Monday, October 20, 2008

Princess Party

*Be sure and read the last paragraph if you normally just skim or look at pictures because there is some important stuff there*

Lucy attended Princess Anna's birthday party this past weekend. It was so cute. The girls were to come dressed in princess garb. I just kind of assumed that Lucy would not be that interested in dressing up because she is not that into it. She has started to like it a lot more, but she only dresses up when it is 100% her idea. However, she got really into it when I asked her if she wanted to dress up for Anna's party. She wore 2 pink skirts, fairy wings, a tiara, and of course, her high heels. Anna looked so adorable. I am going to give props to Mandy for making such a cute outfit for her. She just loved being a princess.

Lucy is always really shy/clingy to me at birthday parties. However, once the cake comes out, she is not shy anymore and even when she is done with the cake, then she is fine. She was very hesitant to jump in the bounce house before the cake, but afterwards she would go right in on her own and bounced away. I seriously believe that she is so concerned at birthday parties that she may somehow miss out on the cake that she can't relax until she knows she gets her piece. I am not kidding. My girl loves her some cake. So does her momma! Oh yeah, and we were trying to bride Lucy, Anna, and Maile (all adopted from VN) to sit in the grass to take a picture of them together. It was hilarious because they did sit next to each other, but all three just scowled their biggest scowls. Mandy and I had to keep telling Lucy and Anna that they could have cake when everybody got there. Once we gave up on the picture, Lucy jumped in my arms and said, "Everybody here momma." She was ready for that cake.

Remember how I have said that Lucy just loves Anna's brother, Louis? Well, she had kind of been giving him the cold shoulder lately but fell back in love with him at the party. She would follow him around and whenever she couldn't see him, she would turn to me and say, "Where Louis momma?" He is so good with her, so luckily he didn't seem to mind. Speaking of boys, I got an interesting report when I picked Lucy up from school today. Her teachers told me that she had her best day yet. They have told me that she stays very quiet at school, but apparently today she totally opened up and decided it was okay to talk at school. They said she was so active and just chattering away. And she also decided that one little boy was her special friend. They held hands when they walked to their activities and her teachers said they saw her kiss him!!!!!! For anyone who knows Lucy, you know that this is a HUGE deal. I try and get her to hug or kiss her cousins or friends all of the time and she rarely does. However, apparently some boy in class is quite worthy. I got the biggest kick out of that.

*I am about to start a second, private blog. I have some really exciting stuff that I want to share, but I am not ready to share it on this blog just yet. The information will eventually make it to this blog, just not yet. If you want the new website and password, you need to do two things. Leave a comment here with your blog address and email address TYPED out in the comment. I get comments from people all of the time that I can never see their blog because it doesn't show up in their profile or they use a different service or whatever. For those of you that I don't know personally or really well through blogland, you will most likely have to have a blog to get this information. If you are not comfortable with sharing your email address AND blog address in the comments, you will have to wait until the news makes it to this blog, which will be a month or so. I need to have some way of tracking who is reading. Thanks for wanting to follow along and understanding my need for privacy in some aspects of our life!*

Here are pictures from Anna's party. Enjoy the crazy cuteness.

I have to get this for Lucy for Christmas. She loved Anna's camera. The girls almost went to war over the thing.
Take Anna's Picture
The birthday girl taking a quick rest in the bounce house.
Tuckered Out
This is what I am talking about when I said that the girls didn't want their picture taken.
Rough Crowd
Right before the cake came out. The girls decided that they were in fact happy since it was cake time.
The Cutest Set of Happy Princesses Ever
I absolutely love this picture of Anna and Maile
Anna and Maile
Birthday Girl Extraordinaire
Lucy was about to eat her hand as she waited patiently for Anna to blow out the candles.
Thinking Hard about a Wish
And then Lucy got a little impatient. Notice how Anna is trying to block her from getting in there!
Life is Good
Yummy - Don't Waste a Lick
I think this is my favorite picture from the day.
Cupcake Face

2 cupcakes anyone?


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Marlee Belle said...

Hi Kelly! I love the picture of all 3 girls cheesin' inside (the black and white one).

I would love to follow your new blog if you don't mind.

It's april from
email: smithfamilyadoption(at)gmail(dot)com

Bella Jack's said...

Kelly, Lucy is so cute these days!

I have to keep "blog stalking" you guys!

Anonymous said...

I have to be able to keep up... you give me such hope and inspiration that someday everything will all work out. Please keep in touch.

Lee said...

OMG they are adorable!
Anna was TOTALLY blocking Lucy! ha ha.
Great photos!

Happy Birthday Anna!


Amber said...

you know i want in kelly!!!!!

stacy said...

What a fun day!

Of course I must follow the new blog if you'll let me (and of course I have a guess about the news - can't wait to see if I'm right).,sliz(at)charter(dot)net

Mom2J&I said...

Hi Kelly, I would love to follow your new blog but would completely understand your privacy.

e-mail :

(Love, love these pic's - the girls are too cute)

HPTeach said...


I have enjoyed following your blog for the past few months! Our children are close in age and it's nice to see similarities!

I would love to follow your new blog if you accept. :) Thanks!


Heather P.

rachel said...

As always, such great pictures. I love the cupcake mustache!

If I may, I would love to follow the new blog. :)

Cris and Em said...

Long time Lucy follower (since her G&R!) would love to follow the new blog! in fact, i am dying to know the news!

Emilie (formerly journey to juneau)

Lindsey said...

Hi Kelly! I know that you do not know me but you give me such great ideas of things to do with my daughter, Stella and I LOVE your photos! I would really like to follow your new blog if you do not mind.
Lindsey from

jilljohnandhope said...

Please oh please!

Sarah said...

I'm a big fan of your photography... and Lucy's stylin' clothes of course. Would love to follow.

Mab said...

Hi Kelly,
I would of course love to follow along----:)

Love the pix as always!!!


Mab said...

Me again Kelly,
make that one less "w" in the
blog address.


Kelli said...

Oh my gosh- those pictures are adorable.

I would love to have access to your private blog. Hmmm...I also have a private blog I would like to invite you to. Glad I'm not the only one!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I am just another faithful blog reader, but we have emailed each other back and forth about adoption (but I am sure you get tons of emails a day). I would love to follow this new blog, but would totally understand the privacy thing since we don't know each other IRL!

Jess and Paul said...

Ooh...I think I have a guess about your big news! Very exciting!!!

Geneva said...

Hey Kelly. I have read your blog before you ever received Lucy's referral. I have always enjoyed your posts and especially your pictures. Sorry I have never commented, my computer time is very limited with two little ones. Our daughter Marli is two and has been home from VN soon to be a year on Nov. 1st, our son Matthew was born in the Philippines and is now 5, and has been home soon to be 4 years. I do have an online journal at youbelong, but do not post very often at all, it is password protected and I would not mind at all to share the password with you. I hope to be able to follow your new blog, as I am very excited to hear about your news!!!


Amy said...

Hi Kelly!
I'd love to follow your new blog if you don't mind. I enjoy seeing all the fun things you guys are up to.

My blog is
(It's a private blog, but I will send you an invite if you give me your email address)

My email:

Amy in Tennessee

LaLa said...

Oh I love all these glad she had a good bday

You know I want in : )

Chandra said...

The photos are great! I sooo want to hear more about Lucy's boyfriend at school, that is too cute.

You know I want in on the new blog!

Gonna spell out my email so spammers don't steal it!

adoption at wilmsmeyer dot com

Meredith said...

If you're willing to share, I'd love to read!

Heather said...

I would love to follow along, but also completely understand your privacy.... heatherghoman at gmail dot com and blog is

The girls looks soooo sweet. Wow, Maile has changed so much! Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

JiLL said...

I would love to follow your new blog. I just love reading about your adorable lucy and your photos are phenomenal. My blog is set to private, i will send you an invite. My husband and I were originally going to adopt from Vietnam, and that's how i came across your blog. We have since switch to Thailand, and are hoping to adopt 6 year old twin boys, we are in the beginning stages of the process. (i thought i would give u a brief bio of myself, since we haven't talked personally)

Beverly and Robert said...

Hi Kelly,
I have been following your blog for a long time. I would also like to view your new blog.

Kelley G said...

I love looking at your photography skills and that beautiful girl of yours. I aspire to have photos like yours some day.

Ginger said...

Kelly, The pictures are adorable as always. I would love to follow your new blog, but totally understand if you don't want to share it. I have a good hunch what your news might be, but not sure. I have followed your blog since we were both with CHI, so pretty long before you got your referral for Lucy.

I totally understand if you don't want to share. I don't have a blog, single mom with 3 kids and i barely have time to read sometimes. My email is gstolzenthaler at rcn dot com.

Cori said...

I found your blog through another, and just LOVE your photography and little Lucy!! I also really want to adopt someday from VN (still in college for now). If you feel comfortable, I would love to see your new blog, but understand your privacy. I do not have a blog, but my email is
Cori Smith

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Karen, 31 from AZ. I don't have kids but I've got 2 cats. I don't know if I've commented before or not, but I love reading about Lucy. She's adorable and I love your pictures. I believe I found you through Sugar Photography because Jen has you linked. I have a live journal account, myspace and facebook but don't have a regular journal per se.
My email there is different than my main. I really should change that. It's and I'm about to post a public entry in my LJ that should tell you a little more about me but feel free to ask anything you want. I have an idea what the news is and would love to know if I'm right but I totally understand if you don't feel comfortable.

To make it easier on you

http://karenmkk-610(dot) (to avoid the bots.)
and Karenmkennelly@cox(dot)net

Kate said...

{knock,knock} Let me in! {wink!!}


*I just bought that camera for Luci for Christmas! Can't wait to give it to her so she'll leave mine ALONE!*

Gina said...

Hi! I used to follow your blog awhile back but had lost all of my feeds. Just found you again and would love to follow your new blog if allowed. I have a blog but it's not really current. It's also private but I'd be glad to sen d you an invite. It's and my email address is gradh at cox dot net.


Michelle said...

hi Kelly! I've been following your blog for quite awhile and just brought my little one home from Vietnam about a month ago. Love all the beautiful pictures!


Kristin said...

Oh know I want in on that password action!!! :-) I'll send you an email tonight...

Michelle said...

I'd love to follow your other blog.

Melissa said...

I have been following your blog from Daphne's ( and would love to follow your other blog. I haven't been using the "blogger" blog, but I starting to now! that address is:

and my email is: melissa.smith @ gmail. com

~Kim said...

Hi, Kelly! Please count me in! :)
My email is kimatt@ mindspring dot com and for what it's worth, my very neglected and full of cobwebs (very appropriate for the season, dontchathink?) blog.... Waiting for Buttercup-
Just wanted to follow the rules and post all my info--;).

Love all the cute princess pics--your photos are looking amazing!

A said...

What sweet pictures!


Laura said...

I love these photos - they are some of my favorites so far.

You know I'm so excited and have to follow the new blog! I'm really glad you decided to blog it.

btagart said...

I've never commented but check your blog all the time, mostly because I LOVE all your pictures of Lucy!! I, too, enjoy taking pics and love to get new ideas wherever I can.
I would like to follow your new blog, but understand if it's only for close friends for right now.


Erin said...
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taylorchloejake said...

Wow, beautiful pics of the bday girl! You are an amazing photographer! I would love to have an invite to your new blog. We've got two girls Lucy's age adopted from Vietnam and I've been following your blog for awhile. Here's my email and our blog address:

email: Natski81504 at yahoo dot com

Thanks! Natalie

Anonymous said...
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kkthomson said...

Hi Kelly!

I would love to follow your new blog. Your cute little family gives me hope for our future little family. Thanks for sharing and inspiring the rest of us!
Kindest Regards,

Anonymous said...

Oh the joy of having a sick daughter keeping me awake, I can blog surf and leave a comments!!
I just created a blog even though I have lurked for a while. I know i'm a slacker.
I have a daughter Kyndal who is a few months older than Lucy, but I am convinced they have the same mood swings and behaviors.
I would love to follow your blog in a private blog, I just started mine, so this will be a way to get it out!


Please include us :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics! Love the b/w ones.
I would love to know what's going on!


Tara said...

Hi there! If would love to follow your blog if it's okay. and

Thanks for letting us share in your adventures! Your photography skills are amazing!


Lisa and John said...

Hi Kelly. I too would love to follow your new blog.


adoptiondreams said...


I have followed your blog from the begining, we also adopted from Vietnam, January 07....I start blogs but never get anywhere. My Annie is always looking at "her friend Lucy"-we would love to be able to follow your net blog, but I also understand if you want to keep your privacy since you do not really know us.
My e-mail address is
Thank you for considering us-I would be happy to e-mail you photos of my family with Annie is you would feel more comfortable including us.
Jennifer Murphy
Proud Mama to Annie Murphy, Maura Murphy and wife to Chuck Murphy, Westfield, IN

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly-

I can't wait to hear your exciting news! I was not able to email you back through the comments on my blog. Can you email me so I can send you my password?

Once we get Yen home I will be removing the password. After losing our first referral there are still many of our 'non-adoption' friends that do not know about this second referral. It was hard enough to try to explain the loss of the first one to them. We've decided this one will be more of a surprise! we're in Vietnam sort of thing. Only those who have been through adoption, especially with Vietnam really have true understanding for all that it entails. I really consider this adoption community my family and friends right now.

We are on 'business' day #7 of our I600 wait. I keep hoping we will be one of those that gets approved at about day 20.

Here's to hoping!

Jennifer said...

Hey Kelly! I love all the pictures you took from Anna's party! You always have the best pictures. And Lucy looked so cute...Where did you get her tiara? I want to dress Ansley up as a princess for Halloween but haven't found any really cute tiara's and lucy's was so cute!

I would love to follow your new blog if you don't mind.

Jenny said...

we got that camera for Mimi and Cams for christmas (2 of them), they loved it at a friends house. Which I just wrapped them yesterday. Don't get the fisherprice one, it stinks. I am hoping it helps with the whole me taking pictures of them.

yeah, well...let me in:


LawMommy said...

That is so very funny about the cake!

I would love to follow along on your new blog.

g r e t c h e n f a i t h at y a h o o dot c o m

Jayme said...

I want in the new blog too!

Karen Wall said...

Cute Pictures! I would love to follow along if you don't mind!


Amanda said...

Hi Kelly, I would love to follow the new blog - can't wait to hear what the news is!
amarrano55 at gmail dot com

Ashley said...

Kelly, I'd love to be invited!

baysfmly said...

Hi Kelly.. I would love to follow your new blog.. We adopted two babies from Russia in 2003 and I so wish I would have done this. If you feel comfortable sharing my email is My babies are now in kindergarten, they grow up so fast! I also have to add that my Makenzie and Miss Lucy are so much a like. I tell my husband all the time she is going to drive me to drinken!lol
Thanks, Holly Bays in Ohio

trekmom said...

Hi Kelly! I would love to follow along on your new blog. I have been reading this blog since before you got Lucy. I can't comment much, because right now I only have a computer at work. I have not ventured into blogland yet, but my email address is I have a little girl that is just a month younger than Lucy and 3 older boys.
Thanks! Kelley


beckarecka said...

I would love to follow the new blog. I've really appreciated reading this blog and the honesty you write with regarding parenting.

My blog is:

(Most recently I've been using a password....I'll let you email me if you want that....)

Emily said...

kell, those are gorgous. anna's mom is loving you for those:)

Nikki said...

I don't blog but do read your blog mainly because of the gorgous photos of your Lucy! I found your blog though another when researching adoption with my husband. I have just started a photography class and wanted to know the photoshop you use and any tips you might have when you get a chance? My email is

Jenn said...

Great photos. What girl doesn't love her some cake? :)

I would love to follow along. My blog is www 2moretolove wordpress com It is protected, but your on my list of readers. My e mail is 2moretolove a gmail dot com.

jjm said...

Exciting news?!?!? I can hardly wait!!

Also, LOVING the pics of all three girls together.

Dawn Edgar said...

Me me me me --- I want in! Of course you have NO idea who I am but I am blog "watcher!" We have a 15 month old little one from VN (came home in March 08) and I love watching and reading about your family! (Oh I am not a stalker but like to see what I am "in for" in a few months) We have a blog but I have not posted in a while but it's and the child's name is Ian Edgar. My email address is: and I totally understand if you don't want to include me - I'll just watch and wait on your public blog -- not a problem!

Thanks for always having the beautiful pics and wonderful stories of life as a MOM!

hudsmom said...

Hi Kelly, I would love to follow your new blog if you don't mind. Also, we need to get the kiddos together now that we are in the area. Hope you guys are doing good!

its a zero zero after leanna...

Jessica said...

Hi Kelly~
I would love to follow your new blog but understand your need for privacy.

Christy said...

I have been following your blog since before you got your referral! I would love to continue to look at all of the wonderful pics of Miss Lucy!!!
It's Christy from

Catherine said...

I, too, have a 2 year old from Vietnam and check your blog every day!! I would love to read your new one!!!

My blog address is: (no www)

My email address is:


Sarah said...

I would love in on the excitemenr too! And, I am excited that the Vtech camera was a hit as that is on Santa's list already!

Love teh princess birthday theme and laughing about the cake stalking!

Joe & Amy said...

I would love to know the password
I really haven't updated my blog since my daughter was born, but here is the link:
We are hoping to start the adoption process this summer. We are hoping to adopt from Korea.

dana said...

What is sweeter than those little girls waiting for their cake??

I remember you saying a while back that you had some news to share soon ... can't wait to hear what it is!!


Jenna and Ed said...

Oh I love the princess party! They look fantastic.

I'd love the other blog info too:
stollmyheart at gmail dot com

rainbowmom said...

Of course I'd love the new blog!


Meredith said...

Of course! I am so excited:)!

jill davis said...


i'd love to be privy to your second blog. puhhlease? unfortunately, i don't have my stuff together to have a blog. again, i am so impressed with your photo skills. my family and friends still marvel at the ones you took of caroline.
jill davis

Doris said...

I would love to be able to follow your news, but would understand completely. I do not have a blog, but found you through my friend's adoption blog "Time Well Spent".


Tiffany and Shane said...

I would love to follow your new blog if you don't mind!

my adoption blog is

my email is

Thanks so much!


Michelle said...

I have been following your blog ever since you went to Vietnam to bring Lucy home and I would love to continue following your blog! You are an inspiration to me!

Mrs.B said...

I stil check in weekly. Lucy looks great!

Nicole said...

I have been DYING for you to make this announcement! :)
nicolelorentz AT gmail DOT com


Manon said...

Hi Kelly,

I would love to follow the new blog. My blog is


The Condreys said...

You know I want the scoop!

Jacob, Angie, Dakota, and Austin said...

hi kelly i normally dont leave comments but i have been following you from the beginning of your adventure. Our daughter Brooklyn is adopted from vietnam and will be turning 2 in November. here is our email and blog:

thanks for all the great pictures and info you send out weekly. we love it and my daughter knows lucy just from the pictures on the blog.


My Little Monkey said...

Hi Kelly

I would love to follow your new blog ... my email address is

I do have a blog but it is private so I would need your email address to add you so email me and I will send the link :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! I have been following your blog because I can't get enough of Lucy's general adorableness and I love your writing style and photography. I would be honored to be allowed to follow another blog of yours.

Thanks! Jamie Lauren

Heather Field said...

What an adorable bunch of princesses!!!

I'd love to follow the new blog too!

Sharron said...

Hi Kelly,
I would love to follow your new blog.
I love your pictures and following Lucy's life.

melissa said...

I would love to follow your new blog. I am a Lucy fan (daily!) and love all the photography tips too!

Ryan and Heather said...

wow those are amazing pictures, what a fun time with such beautiful girls!
I want your new blog for sure!
heather at fir st dis cov er ies chil d ca re dot com
(take out the spaces )

ShellyW said...

Wow Kelly, did you realize you were so popular! Everyone wants to hear what you have to say. We would love to be counted in on your new blog.

Lucy is getting so big and even more beautiful!
Here is our info:

Shelly and Rob Weston

Sara said...

Gorgeous photos! Be sure to include me on your know my e-mail address!


Jen said...

Love the party photos!

I would love to follow your new

Sarah Stringer said...

Sarah Williams Stringer
I have no blog but I love reading yours and if you are comfortable sharing please do, if not I completely understand needing privacy!

The Houser's said...

I guess some people just have the gift of getting great pictures.. i'm not one of them;) but I want to be!!

mika beth said...

You know my email! Sign me up! Can't wait to read :)!!!

JinXiu said...


I love your blog and your pictures. You are anamazing photograher and I love looking at all you great shots. I have learned so much from your comments

thank you


Julie said...

Would love to have an invite to the blog. I love checking on Miss Lucy and your pictures are amazing.

Our blog is private so I would need your e-mail to send you an invite.

Emaill address is stouder 95 at aol dot com (take out the spaces)

Laken said...

They are all soooo cute! That's so funny how Lucy is particular about her cake! Haha!

Debbie said...

Hi Kelly

I dont know if it makes any difference, but I haven't got a blog. I have been reading your forever though. I am a forty something mom from the Uk and I love reading all about your family. I have a special affinity with Vietnam and have been there. My email address is


Debbie in the UK

Leslie & Shaune said...

wow girl you are popular. 100 comments!

anyhow, if you are willing i'd love to hear your news and see your new blog.


Jo said...

Great pictures!!!

I too would love the new blog.

jojocalvin1278 at

Norah said...

Hi Kelly. My email is: and my blog is

NeuroMama said...

Wow! You have a lot of interested readers. I've been reading for a long time (since my husband and I considered adopting from Vietnam), but don't comment all that often. We have three little ones adopted from China. Our blog is (but it's recently gone private, so I would have to send you an invitation to actually give you access, which would not be a problem):

Jill Williams said...

I would love to follow your new blog. I found you through April's blog at Anyway, my blog is and my email is Jill092375(at)gmail(dot)com

Sara said...

How can you drop a bomb like that and NOT get a zillion responses? :) Count me in!

Crossing my fingers for exciting fun things on the horizon for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be able to continue to follow.

Jina said...

I'd like to follow the new blog.


sammiebell said...

Kelly, My name is Beth and I have been reading your blog for over a year. I love the pictures you take. I am so envious of your photography skills. I purchased the photography book you mentioned that you got a while back and I love it. Anyway I don't have a blog. I have a six year old named Mary Hays. I would love to be able to keep up with your other blog but totally understand if you choose not to send me the password. My email address is Thanks and Take care, Beth

Mom said...

Great pics, great party. Want to know more about Miss Anna's camera! I want more pics of Miss Lucy in her princess outfit!!!!! Tell Justin to feel better. Of course I'm in on the new blog, but you KNEW that! Love and kisses to you all. LeeLee

tdenney said...

Kelly, I would love to follow your new blog. I don't have a blog myself. I spend so much time reading other peoples blogs, that I don't have time to do one for myself!! :) I love your photography!! You definitely have an amazing eye and you've grown so much in such a short time. I also enjoy reading about sweet Lucy. She is so much like my almost 3 yr old.....strong willed and independent!!


Anonymous said...

Me please!

Ruth said...

Great pics!!!
Hope to be a part of your new blog.

Nicki said...

nothing like the allure of a secret to bring people out of lurkdom huh?! hahah. You have my info, please add me :)

I love those pictures, they are some of my faves! Happy Birthday Princess Anna!! I love your editing of all of them! Also how adorable that Lucy is opening up and kissing boys and everything! Hee! LOVE IT!!!

Tara said...

Hi Kelly. My name is Tara and I've been following your blog for a while, but have never commented. Your photography is amazing and Lucy is adorable. I am a 21 year old college student and hope to some day adopt. I would love to continue following your blog, but completely understand about the privacy. I don't have a blog, so here's my email.

Anonymous said...


hi! i've been following your blog since you were in vn. i found out about it through my little sis who heard about it through one of your sisters via facebook or something. anyways, i was a year ahead of you at cl and mount. lucy is adorable and, i'd love to keep following things. my blog is and email is tenticklishtoes (at) gmail (dot) com .

Christina said...

Sounds like one fun party! Glad to hear that camera is such a hot commodity, as I will be getting one for N's birthday. Too funny that Miss Lucy is all about her cake. The three girls are too cute together, and you got some adorable shots!

Wow, you've got a lot of people wanting to follow your new blog! Please add me to the list - can't wait to hear the details!
You already have my info, but here it is again

Christy Henry said...

Hi Kelly - It's Christy Henry. I am a LOSER and I don't have a blog, but I swear I will make one just for you!!!

palette said...

I just want to know if you can come take pictures of our food.

Melissa said...

Hey Kelly,
I (and Clay) would love to follow your new blog. This seems like the only way to stay in touch and know what is going on. Clay's blog is
and my email address is mavogeler(at)


Dawn said...

Hi Kelly,

Love your blog and your pictures, and would love to follow along on your new adventure. Our girls are almost exactly the same age. Katie turned 2 on August 5th. I completely understand if you need to keep things private right now, but here is my info anyway if you want to share. Thanks
PW is patrick

mimi lam said...

I am from VN, and I have been following your blog, since you brought Lucy home, I left a few comments about your amazing photography talent and georgous Lucy in the past, but you have so many fans you might not remember, I would love to have a peek in your good news if you willing to share, my email is
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Ive been reading since this summmer, and love the Lucy updates ( just not much of a commenter!!)
She is so so SO cute! I too would love to follow the new blog, if you are ok with that

My info is and my

email is


Karen said...


Love the pictures of my youngest grandchild, Anna's, birthday party with her buddies. When I snapped some with my camera phone that day, I forgot to save all but a few!

You're an EXCELLENT photog!


Brandy said...

Hey girl!

I would really like to hear the news and follow along if you don't mind!

My info:

Ange said...

I've been a long time reader of your blog & would love to follow your private posts if accepted.

B said...

I certainly hope to keep following your adventures

KrisJ said...

OMG I LOVE the black and whites! GORGEOUS!! OK and how the heck am I the 128th commentor! So I would love to be part of the private blog Im not sure if you visit mine still but you have commented a couple times.. have you seen our new little Malia that came home almost 2 weeks ago? Sometimes she makes this face that reminds me of Lucy... hope that doesnt sound weird! Any ways heres my info..
super excited to hear the news!!!

Josh and Marcie said...

Wow Kelly! It is amazing to see how many people have commented and who have been impacted by you and lucy. I would love to keep track of you! We are in Vietnam right now and are hopefully heading back to the states with our little girl on Saturday. Our blog is:
my e-mail is:

MKH said...

Kelly! wow, I hope you make it to the bottom of this list! I will have to wait to read this blog to find out the exciting news!

Thanks! megan
And, the pics from the party are just beautiful!

Susan said...

Kelly, please add me to the list of people who want access to your new blog. (I know you already have my address -- don't want to list it here.) Petunia and I just MUST have our noses in your business! Hugs to you and your sweet Lucy.

the boyd girls.... said...

Would love to...

Susan said...

Hi Kelly,
My name is Susan and I have been a avid reader of your blog for quite some time. You are a great blogger and I love all the pictures you share. Lucy is simply adorable. My husband and I do not have a blog to share with anyone as we are one of the unfortunate PAP's who were waiting on a list for eighteen months and then the adoptions closed. I would love to continue to follow your journey, but I certainly understand if you decide otherwise. My email is

April said...

I've also been a bit of a lurker, but I love reading your blog. You take the best pictures, I'm always envious! ;)

I'd love to follow the private blog if you'd let me:

Rebecca said...

Hi Kelly! I have been reading your blog for over two years now...right when we started the adoption process for Sophie. She's been with us since May 2007 - she came from the same orphanage as Jackson. I have emailed with Laurie a few times since I don't have a blog. I read yours faithfully as you have provided inspiration and insight. So thank you. Would love to hear from you!

My email is


Jennifer said...

I am the 134th person to leave a comment for your new blog WOW! You have quite a following. We are still waiting to travel to Vung Tau province to bring home our little girl. I'd love to follow along.


Randy and Michele said...

I also am a lurker. I have been following your blog for over a year. I would love to follow your new blog. We brought both our boys home in Feb. of this year.

megan said...

I love the pics!

I would love to follow your new blog my email is and my blog is I just moved blogs it used to be

Franklin5 said...

Hey, Kelly... just because I'm quiet doesn't mean I'm not reading! Needless to say, I'd love to follow the next big adventure...


P.S. Swooning over your gorgeous pictures... thanks for sharing a peek at the day!

baileygp said...

Hmm...dying to hear your news. Would love to follow you new blog if you are willing to share!

Sooz said...

Hi Kelly...I've been reading your blog for a long time when a friend of yours in Little Rock, Terry Leach, introduced me to it.
I just love it! Its even more special to me now that my mom's nephews family is adopting their own little girl. Her name will be Mia Lu. They had one child on their own and while pregnant she found out she had cancer. They had to remove her ovaries and everything. They knew then that they wanted to adopt. They've waited nearly 4 years now and leave in 1 week to travel overseas to get Mia. All these stories are so amazing!

My blog:
My e-mail:

sue and gary said...

Would love to follow!

karyn said...

Hi Kelly,

I'd love to be able to see your new blog! I follow this one all the time and really enjoy it.
We're in the initial stages of adopting from Korea, and it's so inspiring to see your beautiful family!
My blog is: and my email is

Thanks, and can't wait to hear the news!!

M and M Nichols said...

Great photos! Everyone looked like they had a good time at the party. I'd love to follow your new blog.

mary said...


I really don't need to follow along:) I would just like to know that you'll be back at some point. I enjoy your blog very much - especially your photographs and have drawn much inspiration - I think all of this looking at great photographs improves ones photography.

So there you go. I'm certainly not connected enough to have any need to follow - but I do hope to continue to see your beautiful photos.

I have a public blog at and a kinda public one off blog about our first trip back to Vietnam

my email is


Ronja said...

Hi Kelly,

I love your blog, I read it regulary. You inspired me to get a camera and start to take pictures. I would love to follow but since I am a total stranger to you I understand that you probably don't want that. I am really excited to eventually read it here. And I wish you luck on your plans (whatever they are) and that everything goes really well!

Greetings from Germany

erinlo said...

OK- you know I'm so jealous of the time these three girls get to spend together. I'm hoping Selah will be joining them soon:) I've been talking to Mandy so i REALLY want to follow your other blog!!!

I can not WAIT to read what is going on!

Clancy said...

I would love to follow your blog. I love your photography. It is amazing. I follow your blog through Kim and Meredith. We met once when I was visiting them in Fayetteville.

Our blog is
E-Mail is

Elisa said...

Well I just found your blog today, but I love it and would love to follow you to the new one.

My name is Elisa and my blog is

Shawna said...

Holy comments Kel! You have quite a following Missy. Duh, of course add me. Love the attitudes on those little dumplins faces!

Sarah & Seth said...

I just LOVE seeing all your pictures! I wish I had your talent/drive.

Cindy W said...

Hi Kelly,

No blog...I got me some teenagers, I spend ALL my time in the car...your turns coming someday. So, I will wait as patiently as I can for the exciting news. I am thrilled for you for whatever it is:) Can't wait,
Cindy W.

kk said...

I am Meredith's aunt in L.R. (Peggy's sister). I love your blog and can't wait to read it every day. I would love to follow your new blog also.
E-mail is
Thanks. karen

Hailey said...

Hey Kelly! I too enjoy watching miss Lucy grow into such a big girl. She is so cute, and your pics are wonderful. Would like to follow along with the new one too if you don't mind.

Kristi said...

I would love to follow your private blog.


You can also get to both by clicking through to my blogger profile.

Kristi :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to follow the new blog (I know you because I'm good friend's from childhood with emily from looking for lulu)
my blog is
you have to have a username and password to get on and I will email that to you separately.


Anonymous said...

i so enjoy your blog. i am a mimi
from georgia. i don't remember how
i can across your blog. i probably cant follow your new one because i am an old timer with the
computer. i just adore your little family. i am disable now to work and it passes my time. my email is
try to include me i would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

your blog also keeps me updated on what little ones are wearing. i have twin grandbabies and a single little girl baby. i love Lucy's wardrobe, it gives me ideas and makes my daughter-in-law think i am cool.

Anonymous said...

hey kelly!
i am katy's roommate and love reading and seeing pictures of lucy! id love to read your new blog as well. thanks!


Caitlin said...

wow, I can't believe all the comments. You have so many readers. I still read this blog and would love to read your new one. We are still waiting to to be parents. The wait is so long!!
Our blis is as follows:
My email is

Ashley said...

Hi Kelly, I have been following your blog for several months now and I love keeping up with the many adventures of Lucy. I am now in Vietnam with my beautiful baby girl. I picked her up on Monday. I would love to continue to keep up with your family and the new blog if that is ok.


Sherry Mc said...

Hi Kelly, Lucy's blog is great
and I would love to share in your
surprise. I am meema to the wonderful Miss Abby who came home from China to our family last January. I think when Lucyfer leaves your house he comes to visit as Abbyfer!
My email is abby's blog is

Amber said...

Hi Kelly,

Can't wait to see the new blog.


carolyn said...

I would love to follow along if you feel comfortable.

Erica said...

Holy crap, you have a 164 comments!!!! Ok, this one makes 165. I think you have my email address, but if I don't get an email in a couple of days I'll know for sure. You know I don't want to miss this for anything!


Kristine said...

Well after that little teaser I would love to see what's going on! My name is Kris from
lifewithkeiki at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

hey kelly! I'm on of Katy's friends and I recently babysat Lucy and Liza when you all were up here! Katy showed me your blog our freshman year and i have loved reading it. I would LOVE to read your new one!! :) thanks!

Natasha said...

You do not know me either, but I love following your blog to look at all of your pictures and Lucy's adorable clothes. I get great ideas for my own kiddos.
My blog is

Jodi said...

My goodness, you're crazy popular! I've been reading your blog forever and would love to follow along on the newest adventure. I don't have my own blog, so if you choose not to share, I wish your beautiful family well and hope I can still see updated Lucy pictures on occasion!

LauraPBS said...

Those were great pictures! I would love to share my blog with you (I have a 16 month old daughter from Lang Son, VN) - it it prite though, so would need your e-mail to send you the invitation.

I would also love to follow your new blog,, if that's ok!

My e-mail is: LPrichett (at) OR LauraPBS1 (at)

My blog is:

But again, it is private, so if you send me your email address I will be very happy to invite you!

All the best,

Ryan and Heather said...

Me me me!
heather at fir st dis cover ie s ch il d ca re dot com

Sherri said...

171 comments! Crazy! I mailed you a package today. Sorry it's later than I intended but there is a small Asian thief in my home. She got it and it took me a few days to find it. I hate it when that happens with a sippy cup full of milk. Did you know that milk actually turns solid? The good thing is that it doesn't stink at that point. Let me know what's happening with you three. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

This is Meg, one of Katy's roomies and BFFs. I love your blog and would love to follow your new one! I like to check this one to keep me occupied at work. Lucy is just so darn cute. I asked Katy if it was weird if I ask for the new password and she said no. So, my email is



loomis said...

Love your blog. I found it through another that I read. It make me want to adopt.
My blog is I will email you with an invite.

steelashley said...

Hey Kel! Of course you know I want in! Very exciting!

Love you all,

Michelle said...

Hi Kelly,
I don't comment much, but am an avid follower of your blog. You and your gorgeous Lucy are one of the inspirations that helped us decide to pursue an adoption through VN:) I would love to continue following along on your new blog...


Angel said...

Hi Kelly!

This is Angel and I'd love to follow along. My email is You can see our blog at

The girls are WAY too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! I love reading your blog and shared it with my sister. I was adopted from Korea when I was four years old and love to read other people's experiences with adoption. I don't have a blog but I'm sure I'll establish one once I start my own family. I understand if you choose not to extend your password to me since I don't have a blog but I'm curious to find out what your big news is coming up. I have a small guess what it could be but I'd love to find out for certain. My sister and I think you have great fashion sense and Lucy is one of the best dressed (as well as cutest) little girls we've ever seen! Good Luck! Margaret My email address is:

Courtney said...

Kelly, I have posted before, I read your blog all the time (daily) but do not always comment. I would love to follow along. My blog is and emails is
Can't wait to hear what is coming ? Courtney

Courtney said...

Kelly, I have posted before, I read your blog all the time (daily) but do not always comment. I would love to follow along. My blog is and emails is
Can't wait to hear what is coming ? Courtney

The Crow's said...

Kelly, the pictures are awesome!

I would love to follow your new blog!

Olive said...

Hi Kelly. I would love to follow your new blog but unfortunately i don't have a blog page nor any idea of how to set one up!! We have a 20 month old daughter from Vietnam and I love to read your blog about Lucy, she reminds me a lot of our daughter. My email address is Thanks!!

Dawn said...

Hi Kelly,

My name is Dawn, and I read your blog all the time. I have to say I have probably never commented, but I love seeing your Lucy. We brought our Lucy home 2 1/2 months ago from China. I love your photographs and Lucy's wardrobe :)

My blog is

Nancy said...

My nosiness can't help itself! ;)

kristin said...

great photos! i'd love to keep reading...
findingsweetness at gmail dot com

Heather said...

I would love to follow your new blog!! I love reading about your Lucy!!

Elaine said...

I'd love to not have to wait a month to keep up, but OH. MY. GOSH! You have a lot of people who want to follow along. So if I don't hear from you until 2045 I'll totally understand.

Sarah said...

Hi -
I would love to keep up with your family! I have commented once or twice before, but I check in often. If you would rather keep it private I completely understand.
I am excited to hear your big news!

Anonymous said...

hi kelly
long-time reader, first-time commenter. lucy is a dream, and your photography is divine! my girls will be home from vn 10 years (wah!) next week. i don't have a blog, but would love to be able to follow your new one, if you are so inclined. thanks so much!
shannon q.

Shannon & Richard said...

Hi Kelly! I love following this blog and would love to follow your new one, too!

It's Shannon at Email is


Lynn said...

My daughter has that camera and loves it. It gives a different perspective looking at pictures from her height, even ones of the pantry!

I was going to put my blog on here, but decided since it has my last name in it, better not. However, I think I know what your news is...if I'm right, then we are in the same boat! ;)

Terynn said...


Teri at

2 blogs:

Walker Family said...

Jill in Little Rock told me about your blog. We are adopting from China. i would love to keep learning more about your family. My email is Our blogs are: and

Thanks, April

Rebecca said...

Wow! I am almost comment #200! I totally understand if you do not want to share your password. I only commented a couple of times & emailed about cameras. But I do hope you will keep posting your beautiful pictures on this blog!

Take care! Rebecca

Laurie O. said...

Kelly, I definitely want to follow your new blog! Please add me in if it's ok. My blog is I can't wait to read your new blog as I know what it is about!!! Those pictures from the party are about the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! Hugs to all of you and Miss Lucy. Laurie O.

Brenda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stacy said...

I LOVE your blog, I am so addicted to it. I think you are a wonderful photographer, mother and Lucy just could not be cuter.
I am hoping to adopt someday soon, just like you. I found your blog while reading about adoption, countries, agencies and anything and everything I can possibly find to read to educate myself. After finding your super cute blog, I have kept coming back ever since. I am so enjoy reading about your everyday life, good and bad.
I do not have any kids, single, I have a business with my sister that keeps me so busy. I totally understand though if you are not comfortable with someone you don't know reading your new blog.
My email address is

Cyndi said...

Pictures are beautiful as always. Kelly, I would love to follow along on your new blog if you don't mind I am Cyndi from and my e-mail is
Have a great weekend.

wendy said...

I have been lurking for quite a while but think i commented on the last post i read about how much i envy lucy's cloth's and really want to know where you shop. my name is wendy, i have a 2 year old daughter from vietnam, Ari, and my email is and blog is
very envious of your photography skills too.

madmac2706 said...

I really like reading your blog I've been reading for about six months

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