Tuesday, September 02, 2008


We are finally back home and should be here to stay for a while. I love traveling and seeing everyone, but being on the go nonstop is exhausting. It will be nice to get back into our routine.

Tomorrow is a BIG day. School starts. I am nervous. Really nervous. I am going to be worrying about her all day. I have to make her a little lunch. Really, that seems so big - because it is. Is she going to eat? Is she going to cry the whole time? Surely not. Will she like her classmates? Will she play nicely like I know she is capable of doing or will she be on the defense the entire time? Is she going to be mad at us? Ugh. I am just worrying. Tonight we went to the grocery store and I looked at Justin and said, "What are we going to do tomorrow while she is gone?" It is going to be so weird, but once we get used to it, it is going to be so nice. A little time for myself sounds heavenly. I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to several hours a week to do whatever I want to do.

Here are some really cute pictures of our last day in Little Rock. We miss our family already! Love you guys and thanks for a lot of fun.

Papa and Lee Lee with the Grandbabies
Papa and Lucy
Adam, Holly, Wyatt, and John
John, Wyatt and Lucy
Yummy watermelon on a hot summer day
I love how it is dripping off of her chin in these
My favorite


Kelli said...

I will be thinking good thoughts for Lucy and for Mommy! I hope it goes well. Can't wait to see the first day pics and to see what Lucy wears. I am sure she will be extra cute!

Jess and Paul said...

I hope everything goes great tomorrow...good luck!

Anonymous said...

I hope it goes well. I felt physically ill for a few weeks while Thanh adjusted, but we are doing so much better now. I know it is hard. I hope you can enjoy your alone time - eventually at least!

Anonymous said...

Happy school tomorrow, Lucy Goose!! I hope you and your folks have a great time. If not, I'm sure you have them on speed dial!! You guys got out of here before all this hurricane left overs hit. Much rain, much wind. Thanks for the pic, Justin. I appreciate you! My little bud will love it. Love and miss you all--still have some watermelon if ya want to hurry back!! Love and kisses, LeeLee

Christina said...

I hope it goes well tomorrow!!! I've got my fingers crossed for you. I have a feeling she will surprise you, and you'll find her laughing when you go to pick her up. I hope you're able to relax enought to enjoy your YOU time!

What a great looking family you guys have! The watermelon series is too much fun.

Anonymous said...

PS--Miss Photo Shop--you were to take out the bags under my eyes!!! ugh Love ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh I bet you're nervous!!!! I'm nervous for you (and her!!). Big big day!!!!! take lots of pictures and keep busy so you won't worry too much. I hope it turns out to be such a special environment for her! Can't wait to hear!

I LOVE Watermelon pics! They are the best!

mrsf5 said...

Oh, my goodness: Lucy's first day of school. I can't believe it!

It's an absolutely thrilling experience, helping your sweet little chick find her wings. I wish every ounce of happiness, and so much more, for both you and Lucy. (Justin, too!)

Can't wait to hear (and see) all about it...

Susan said...

I hope Lucy does really well at school. And I have to tell you, I'll be SO envious of you because you'll have time to yourself each week. I wouldn't trade Petunia for anything in the world, and I know lots of people would love to be in my shoes, but it would really be nice for a little "me" time every once in a while. Enjoy it, and I'll live vicariously through you!!

LawMommy said...

Oh my, the shots with the watermelon are TOO precious.

Good luck with school today, and enjoy those hours to yourself!

Kate said...

gooood luck today! call me i want to hear about it!!!! she won't be mad at ya...i am crossing all fingers and toes she likes it at least a LITTLE bit! :)

Anonymous said...

Lets see...first day of school...let me take a stab at how it went. You dropped her off. She cried. You tried to act all happy, excited and encouraging. You went to the car and got teared up yourself, worried that you are scaring her for life just so you can go to the grocery store alone. You went to the store, straightened up the house and then sat and stared at the clock until it was lunch time and you felt like you should DO SOMETHING other than stare at the clock and your cell phone in case school calls. You and Justin go grab lunch and talk only about how Lucy is doing. You both go to pick her up..arriving 5 minutes early because you didn't want to be "those parents" who came an hour early.

She'll love it. Maybe not today or even next week, but she will. And you will too!


Missy and Kevin said...

I absolutely love looking at your pics. My husband and I adopted a little girl from Ukraine in December and I have taken so many pics. I am interested in what editing software you use. I have photoshop explosion but I can't do anything with it. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Also, about school. Deonna started Kindergarted a few weeks ago. It was very hard but she is adjusting well. All moms can use a little free time and Lucy should adjust fairly quickly. Yo have a beautiful family. Good luck and God bless!!

Mia's Mommy said...

You wouldn't be a good mommy if you weren't concerned about her first day, and if you didn't desire the wonderful treasure of alone time! Lucy will do great, even if the first day may be hard. Mia cried. I cried. She adjusted fine. I still cried. Lucy will love school once she figures out all the different fun things she'll get to do there.

Jenny said... will be ok. I had 2 hours today..TWO WHOLE HOURS!!!! I did 4 errands, 4!!!! Usually I only can do 1 a day. She needs it as my kids do. Social stuff is soo imporant. And honestly, it makes us better parents.

And Lucy look tired in those pics. Adorable as ever but tired. (seriously, no offense) I wonder if she was tired due to the cousin stuff! Can't wait for pictures!!!!

(so when you coming to NC?)