Thursday, April 08, 2010



The girls and I went location scouting this evening and found exactly what I was looking for. I was hoping to get some good shots of Annie for her 2 year portraits, but of course, she was having none of that. I don't know why I always have these brilliant ideas when I am on my own with the girls. Lucy, however, was very willing and I am so thankful she was. I have several people that this is going to work beautifully for. The light is spectacular if you can wait until late enough in the day.

Do you see that precious snail clip that Lucy has in her hair? Well, the AMAZING April of Pink Peanut Designs made it. Quite a while back, she sent me this HUGE box of goodies for the girls. Seriously, there was so much in the box I just about fell over when I opened it. Tons of clips, hats, flowers, etc. She has an Etsy store and you should check her out. Her products are adorable and top notch. I keep telling her I will do a full photo shoot of the girls in the goodies she sent me, but I keep not getting it done, even though we use the hair accessories all of the time. I especially love THESE. Go and check her out. You will love her. She is the best.

We are dealing with some sleep issues with Lucy. She is in the process of giving up her nap, but she is absolutely exhausted. It is very frustrating for all of us.

I am working, working, working. No time to chat. I have a crazy, crazy weekend. My mom is getting here tomorrow. I have a session tomorrow afternoon. Another one Saturday morning, a sip and see for a friend, and then my high school seniors that afternoon. Andy and June get here Saturday morning. Then Annie's birthday party is Sunday. The good news is, I have lots of help with the girls! I think my spring sessions are even more crazy than Christmas season. That is great for us, but my goodness, I am tired.

Annie's overall attitude if I wasn't holding her.




Those lips......






And my two favorites.



Anonymous said...

first lee!!

from austin....


Mom said...

How does dada always beat me?????? Anyway, the pics of the girls are great. I hope we can phase out of the sleep issues real soon. One person in your family (you) with insomnia is enough!

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow. I'll call you as to what my plane is doing. Don't stay up all night editing.

Love and kisses, LeeLee

Anonymous said...

just gorgeous pictures of the girls...annie is still adorable when she is mad. lucy is such a natural. have a good weekend...and enjoy your time with your mom.

KrisJ said...

SOO jealous of that location.. I cant find ANY fields like that around me! Gorgeous pics and even though Annie wasnt in the mood I love what you got!! Cant wait to see all your sessions!!

Sarah said...

We're having problems with Hannah wanting to be carried and not walking. She goes into melt down mode and throws herself onto the ground if I tell her "no up, you can walk like a big girl." Really frustrating, and pretty darn embarrassing when she does this in public and people look at me like I'm beating her.

If you find anything that clicks with Annie and gets her to want to walk instead of be carried.

Jess said...

Gah. Your images are gorg. The end.

Norah said...

Oh my goodness, that was a big cry there! Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous girls. I will check out the link. Thanks!

Dawn said...

Awesome pics Kelly! Love the hair goodies too. My favorite is the huge red poppy...think I have seen that one on Miss Lucy. Katie is also in the process of giving up naps, but I am in denial that this is actually happening. She SOOOO needs a little rest in the afternoon, but she just won't sleep anymore. How does a kid go from 2-3 hour naps to nothing at all. Crazy I tell ya! Have a great weekend! Can't wait to see Annie's B'day pics.

Nicki said...

awesome light! Wow, Lucy's hair is getting long!

Outgrowing the nap is SO hard. And it takes FOREVER! Ugh.

Those hair clips are so adorable!!

Brooke said...

Wonderful pictures! Love the location and the light too!

My daughter no longer naps (she's three). Maybe she'll get one nap in a week, but it's a struggle getting her to do it. She definitely has meltdowns later in the day, and if we are in the car later in day, she will fall asleep for a few minutes, so I know she's still tired. At least she falls asleep much easier for me at nap without the nap. Our pediatrician told us to simply make sure there is a period of quiet time in the day for her if there are no naps. Just her in her room with books or a few simple toys.