Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Love Ya!!

I have to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who left such supportive, helpful, and kind comments and emails. I have been blown away by you guys. I have such awesome readers. Thanks again. Here is our current game plan. She is going back in the morning. I will be picking her up at 11:45, so no napping there. We will see how she does with that and go from there. I feel like the world's biggest idiot for not even thinking about how running errands right after school would be too much for her. It just never crossed my mind because we are always out and about and she has never had any problems with it. Of course, it has never been after a big day at school either. I should have known that would be too much, but again, I just didn't even think about it. From now on, we will be coming straight home from school for wind down/momma time and then laying down for her nap. I will keep you updated on how it goes. Say a little prayer that it goes well. We have some big changes coming up in our lives and having her adjusted to a few mornings of school a week would be a big help to me.

I have not weighed in on any of the political debates going on lately on any of the blogs. I don't plan to either. I will say that at church today our pastor addressed how critical and judgmental everyone gets at election time and how we need to do better. I couldn't have agreed more. I am tired of everyone shouting that they are right and someone else is wrong and that he or she should have said this instead of that and blah blah blah. It is okay to disagree and have different viewpoints. That is what makes all of this so interesting. It is just the negativity and hatred that it brings out that I cannot stand. I am totally speaking to myself about this as well. I absolutely find myself judging others, especially regarding politics. I am going to try and do better.

We got to FINALLY meet Lilly today. She is SO SO cute and such a happy little pumpkin. She was so smily and outgoing. I just loved the small amount of time we got to have with her today. Lucy really showed off for her. Until the very end, Lucy was really sweet with her. Right before they left, we were way past nap time and Lucy made sure to start in on the whole, "MINE!" thing that she is famous for. I didn't get a single picture. Ridiculous!

I have had a lot of photoshop and camera questions lately. I will do my best to try and answer your questions. I am not very good at explaining things, but I will try. There are a lot of photography websites and blogs that are much more equipped than I am. I still have so much to learn. If you have a camera or photoshop question, ask now, even if you have asked before and I haven't gotten around to answering. I will work on a post this week to address most of them.

Here are some cute pics from the weekend. We laid really low and did lots of momma and Lucy activities. She has been her normal, spunky self the past few days. She is still a little grumpy, but I am pretty sure that a lot of it has to do with the last 2 molars coming in. She has even told me that her mouth is an ouchie lately. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Bubbles first thing in the morning because it felt so awesome outside. We ate breakfast outside and just enjoyed our time before the heat set back in.
Caught It!
Don't you love how her hand is on her hip like that?? It cracks me up.
How Does This Work?
Bubble Hands
About to Pop
Baby Bubble
Happy Morning
We also went to the park and gathered acorns and climbed a tree.
Looking for Acorns
Looking for Acorns
Climbing a Tree
Up, Up, and Away
Here I Come!
Can I Do It?
We are so happy that Miss Anna is back!!


angie said...

i think that sounds like a great plan!! it sounds to me like she was just overstimulated last week. we usually just take school days as "chill" days and we run our errands on off days!!

keep us posted on what happens!

cute pics! i love the one with her studying the bubbles with her hand on her hip...too cute!!

The Condreys said...

Sounds like a plan kelly! don't stress, you're a great mom and you will figure it out! ps, i love the footie pj's. i'm so jealous!

Sharron said...

Your plan sounds good and I hope it works for both of you. Coming home after school sounds like a good way to help Lucy settle down and know she will always come home after school.
I love the pictures of Lucy in pj's and a huge bow in her hair. I am pretty sure she didn't sleep with the bow. :>)

Nicki said...

I love your plan! You are such a good tuned-in mama. I have a feeling it'll work out really well for Lucy.

Great pics! I just love love love the one with her hand on her hip. I LOVE the sassy look on her face in that picture! And how fun that you got to meet little miss Lilly!!

Those are the cutest PJs EVER!! And I had no idea it had dropped overnight. I'm going to finally get to get out in the morning and get fresh air?! Really?!?! YAY!!! I bet if I could cover Addy like that she wouldn't get 8 bites within the first 5 minutes outside!

I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow!!!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you were able to figure out a plan for Lucy & school. I think picking her up early and letting her nap at home is the best idea. I know when my daughter came back from preschool the first day, she was hyper and had a hard time going down. She was overstimulated from going non-stop at school. I hope the plan works for Lucy and you both can enjoy her school days!

Ok, I have a camera question or it may be a photoshop question. How do you focus on a subject and get the background blurred out? I tried to do it in photoshop but couldn't figure it out, and if it has to do with the camera, I have no idea (I just got the Nikon D40).

Thanks :) Hope you guys have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi! It is me, your AWESOME friend, but bad bad commenter friend. Ok, but seriously, you a one of the best mothers I know. Truly. I think your plan sounds great for school and I think your reasoning behind pushing through to getting her adjusted to a few hours of school is good. Trust your instincts. What I love is what a great relationship you have with your own mom, you have learned from the best! Change sometimes is hard, but it can bring better things than ever before. OK, I have no idea what I'm writing. BUT, just wanted to chime in and say you're awesome. AND you are SUPER pretty. tee hee. Everyone reading this will think I'm a lunatic, but Kelly has given me some severe threats lately for not commenting so wanted to make this good.
Thank you as always for the beautiful pictures of my child. ahem. since I'm not great at actually getting pictures myself.

love ya!


Jess and Paul said...

Wow, that is some bubble machine, Phoebe would love that! I think you have a great plan with school and I love how you have thought through it, gotten advice etc...that is a sign of a wonderful mom. Hope things go better tomorrow.

As for photoshop questions I have a million. But really, I just want to know if you do anything "special" to get your b and w's looking so great and what do you do to get that "vintage" look (examples...some of caroline's pics and some with Lucy and the watermelon)...I can never get the tones quite right. Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

melissa said...

i have been thinking about you after reading the aftermath. i had nothing to add since i have a 14 month old but enjoyed reading all the comments so i can be prepared if something like that ever happens. good luck!

photoshop question- i bought the book per your suggestion and it is GREAT. but... i can not find/figure out how to do the shadowing around the entire picture (like on the 2nd picture of lucy on this post). i can do the dropshadow but it is just on the right and bottom. if you just point me to the right page number, I would really appreciate it!

great pictures, as always!

Michelle said...

Kelly, Your plan sounds really great...I hope things go well for you and Lucy tomorrow.

I do have some photography questions...Do you just have a "natural eye" or did you take a class about photography? How do you focus on the front image and make the background blurry? How do you change the color tones of the picture? How do you get the shadows around the entire image? What lens do you use the most? I only have the 18-55 mm.

I have a Canon Rebel XTi (which I believe is extremely similiar to the Nikon D40), but I just don't know much about it. I also have Photoshop, but I can't figure out how to do anything!!!

Thanks so much! I think your photography is amazing!!!

Mom said...

Well, Seashy has gone back to school. Dad is in the recliner, so here I am. Good plan, good Mom, good Dad, good granddaughter! Koodos to Mandy for sucking up!!! he he he Much love, hugs and kisses to all. LeeLee

Carolyn said...

I'm so glad you were able to have such a good weekend together and to really connect. My daughter's school (which is full day) had her start out going for short amounts of time and then build up to nap time. She took longer than a typical child to get to that point, and they were really respectful of her and how long that would take for her. Reminds me of your new plan with Lucy. Maybe nap is just too much right now. I hope tomorrow goes well.

LaLa said...

Glad you have a plan and I pray all is well. I love that dimple : )

C-mon said...

Sounds like a plan. I'm sure she will even start enjoying her time there. I couldn't agree with you more about all the political crap. Disagreements/ discussions yes we can do that but the outright hate drives me nuts. Your right we all need to watch doing it ourselves too.

Willis said...

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow! I'm hopeful that it will.

My photo question is how do you get rid of shadows that surround the outline of your subjects?

Heather W.

Meredith said...

I'm glad you have a game plan! I felt so bad for you:(! I really think this new plan will work! I'm anxious to hear about it. Keep us posted:)!

Kate said...

Good luck today. Sounds like a great plan!

Lynn said...

What a cool bubble machine? What kind is it, and where did you find it?

Your plan sounds like a good one. Napping before noon is a bit early for toddlers IMHO.

Take care, and let us know how it's going with Miss Lucy!

Ronja said...

I didn't want to leave an advice-comment yesterday because I am no mom yet and don't know you, but now I just would like to tell you that I think you seem to be an AWESOME mom and that Lucy looks like a very happy child in all of your posts. It is great that you react to her difficulties instead of just "pushing" her, and I am sure everything will be okay because you seem to know her and her needs so very well. I read in Lauries blog that she said you and Lucy are so close. I wish you the very best!!
Oh, and the pictures are great as usual. You inspired me to get a bigger camera and now I just got Photoshop elements as well, so thanks for that!

Elaine said...

RE your comment on all the politics: Thank you! My sentiments exactly! Which is why I'm trying to mostly stay out of it, and keep it off my blog. Now, I'm a bit behind and must go read your last two posts as well. :)

Christina said...

I hope picking her up pre-nap helps! I have a feeling that in another month, she'll be loving school. It's a big transition, tho!

I totally agree about politics.

And awesome pics, I LOVE that bubble machine! Wow, those are some serious big bubbles. I can't get over long sleeved fleece pjs....MUCH too hot for that here!

Kristin said...

It was so GREAT to see you guys and hang out for a little while - but it was WAY to short!

Lucy is such a sweet girl, and I know she'll get this school thing down soon. I think your plan is perfect! Good luck Miss Lucy!

Jen said...

I totally agree with the plan. I learned VERY early to do my errands before picking the little guy up. He's pretty beat after a long day and would prefer to go straight home for a bottle and some cuddle time.

I hope little Lucy does well this week!

K.K. said...

Hey, I have only commented once on your blog prior to now, but do follow the divine miss lucy's adventures almost daily. My mother is a pediatrician, and I asked her what she thought may have happened to sweet lucy. She suggested that lucy was probably just over stimulated and stressed emotionally over such new experiences. She suggested having the teacher and a few classmates over to lucy's house a couple of times so that lucy will see familiar faces when she goes to school. She thought that 9-2 was really too long for a two year old unless it was absolutely necessary. she thought that one hour of school for every year of age (2 hrs for 2 yr. olds) was all the stimulation they could manage without feeling completely overwhelmed. She also suggested that you find out what is going on in the schedule at school prior to going and discussing what lucy gets to do that day at breakfast... get dressed for school, put shoes on, ride to school in her car seat, say hello to miss_____, have a snack at school, read a story at school, mom will come and get you from school, and then go home and eat lunch, watch a DVD, .... whatever her schedule is so she knows what to expect, and can know that after whatever activity they do at school you are coming to pick her up and take her home to have lunch. She also suggested signing lucy and you up for a parent/child class that is challenging/hard for lucy to do. (ie: swimming lessons) on one of the days she does not have school so she can gain some confidence in settings where the stress level is higher than at school but you are there to coax her into accomplishing things that frighten her slightly such as putting her face in the water jumping off the side to mama... by gaining the confidence in these settings with you being her safety net it will do two things 1. it will deepen your bond with lucy... because she will have accomplished something you knew she could do but she didn't know she had it in her. 2. it will make school and the fun of singing songs, making macaroni necklaces and reading stories or playing with other kiddos seem so easy for her. she ultimately said that lucy really needs a schedule. she suggested setting your dvr for the backyardigans, reading a short story, or choose another quiet activity she is into and having lucy watch it, (read it, do it) every day before you leave the house. (school or no school) She also suggested that you have the same every single time routine when you get home... whether it is from school, morning errands, playgroup etc... this could be listening to her favorite song while you prepare lunch together and dance... or picking up her baby from school if she has a dolly so that everyone can have lunch together. she said ultimately it is truly your own personal call... and not to push the school thing but to encourage it. she said that if it does not work out you could always try again in January when lucy is a little older. She says there is a lot going on developmentally between 2 and 3... especially emotionally. also, she suggested that accomplishing 2 things like beginning toilet training and going to school means lucy is a big girl. perhaps there is a big girl toy or thing she wants... you could look at it at the store but not purchase it until lucy becomes big enough to have it. then when lucy becomes a big girl by going to school and not crying and doesn't need baby diapers during the day anymore, she could get that super neat big kid toy. she asked me to remind you that all little kids want to be big kids... and encouraging development is really really healthy for kids... its imperative! however, you are her mama and truly know if things are too much for lucy. and ultimately the decision you make is yours. good luck!

lee said...

you have a master plan!
i know lucy will end up loving school.
i am just sure of it!

Jena said...

phew... I thought I left a comment yesterday...but its not here...
I am hoping today went well- I was praying for you guys....

Anonymous said...

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