Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Question and Funny Faces

My question for this week is: What is your guilty pleasure? I actually have quite a few here, so I will fess up first. I would say my number one is shopping. And not shopping for myself, but for Lucy. I love it. I feel so happy with myself when I find a "treasure" for her. You know, a dress or pair of shoes that are so cute you can't stand it and you know you will never see another kid wearing. However, I have to say that the clothes at Baby Gap have been so cute lately. I have just been loving their stuff. I know lots of kids will have it, but it is totally okay because it is all so great. Very close behind shopping is celebrity gossip. I can see several of you rolling your eyes right this second. I wish I didn't love it so, but I do. I also LOVE mindless tv. The Hills is without a doubt the dumbest show ever made, but I really like to watch it. It is the kind of show that I have to watch just to see the awkwardness. I completely agree with those of you who find it completely ridiculous that these random wealthy girls have a tv show. And a successful tv show at that. But I don't care. And last but not least, I LOVE these monster cookies that my mom makes. I find myself eating a lot of them whenever she makes them. My justification is that they are small, so it is okay to eat 5 in one sitting. Ha. They are so yummy. For those of you who have never had monster cookies, they have a little of everything in them - chocolate chips, m&ms, oatmeal, peanut butter, etc. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. So fess up, what is your guilty pleasure?? I can't wait to hear your answers.

We went to the park this morning. I have noticed how much more coordinated she has become lately. She has always been really coordinated for her age, but for the first time, she was climbing up jungle gym type things and I was not constantly worried that she was about to fall. She was also swinging from the bars. Lucy had an awesome time and I caught some pretty hilarious faces. I know it looks like she is really mad in the attitude pictures, but she really wasn't. She gets really dramatic when she is telling me about something. Here she was talking about the big bridge that she was about to cross. It was a very serious discussion between her and me. I do see this face when she is annoyed, but this was not one of those times. It cracks me up though.

Oh the eye brows. Can you imagine this look when she is 15?? Uh oh.
What Attitude Problem?

I think she must be thinking to herself here, "That kid really should not be doing that." It just looks to me like she is disappointed in someone and she is letting them know it!
Tss, Tss, Tss
Can I help you?
Can I Help You?


Liz said...

Hate to admit this but my guilty pleasure is SO 5-7 years ago - I STILL watch The Bachelor & The Bachelorette! Every season I used to SWEAR that the last season was so stupid and such a waste of time that I WOULD NOT even turn on the TV...and every season I'm hooked from the first episode, no matter how awful it is and how much I spend the whole time yelling at the TV about how dorked out I am by the guy. At least now I openly admit that I will be watching. My husband too. CLEARLY, we have no life.

Oh, and when Taylor goes to the bathroom in the potty she gets "potty treats" - M&Ms or Candy Corn or some other candy I stash in the fridge for her since we never have candy around the house. Lately she hardly ever gets one because SOMEONE is always eating all the potty treats. One for her...four for mommy. Woops.

Jena said...

#1 guilty pleasure- BLOGGING!!!!
#2 One Tree Hill
#3 coffee- as in ALL DAY LONG so much so that it does not affect me if I drink it at 8pm, I can still hit the pillow and fall asleep....
#4 thrift store shopping... I don't do it much, b/c I have 3 tag alongs, but there is seriously NOTHING like the high from finding REAT stuff for SUPER cheap(my latest greatest find was super nice crocs for Lion-boy for $2.50...
I could spend all day digging for treasures in consignment and thrift shops... alas, no time...
That pic of Lucy making the, "I don't think he should be doing that" face is AWESOME....

LawMommy said...

My guilty pleasures:
1. Cosmopolitan Magazine - I know, I know, it's ridiculous

2. Television - I love cop shows, and lawyer shows, and doctor shows - so, I can't get enough of Law and Order, Without A Trace, CSI, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, etc. I will sit and watch re-runs, it makes my husband nuts

3. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies

4. Cheetos

Anonymous said...

Mine is reality tv. Not good reality tv. BAD reality tv. Trashy reality tv. Drama-filled reality tv. Mostly VH1 and MTV ones like I Love New York, Rock of Love, Real World/Road Rules Challenges, Charm School. It's how I relax. I put the chair up and get all into it.

Laura said...

First of all, gorgeous photos! Lucy looks beautiful and the photos themselves are very nice. Every time I see your photos, I think that I need to stop talking about learning to take photos and start actually DOING it. Second, I love this question, but I'm going to be embarrassed by some of my answers. I couldn't agree more with your number 1 and 2 guilty pleasures. Of course, I don't buy Mattix dresses, but you know what I mean. I'll admit to liking designer handbags - I collect them - and so I'm always looking for good deals for myself. I also LOVE celebrity gossip magazines and garbage television shows. Like you, I hate to admit these, but it is what it is! I'm strung out on People, US, and similarly tacky mags. I DVR The Hills every week, even though I know I'll watch it when it's on the first time. Sad, huh? I've been watching since Laguna Beach. My neighbor/good friend and I go on and on about all the important stuff while we hike in the mornings. If people could hear our conversations, they'd probably wonder what's wrong with us. And yeah, I'm always wondering how some semi-normal people ended up with bazillions of dollars and a famous show for doing nothing, although now they get to do lots of awesome stuff now. (I'm realizing how sad I sound as I read this.) I also love pedicures (can't wait to get one with my mom tomorrow), red wine (a glass a week or so), chocolate, and massages, although I've only had one since Mattix came home, as there's not much time. I think that's it. Maybe I should leave this anonymously. :)

Kate said...

My guilty pleasures are much like yours. You know I love to shop too! I compare shopping for Miss Luci to crack cocaine for an addict! I just can't help it. I'm with you in finding things that are unique. My mother made most of my dresses when I was little, so I'm addicted to shopping on Etsy for different things. I've also recently discovered Matilda Jane and I've sadly bought the entire fall line (almost)! If my husband found out how much I spend on her wardrobe, I'd be sitting on the curb right now!!! And oh, did you see that True Religion has sneakers for little ones? Yup, like crack I tell ya!

Again, I'm gonna have to agree with you on the celebrity gossip! Don't' get me wrong. I'm completely aware of current events, but I'm also aware that Britney's new album comes out soon and Perez Hilton has a sneak peek on his blog! Also, don't you love Posh's new haircut? CUTE!

TIVO is another guilty pleasure. Wait. Scratch that. TIVO is a necessity!!! With it, I can watch all the mindless TV I want! Couldn't live without it.

And finally, Coffee. It has replaced the blood in my veins.

Wow. Feels like I just went to confessional! Why do they call them guilty pleasures, anyway? I certainly don't feel guilty. Wait, Matilda Jane...oh yeah...I feel guilty!!!

*Lucy's photos are adorable! I love the one of her on the bench with her starbucks bag.

Shawna said...

I think I saw a J. Grub furrow in those out Kel!

Okay, since I skipped question #1, I will answer this one: guilty pleasure is most definitely reading magazine (guess I have the right job, huh?). I buy WAY too many and need to cut down on my subscriptions, which right now are: Newsweek, Glamour, Cooking Light and Domino. I also buy on a regular basis: Elle Decor, House Beautiful, O at Home, Martha Stewart Living, In Style, Vogue, Elle, Real Simple, Women's Health and Self. And let's not forget the bridal magazines I like to throw in when I need a bit of cheering up. And then there are the ones I get free/read at work (not including the ones I already receive): Time, U.S. News & World Report, The Economist, Business Week, GQ, Vanity Fair, People, and a bunch of other dorky political magazines you wouldn't care to hear about.

I'm telling you, it's an addiction--this is what I do instead of watching TV all night long. So sad!

rainbowmom said...

That third photo down is Lucy's future "mommy face". That's great!

Guilty pleasures:

1. Starb*ucks Chia tea latte on ice with skim milk
2. eating sweet cream ice cream with fresh strawberry in a white chocolate dipped waffle cone ~ ALONE (no offense against my kids, but alone is the guilty part of that pleasure!)
3. an uninterrupted day watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy (it's Viggo again, I'm telling you! ha)
4. this sounds so stupid, but being able to read the UN and Unicef publications uninterrupted

hmmm... I'm seeing a pattern here, food and alone time. I guess that should sum it up.

Kelli said...

Oh, man, where do I start with my guilty pleasures? Well, mindless reality television has to be one of the biggest- especially Bravo shows and Big Brother. I also like celebrity gossip and news- I used to subscribe to a few of the weekly mags but stopped when I started saving $ for the adoption. And my third (but not last) is Lush products, especially the bath bombs and bubble bars!

Great pictures of Miss lucy!

KrisJ said...

I have to agree with you that my #1 is shopping for my girls! I think their closets are rediculous but I cant help making them look adorable it makes me feel better (lame maybe but who cares) I just need my Malia home to start dressing her up! #2 Also love going to and reading and looking at photos, Im trying to limit it to 2 times a week though! lol and #3 I would have to say chocolate chocolate chocolate, Im a pretty healthy eater but once I have a candy bar I need more more more!!
Thanks for doing this its so much fun.... and from reading yours I think we would get along pretty well and do some serious damage shopping for our girls!

Courtney said...

I have 2 guilty pleasures that I am totally obsessed with, which seem to be most other women's as well.
1. Chocolate-I will indulge in just about anything chocolate. My favs are in this order dark, milk, then white. I cannot resist and have to limit myself to 4 of the new M&Ms a day. The Triple Chocolate ones (that have all 3 kinds of chocolate in them)
2. Same as most of the other women who have responed. MTV and VH1 reality shows. What is wrong with us. The Hills (can't get enough of LC and the crew) and I was stoked when I realized the DVR had automatically recorded the RW/RR Island. I love it. And I Love Money? What is wrong with me? Mindless TV. Breaks up the day:)

Jenny said...

Today I noticed, at the park, the same thing with my girls. All of the sudden they can do almost everything!

guilty pleasures, perez hilton, chex mix, and yeah shoes/dresses for my girls. lastly, laying in bed and staring at the tv, with the computer and a book.


Susan said...

Oh my goodness! Petunia often makes a similar expression with her eyebrows. I call them her spicy brows. When you see that look, you better watch out! I also think Lucy reminds me of Petunia in the 3rd photo. Sweet.

As far as guilty pleasures are concerned, I can't really think of any. How completely pathetic is that? I can't even say Diet Coke. It's not a guilty pleasure, it's a lifeline. I don't care for mindless TV, gossip shows or magazines, reality shows, etc. In fact, I watch very little TV. I'm not a chocoholic, I'm no longer a shopoholic, and I've even given up ebay, for the most part.

Egads! What is wrong with me? I need therapy! Okay, Susan... think really hard... there HAS to be something. Hmmmm.... well, the closest I can come is the fact that I enjoy Prison Break and General Hospital. That's good. One of those shows is totally mindless TV. Hey, I have a guilty pleasure after all. Maybe I'll think of something bigger later. If not, I'll at least have to make something up in an effort to make me look a little less pitiful.

Nicki said...

duh, that one's easy. The internet!!!!!! photography!!! and shopping for addy. No brainers.

Those are adorable pics. I really LOVE the one of her on the bench. It cracks me up!

Nicki said...

oh and as a total aside....most of Addy's gap stuff are things I've never ever seen on another kid IRL! You'd be surprised! Some of their stuff is in short production and sells out so fast that it is almost impossible to find.

Now target stuff....I see on every kid at the park or walking down the road! Even magazine ads and stuff! LOL

SEASHY said...



ROCK OF LOVE!! (that's the dating show with Bret Michaels of Poison)





this list could go on...but i guess it boils down to shopping in general.

Hannie said...

okay yes mine are similar but I'll be specific:
guilty pleasures
#1. bargain shopping for my kids' clothes ie. loheman's, nordstrom's rack, marshall's, tj max, ross...etc., sale racks everywhere including online. it's the best feeling when you find a $3.99 t-shirt originally $22.00 but then again, my kids' closets are about to explode with future clothes (I buy a size or two bigger for next year to justify the purchase).(do we ever go back to enjoying bargain shopping for ourselves?)
#2. shopping for my kids' toys at second hand stores, consignment sales. like when I find a doll house for $2.99 but really don't need it and then I think, "well it's only 3 dollars" and then end up buying $40.00 worth of toys just hours after complaining that my kids had too many toys! but that doll house would've cost $24 at you know what I mean?
#3. coffee - but lately that darn McDonald's ice coffee filled with fat and junk! I think I gained 10 lbs since they came out with it. and at first that large size looked like something for giants but lately, I could finish it on the way to pick up my son from preschool just 10 minutes away. so sad...
#4. adoption blogs
#5. (so many creative, talented people in this world)

there's so much more but I'll stop here :)

Heather Field said...

The number one would have to be shopping for Samantha! Charley swears that she has so many clothes that she'd have to wear 3-4outfits a day to get them all worn once before she outgrows them! And I'm with you, Baby Gap definitaly has the cutest stuff lately! (LOVE the dress she's wearing in those pics, Sam has the same one in red!) Number two would be blogging and keeping up with all our adoption buddies! Three is Coke! I have tried SOOOOO many times to give it up. I've tried diet coke, yuck, hate it! I've tried not keeping it in the house and only having coke when we eat out, but I always cave and buy it anyway. I tried limiting myself to one a day, HA, if it's here, I drink to my heart's content!

Anonymous said...

I may be delurking, I have no idea..because I've been reading for a while. Guilty Pleasures. I cold agree with most everyone on here...but my #1 is watching Gossip Girl: when it came out last year I saw a middle season episode and was hooked...I went to work the next day and downloaded all the episodes and was addicted...and still am...I even have to watch until the very end to see what is happening next week. It's definitely the best thing about Mondays for me :) ALONG with the Hills at 10:00....

I also traded my magazine addiction (guilty pleasure) for sites like perez hilton and justjared AND justify it by saying "at least I'm not spending money on Life&Style, OK! and US Weekly"

I also love shopping, but I love the outdoor clothing (Patagonia) and try to figure out how I am going to pay for an expensive "retro X" vest for my 3 little ones on the way along with their down jackets and a synchilla bunting :)

The Houser's said...

#1 - Baskin Robbins chocolate with Peanut butter ribbon ice cream - 2 scoops in a waffle cone dipped with chocolate.. (explains the size of my butt)
#2 - Finding cute clothes at bargain prices for my 4 girls.
#3 - gossip columns, celebrity pictures.. the ones that you think do they own a mirror and actually look in it before walking out of their room?! it's a sick addiction.

i've been reading for awhile now and love your blog.. The clothes you buy for Lucy are all so adorable - she's adorable. I'm envious of the pictures you get, just awesome!

Morgan's Mom said...

Guilty pleasure?

Drinking a bottle of good champagne and eating lots of fatty cheese with my husband. We try to do it every 2-3 months. LOVE IT.

Daniela said...

Guilty pleasure..hhhmm.. #1 Mine is definitely staying in my pj's all day long, watching movies or reading a good book.

#2..HOUSE...That could also be a good answer for the first question..I do love him..yum

#3 Chocolate, but not any chocolate. European chocolate flown in from Germany. My mom is in Europe now and my request was Gummy Bears and Chocolate.

#4 Gummy Bears..see number 3

Emily said...

priceless face!

guilty pleasures-good beer. only the fancy stuff. and i watch e! almost every night. terrible, i know.

Cearley said...

Okay, so number 1 guilty pleasure is celebrity gossip, its a sickness! I love it, and my husband totally doesn't get it!
Number 2: playing hooky from work to stay home with Claire. Being a working mom can be the pits!!
Number 3: Chocolate chocolate chocolate
Number 4: A nice bottle of Pinot Noir
Number 5: laying out by the pool and doing NOTHING productive!

Lynn said...

Internet: I get online, and get lost sometimes looking for clothes, toys, books for my daughter.

Coffee: You know you are addicted to Starbucks when your child sees a Starbucks location and says, "Mommy, do you want some coffee?"

Naps: I still sometimes nap when she naps, because it's the most relaxing thing to do for me that's free.

Rebecca said...

My first comment! (Although, I am one of your camera fans who emailed you about your gorgeous pictures!) My guilty pleasures...I love the Biggest Loser. I love it. It inspires me, makes me want to run around the block & brings tears to my eyes. And I watch it while eating my other favorite guilty pleasure...grape popsicles, but only the Edy's brand. It started as a pregnancy craving & never stopped. (But I don't eat nearly as many as I did when I was pregnant.) Weird, I know!

Brenda said...

1. Google- I love to research everything from houses, cost of living in different areas, businesses for sale, schools in different areas, vacations, or anything and I just dig deeper and deeper. One sick thing I do is look up people. I'm obsessed. If my kids are going to their house, I look up courts online to see if they've ever been arrested, if I may be interested in a house, I figure out who owns it and look up their loan amount by going to recorders office online.
2. Chocolate! And folks when you own a chocolate business with quality chocolate you just can't eat that other crap, it taste like a ball of wax in your mouth.
3. Lattes! Again, we have an espresso cafe with the best espresso ever that is tamped just right, so when that new person at that drive in coffee place doesn't know what they're doing, I get upset to spend 4.00 for their crap.
The sad thing is I used to be such a shopper but don't have the time or desire anymore. I have done some damage online more than anything. We also don't watch tv anymore. I used to buy all those gossip magazines but now you can get it all for free online! I do love TMZ for mindless reading.
Baths! I love a hot bath at night after everyones in bed, and sometimes with a fab glass of red wine. I used to have a tv at the end of my tub!
Thanks for this Kelly this was fun to read and write!

Carolyn said...

Great question!
1. Shopping - which fortunately can include browsing and can include looking at catalogs. I love the fall Gap line too. My mom just got Thanh a dress from it at our request.
2. Reading blogs
3. Mysteries that involve a shop - such as the tea shop mysteries. Very embarassing in my quite literary group of friends.

Erica said...

I just love Lucy's expressions!

I have a few guilty pleasures...since I don't have cable I LOVE to watch free cable channels online. I just wish HBO would support my habit like Sci Fi or USA does.

C-mon said...

I love the third picture too (Oh no you didn't, look)
Guilty pleasures:
1. Re*d Robi*n french fries with ranch dressing. I don't eat them often but man they are good.
2. Love story movies, The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice....What can I say I like to cry and be happy at the same time.
3.Shopping for clothes. I don't do this a lot either because we are on a tight budget with only hubby working; but hey this is my mom's too and she loves to buy Jade clothes so that is pleasure without guilt.

Jodi said...

Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream and endless episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Can't get enough of either!

dana said...

Those pics are so great!

In no particular order ... and I've been known to enjoy all 3 at the same time!!

People Magazine

Gossip Girl

Nana's (it's a brand) Wheat-free, dairy-free, and egg-free Choc Chip cookies ... they are SO good!!

oh, and buying jeans ... it's an addiction

Anonymous said...

#1 is definitely shopping for my girls. I buy them WAY too many clothes but they look so cute in everything! I never buy new clothes for myself and am practically wearing rags but my girls are the best dressed in town!
#2 ICE CREAM...I don't go a day without eating ice cream. And it's got to be GOOD ice cream, not just any old ice cream.
#3 Reading blogs - I spend way too much time doing this when I should be doing other things!
#4 I still watch Survivor - have watched since season 1 and never missed an episode.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is my first time posting. I found your blog via a friend's blog. I have read your posts on and off for some time but felt compelled to comment this time because I am also a fan of the The Hills. I can't get enough of it! But I thought the part you would find interesting is that I met a few of the stars at an event in Washington, DC. I met Heidi, Spencer and Lauren. Yes, Heidi and Lauren were in the same room and No, they didn't speak to each other :) They are beautiful in person, well, not Spencer, but Heidi and Lauren were very nice and agreed to pose in a picture (again, not together :(! Anyway, love your blog especially your amazing photographs! Your daughter is stunning and I LOVE LOVE the clothes you pick for her! Take care!