sat in the sun with her. She calmed right down but would not get out of my arms again.

Well, the poor baby had gotten into an ant hill and she has sooooo many ant bites on her feet and where her diaper hit her legs. We felt awful. Ant bites are so miserable and they looked horrible. We ended up giving her some benadryl because they looked so bad. They have gone way way down and she is fine, but I know they are going to be so itchy. Could be a long night with those bites driving her nuts.

I have had my nose GLUED to my computer all day long. I have gotten 2 sessions edited and weeded down another one. I have so much editing to do it really isn't even funny. I have a 2 session/day minimum goal for myself until I get caught up. That takes most of a day to get 2 sessions edited, but while I have Justin home, I have to get this stuff done. I have another baby session on Saturday and then my BIG first ever high school senior session on Saturday afternoon. It is for 3 girls and I am super excited about where this could take my business. I am also a little nervous about it because I want it to go really, really well. The girls are beautiful and one of them is a client of mine that I know is great in front of the camera. I am very excited to break into that market.

Back to work for me. I am loving these pictures from today.





Yes, we are those parents that let their kids play naked in the front yard.


Annie is soooooooooo beautiful. Her little features and skin are just amazing.






Anonymous said...

first lee!!


Mom said...

Man--it is hard to know when to get on here to be first since Kel isn't posting every day! So, I will defer to you, Dada!

Pics of the girls are just beautiful! Glad you had such a wonderful day. (Except for the ant problem.)

Off to watch the game. Go Butler.

Miss you all. Is way too quiet! Hugs and kisses, LeeLee

Wanda said... girls are just gorgeous!!! Hope the ant bites aren't too painful. Wow...that must have been disturbing.

Good luck with the editing and your new session.

Anonymous said...

love all the pics! hope annie is not feeling too itchy. i am so excited about your senior session.

Norah said...

Looks like great fun. I know you will do fabulous in the Senior market! Hope the ant bites are better now.

jamielauren said...

I just got attacked by an ant hill the other day and it miserable! That poor baby girl!! Hope the Benadryl helps....

gayla said...

Beautiful pictures (as always!)!!

I just had to tell you that as Annie gets older, she looks soooo much like my Henry (now 3).

I hope her ant bites are much better today.

KrisJ said...

LOVE the light you get in your yard! Super cute pics! And I cant wait for your senior photos!!

sharon said...

Poor little Annie . . . ARGH! Ant hills are the absolute spawn of Satan! Aven got bitten by 1 and it drove her crazy! I felt really bad b/c I've been bitten many times and it HURTS!

They both look like that had a blast before that though!