Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Angel!

Today is the day. Lucy is 2. Isn't it weird that 2 seems so big, when in all reality, 2 is still very, very little. But now I won't refer to her as xx number of months old. She will just be 2, and that seems big to me. She is every bit of an ornery 2 year old. But in some ways she still is my little baby. She is still very much so a momma's girl. She wants so badly to be independent and big, but then she realizes that she still needs me right by her side. I like that and hope it stays like that for a long time. Justin and I love this girl more than we could have ever imagined possible. She has changed us so much for the better. Not a single day goes by where we don't say, "We sure our lucky to have our guy." (for some reason we call her "our guy" all of the time - it is just a weird nickname that has stuck for Justin and me) She makes us more happy than anything else in this world.

Here are some fun facts about Lucy Goose at her 2 year old mark.

*I never have to worry about her running off in a store or a public place. She will run ahead of me, but just as soon as she realizes she is far from me, she turns around and comes running back. Almost always to hug my legs. I love this. She always needs to be able to find me and have me in her sight. It really makes my life simple, because it would scare me to death if she ran off from me. Most of the time, she wants to hang on the back of the cart and shout, "I push Momma!"

*She loves to pretend. She loves to pretend she is cooking or that she is a dog (named Scruffy) or that she is a princess in dress up clothes. I love to watch her little imagination at work. I think we are going to get her a dollhouse for Christmas. She loves very focused and detailed play. She will sit and do play doh or blocks or draw for long periods of time without getting bored. She loves to feed her babies, rock them, and put them to bed. She is a much nicer momma now than she used to be. Her babies used to get thrown on the ground, run over, and forgotten about. She is much more attentive now.

*She has become really aware of people or animals having a momma and a dadda. It cracks me up because in every book she points out the mom, dad, and baby. At the hospital yesterday, she was watching the fish tank and pointed out to me the dadda fish (the biggest one), the momma fish (a medium sized one), and the baby fish, which was a teeny tiny fish.

*When she gets really excited about something, like ice cream or cake, she will shout, "Holla!" It is freaking hilarious. If I say Holla first, she will say, "Holla Back!" Love it. It never gets old. We make sure to teach her the really important stuff.

*She refuses to talk to us about colors. I know that she knows her colors because whenever she wants a popsicle, she will point to the one she wants and say its color, but other than that, she acts like she knows no colors. In fact, if I just point to something and ask her what color it is, her standard response is, "Huh?" and then she looks at me like I have 2 heads. She will say the alphabet A-G and then a few other letters in the middle. She knows most shapes. She sings the words to a lot of different songs. Her current favorite songs are "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," "Twinkle Twinkle," "ABCs," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and "If You're Happy and You Know It."

*She likes TV, but doesn't care at all if we say no TV. Her favorite shows are Sesame Street, Curious George, Go Diego Go, and Dora. I prefer she doesn't watch a lot of tv, but we always enjoy our morning ritual of milk, dry cereal, and Sesame in bed together. She is so sweet in the mornings (most of the time).

*She uses incredible manners. She generally always says thank you and pretty please. She is starting to say you're welcome. She does not always like to share toys, but she LOVES to share food. She makes sure that all of her friends have some of her snack, which is really sweet. She is getting better about sharing toys, but she has her moments of absolutely refusing. For some strange reason, whenever she is around other kids, she instantly starts saying, "My juice" over and over. It is weird because no one ever tries to take her juice.

*She continues to have zero time for food. She is simply not interested in eating more than a few bites here and there. Her favorite foods (besides any sweet) are pb&j sandwich, mac and cheese, fruit, pudding, corn on the cob, and sometimes squash. Figuring out what to feed her is not easy. I get green teas from Starbucks a lot and sometimes we share a blueberry muffin. Now every we see a Starbucks, she says, "Muffin!!"

*She wants to know what every single thing is if she does not know the word. I hear the phrase, "Is that Momma?" about 400 times a day. When I tell her what something is, she promptly replies with, "I see it Momma!" It is so cute. She talks in full sentences often. I usually know what she is talking about, but not always. When I don't know what she is talking about, I will just nod and say yeah. This annoys her to no end because she can clearly tell that I don't know what she is talking about.

*She prefers to shower over take a bath, so she gets in with one of us each night. She has a few toys that just stay in our shower and she sits on the shower floor with her toys and she has to have her body in between my feet. If I take one step, she scoots to reposition herself in between my feet. It is kind of dangerous, but I am used to it now. It is just strange how she has to be touching both feet the entire time she is in the shower.

*She loves to wear dresses and any time I get her dressed, she turns to me and expects me to tell her how pretty she looks. Same goes after her hair gets fixed. She will often shout, "Pretty!" She is so right, she is so pretty. I just wish that she did not put up a fight to get her hair fixed these days. She hates her hair in her face, but even more hates giving me three seconds to get it in a ponytail. I always have to find something to distract her.

I could go on and on. She does so many cute things and I don't want to forget any of them. I love our time together. Everyday has something new and exciting for her and I love watching her learn and change. Justin and I both love her more and more each day. We cherish the fact that we were so lucky to be chosen to be her parents. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. We look forward to watching you grow and change this year. You amaze us and make life so fun. We love you with all of our hearts.

This is Lucy first thing this morning.
The first thing she wanted to do on her special day was play doh. Good thing Nana is here now. She is going to get lots of good spoiling. Justin should be able to come home this afternoon.

We did a special photo shoot with some of Justin's drums to help him feel better. I think these are fun. I have wanted to do this for a while, but just now got motivated to bring a few of the drums downstairs. Lucy LOVED playing these. She makes her daddy proud!

Daddy's Girl
I am trying to learn to use textures with some of my pictures. This is my first attempt, not great, but I will get there.
Can Anybody See Me?

And just for fun, here she is on her first birthday last year.
Wasn't she so cute and snuggly looking? She still did the Frankenstein walk at this point.

And for really fun times, this might be my all time favorite video of Lucy from her birthday last year when she was totally delirious from all of our travelling around and her not wanting to sleep. Man, I love this girl!

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Anonymous said...

I'm tearing up as I read about how much you love your sweet girl. Happy Birthday, Lucy.

hudsmom said...

Hi Kelly,
Jody, Hudson & I just wanted to wish Lucy a very Happy Birthday! Please tell Justin we hope he feels better soon and he is in our thoughts and prayers.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Sweet Lucy, from your friends, Mia and Cammie

Anonymous said...

Cracking up about the Holla, Holla back!! Jackson LOVES him some Starbucks muffin too, and since I run this place like a daycare, we have "playdoh time" everyday here too. Can't wait to see them play together. I'm thinking we'll probably enjoy it more than the 2 year olds will, but hey! She's just a gorgeous kid Kell, and you and Justin have done such an awesome job parenting her. It shows in her smile;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy from your Aunt Cayce, Uncle Adam and cousin Austen. We hope you have a great day!!! Justin we are glad you are ok and we hope you have a speedy recovery. We love all of you and hope things get back to normal soon!! We are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!!! Take care.

Kelli said...

Happy birthday, Miss Lucy! A big "Holla" for the 2 year old!

Anonymous said...

Lucy--Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Pea! I'm tearing up because I'm not there! I am sure glad that your sweet Daddy got home! Take care of him! Your video is my all time favorite. Love and kisses to you and your whole family. LeeLee

Kate said...

Holla Back, Guurrll!

Love the 1st Year and 2nd Year pictures. She has really grown!

Happy Birthday Lucy!

The Marks said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy! Don't you love that your birthday is in the month of August? It is the bestest...from one Fancy to another...happy, happy, happy.

Just catching up on the blog for the first time in a bit; so sorry to hear about Justin's emergency surgery, but I am so thankful to hear that all went well.

Take care, and enjoy the birthday weekend...well, actually enjoy the birthday month, Miss Lucy!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! I love that video too, I remember watching it last year on her birthday. I swear you got her drunk that night! She is so out of it. said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! She is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!! It's funny how our kids always seem so "huge", until later when we look back at pictures and see just how little they really were. It's so bittersweet.

melissa said...

you probably already have this covered... but are you "printing" your blog? i am in the process of editing my on and i think it is going to turn out great. i only mention this because i love reading about lucy and one day, i'm sure she would love to have all this to read too!

she is so beautiful!

Emily said...

so sorry about justin. that must have been scary. just glad he is ok.

dying over the holla/holla back. HAAA. funny.

and also dying over the 1 year old photo. lucy is just such a little girl now. and i cant get over all of the cute things she is saying. it happens too fast, huh?

Anonymous said...

happy happy 2nd birthday sweet girl!!! you are so sweet and so special and so loved!!!!!!! I hope this is a great and special day for you!

mimi lam said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!
I am your blog lurker, been following your blogs, love all Lucy pictures since she came home, and her fashion, she has grown from a baby into a little lady so fast, and lovelier. I am glad Lucy's dad is ok, such a relief. Lucy is lucky to have such a devoted parents, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Goose! We love you. Take care of your daddy for us.


Holly, Adam, John & Wyatt

Stacy said...

Hi Kelly,
Such an awesome post. I love the pics with the drums and the video cracked me up and started my day out with a huge smile!!! Love that precious little giggle!
Thanks for sharing.

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lucy! Those were great pics with the drums. That video cracked me up Kel! Hope Justin's healing nicely.

Jess and Paul said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! Wow, I can't believe she is 2 years old already.

Brandy said...

It's crazy that I've been following your blog for over a year now! Happy birthday Lucy! Oh... and LOVE the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy Pollard! You look like the gem of all gems and sound like a fascinating little girl. We'll look forward to meeting you and Lilly! The Anthonys, Ted and Marguerite

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! I always love your pictures of Lucy...she is absolutely the cutest thing!

Dianne said...

I love the way you describe your daughter, I can tell how much you love her. She is adorable.
And Happy 2nd Birthday, Lucy!!

Anonymous said...

Ok so I am all caught up now and first and foremost HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LUCY!!!! Second, how is Justin? Hope things are going well, your family is in my prayers!