Thursday, August 07, 2008

Morning at the Park

This morning we went to a park with some friends. I can't explain enough how miserably hot it is here. I feel like we never get outside, so I just dealt with it this morning and went. I was sweating, a lot. So was Lucy. But the park was shaded and Lucy had a lot of fun. I honestly cannot wait for fall. We have such nice spring and falls here. Sometimes it stays hot for too long, but at this point, the high 80s would feel good.

Bedtime has gotten a little easier the past two nights. Last night was a breeze. Tonight was a little rough, but nothing compared to several other recent nights. She is in the big girl bed in the guest room now. That will be her room, so I am working on getting her transitioned.

Who is ready for the Olympics?? What is your favorite event? Mine is by far gymnastics, but I also love swimming and diving. I can't wait for tomorrow night and the opening ceremony. Yeah.

Here are some pics from this morning.



Sherri said...

I am so sick of this miserable heat that I can't stand it! Bring on fall. What a great mom you are braving the heat.

Sharron said...

I love your daughters clothes and especially her panties with her name. I want to warn you that having your childs name visable is not the greatest when dealing with kidnapers or other folks who wish to do harm to a child. It is so easy for a stranger to call your child by name when it is on her clothes. Please think about this. Our world has so many things wrong with it and we need to protect our children.

Yippee said...

I'm glad that everyone is getting more sleep.

I came across yesterday this new article on yahoo about toddler's sleeping issue.

Quote: The study revealed that the preschoolers who were currently experiencing a sleep problem had some characteristics in common:

* they were waking frequently in the night,
* they needed help from an adult in order to get to sleep, and
* they were exhibiting behavior problems (e.g. aggressive behavior)

I just thought this article might be of interest to many people.


Natalie said...

Hi Kelly, I found your blog last week and have spent all this week reading and catching up on your adoption experience. It was fun to watch your beautiful Lucy grow two years in just one week. I have really enjoyed it. You take great photographs by the way (a fav hobby of mine & Photoshop is a gift from Heaven). My husband and I are on a waiting list to even apply for the country we have chosen. I hate all that is going on with VN adoptions. That would be my first choice in country.
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience. Reading everyone’s blogs encourages me and helps calm the frayed nerves that go along with adoption.

Emily said...

glad she is sleeping better. kids go through so many phases, don't they?! i am learning to never get too excited about L doing sleeping or eating well.b/c the minute i say it she is becomes the crappiest sleeper/eater:)

bring on the fall! i think everyone is ready....

Kate said...

Love Lucy's picture on the swing! What a fun girl!

About the monogramed bloomers---I once had a strange man at the park come up to me and say that he liked my daughter's name, which was embroidered on her hiney. FREAKED ME OUT! From then on, I only use her initials.

I'm so excited for the Olympics! Did you see the sneak peek of the opening ceremony outfit by Ralph Lauren? Adorable! We have a couple hometown folks that we're rooting for here in Maryland. Michael Phelps (swimmer) trains in our town, along with gymnast Corrie Lothrop who is an alternate on the women's team. Corrie trains at Hill's gym which is where we just started taking Luci for gymnastics. The gym has sent gymnasts to the last four olympics including Dominique Dawes. Who knows, maybe in 2020, Luci will be an olympic gymnast...hee hee! A mother can dream, right?

Another note. Corrie was adopted from China and this is her first time back since she was an infant. How cool is that?!!

I'll shut up now...

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...


When I write you, I am watching the opening ceremony on tv. An athlete is flying in the sky with olympic flame , it's beautiful and incredible. I will watch gymnastic too, swiming and athletism.

Anne- Laure

rachel said...

Great pics as always. Glad you got out of the house - even if it was miserable! ;)

I love the Olympics too. Gymnastics, swimming and diving are my faves as well. Although I watch pretty much all events when they're on tv.

KrisJ said...

I agree I LOVE the Olympics and I also love gymnastics, swimming and diving! I cant wait! Great photos!! I keep meaning to tell you that my Maddie had the same night time thing happen she just out of the blue HATED her bed but as soon as we bought her a big girl bed she was sleeping great agian... maybe I did already tell you? Im loosing my mind!

Leslie & Shaune said...

hey, great photos!
the weather is the opposite here. we are used to humid hot summers and so far it is mostly rainy (strange)!
the other day my son said in a rather ticked off tone "Mom, I thought summer is supposed to be HOT?!"
lol. sounds like i should send a little cool weather your way and you can send a bit of hot here.

Heather said...

We are hot here, too! Hope you get at least a day or two of relief. It really takes its toll on the body (and mind!). I'm excited for tonight (opening ceremony) and for swimming and gymnastics. I LOVE to watch synchronized swimming because I did that in high school (obviously not at that level-lol) and it is way harder than it looks.

Kelli said...

Glad Miss Lucy is sleeping better. Hope the heat gets better. We finally got a break here. I am really looking forward to gymnastics. I always do but have someone from my town on the team and another Hoosier. Two hoosier gymnasts = lots of excitement here in the cornfields!

Brandy said...

I hear you on the heat! Hopefully we won't have a "lasting" summer this year and fall will come soon!

Michael Kent Nguyen said...

lucy is so cute