Monday, October 06, 2008

Visiting Friends

Happy Birthday to John and Wyatt who turned 3 and 1 this past week!!

Lucy and I have had a very busy weekend. We left for Fayetteville on Thursday morning. We were going there for Jayme's baby shower, a Razorback football game, to visit friends, and to go to Liza's 2nd birthday party. We were on the go nonstop, but it was so much fun. I miss seeing all of my college friends and really miss their babies!! We stayed with Kate, Jason, and Liza. Lucy and Liza had such a great time together. Liza was a fabulous host to Lucy - she shared so well and was VERY patient with Lucy, who can be a bit moody! Thanks for letting us stay.

Lucy enjoyed the football game for about 2 quarters, and then we went home for a nap. She wore a cheerleader outfit and was too cute.

My Little Cheerleader

The highlight of Lucy's weekend was most definitely Liza's birthday party. I am not sure that any other party will ever live up to this for Lucy. There were 2 horses for the kids to ride and lets just say that Lucy and Liza LOVED the horses. They were not real big into any of the other kids getting a turn to ride. They actually did really well taking turns, but I had to keep Lucy busy when it was not her turn. And any time there is cake, Lucy is happy. There was a fabulous cake at the party.

Lucy is not feeling great today. She is running a fever and has a congested nose. I think that this busy weekend ran us both down. We will see how she is feeling tomorrow before I call the doctor. Hopefully it is just a cold.

The highlight of my weekend was getting Lightroom 2.0 and Photoshop CS3!!!!!!!!!! My sister, Katy, was able to buy them for me at the student bookstore since she is still in college. They are a fraction of the cost when they are the student licensed. They are from my parents for Christmas, but I had to take them home already. My computer is acting weird and is running really slowly with Lightroom on it so I still haven't even downloaded CS3. They gave me all of the info on what to do when CS4 comes out soon, but I haven't even read it yet. I am so excited to have these two programs that I have lusted over for so long. Now I just have to learn how to really use them. I think my pictures are going to get much better.

Pictures from our weekend.

Liza on Friday. This is my favorite picture from the weekend.

Party pictures. Kate, I really love this one. She is VERY cute and funny!
Liza's Birthday
Cy and his daddy
Liza's Birthday
Liza's Party
Liza's Party
This is the look I get when she is saying, "Momma hold you!"
Liza's Party
Liza's Party
Liza's Party
Liza's Party
Waiting not so patiently for another turn on the horse.
Liza's Party
Liza's Party
Liza's Party
The bubbles were a huge hit
Liza's Party
Oh please can it be my turn again?!?
Liza's Party
Liza's Party
Liza's Party
Liza's Party
I love cake!
Liza's Party
Liza's Birthday
Lucy really wanted to bring this present home
Liza's Birthday
Even birthday girls get tired
Liza's Birthday


Dawn said...

WOW ~ What a cake and party!!!

Kelli said...

Looks like a fun party! That cake is amazing.

steelashley said...

I'm so jealous I didn't get to come play, but the pictures are amazing!! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon-

rainbowmom said...

I hope Lucy feels better quickly! Stuffy noses and fevers aren't any fun!

I have CS3 design premium. It is awesome! I love In Design. If you do family newsletters at Christmas or anytime, it is so much fun to work in. The tutorials are great that come with it but I found a better online tutorial.

Kate said...

kel--have i told you thank you yet? :) REALLY, you are the earned your toilet paper and utilities for the weekend stay...i promise you don't owe me a thing! ha!ha! kel--we had so much fun with you all, i was so glad you all got to come play. it was so much fun watching these 2 play and talk! we miss ya'll so much! thanks again, you're the bessssst!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time, cute party theme!

Shawna said...

Love the little cheerleader...just like her momma! I hope you have an old MSM uniform for her to play with some day (I still have my Rockette uniforms for that same thing). And Kate, Miss Liza has eyes to die for! What a beauty they both are!

Cinnamon said...

That party did look fun (horses, how cool). I'm with ya Lucy anytime there is cake I am happy too. Would this be Fayetteville Arkansas? I went to school in Searcy for two years. So I have been to Little Rock many times.

Amber said...

kelly, we also had so much fun this weekend! lucy is just the sweetest thing ever and i love getting all of the babes together!!!

Mom said...

Kelly--give me Lucy a get well kiss from me! Looks like the birthday cowgirl and the party were a big success. Wish you had been in Nashville, that way Holly wouldn't have had to worry about pics! Their cake was awesome (and delicious) too!!! Glad everyone had such a nice time. Love and miss ya, LeeLee

Mom said...

Duh--give Miss Lucy a kiss from me!! Mom

Nicki said...

those are great pictures!! Have fun with CS3 although I'd probably wait for CS4 so there isn't a whole new learning curve.

Looks like a totally fun party! I see a horse in your future!!

lee said...

what a fantastic party!
Liza's eyes are gorgeous! :D

Kate said...

Hope Lucy is feeling better. Love the pictures. Liza has the most beautiful eyes!

Norah said...

Oh what a fun party!!!! And you sure do have access to all of the cute kids/babies of the world ; ) That is an awesome cake too! I am excited to hear about your new Photoshop goodies once you get them settled in. I just bought Elements 7 for my son Gene and it crashed his laptop : (

mam said...

Those are crazy-adorable photos; those two girls are so photogenic! I really like the chalk photo, too.

stacy said...

Love the cheerleader outfit!!! Adorable as always, and that must have been quite the party!

Erica said...

I LOVE the birthday girl's boots! She was definitely rockin' the cowgirl look. Your pictures were lovely also, and I LOVE Lucy's expressions. Her face shows her mood!

MKH said...

really great pics! looks like a great weekend! that first picture is amazing. megan

Emily said...

ooo, so jealous. i have heard lightroom is awesome!
glad yall are having fun!!!

Christina said...

That is one seriously full weekend - what fun! You will LOVE CS# - I got it a few months ago and have never looked back. LR I just haven't been able to get the hang of, tho. All the photos are so great - those are some cute girlies! We've been thinking about pony rides for Nadia's bday next month.

Natalie said...

i love her razorback cheerleading outfit!!!! i had one like that for kirstyn when she was little. i hope my kids both get some new arkansas gear for christmas as their daddy has made sure they are fully stocked on the burnt orange!

(ps...i'm visiting from over at Christina's place...i am in the area too. stop by my blog sometime to say hi!)