Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweet Caroline

We got the chance to get together with one of my sister's good friends from college, Jill, and her precious baby girl, Caroline yesterday. I have been dying to take pictures of Caroline because she has the most amazing hazel colored eyes and is seriously one of the most adorable kids I have ever seen in my life. I caught myself repeating over and over how precious she was. Anyway, I had so much fun taking her pictures and some of them really turned out great. These are my favorites. Her little legs will make anyone smile. I just want to squeeze them! Seriously though, is she not so precious??
Our friend, Caroline
Cutest Legs Ever

Lucy continues to struggle with being kind and calming down around John. She just isn't there yet. We are still having a really good time though and they have their moments of just laughing and having a great time. Today we took all three kids to the shoe store and Lucy and John tried on about every shoe in the entire place. John was shoving his feet into rain boots that were 3 sizes too small because he just adored them so much. Lucy was running around in high heels. They thought it was pretty fun. I am sure that the workers were happy to see our little tornadoes go!
Funny Girl
Lucy Goosy
Pure Joy
Hmmm, this looks like fun.
Are you seriously taking the hose away.
Trying to catch raindrops


Rachel said...

Hi Kelly. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it. I have an almost 18 month old little girl and was wanting to start taking better photos of her so I have a similar question as a fellow blogger on your previous post about your camera skills. I don't yet have a "big girl" camera but I do have Photo shop and I just don't know where to get started. Anyway, what kind of camera and equipment do you use the most and love and do you have any suggestions where do you think I should get started? (Any advice would be greatly appreciated!)
Your pictures are amazing as is your lucy- thanks!

M. said...

You're right- Caroline is a doll. Those eyes are amazing. There's nothing as cute as a little girl with chubby, pinchable, legs! I especially love photo #6. She looks very "Norman Rockwell."

I'm so jealous of your skillz, woman!

Meredith Woodruff said...

I love all your new posts and pictures! Your nephews are so stinkin cute!

Susan said...

Looks like you're having way too much fun. Caroline is definitely a little doll, and her eyes are just gorgeous!

The Condreys said...

the boys are so cute! wyatt's eyes are amazing!! and caroline is such a doll. your pics are great as always!!! you need to start a business!!!

Jess and Paul said...

She. Is. Adorable. Those thighs are to die for.

Heather Field said...

Sweet little Caroline is ADORABLE, right up there with Lucy!!! I can totally relate to your shoe shopping experience, as that's what I just went through doing back to school shopping with my bunch! Ahhh making memories!

Cinnamon said...

Why doesn't my leg chub look that cute, lol.

S. said...

as always, beautiful pictures! Caroline is certainly sweet--love those chubby legs!

Anonymous said...

Kelly--of course, my grandkids are the most adorable little people! Caroline's eyes are awesome-and those chubby little legs CRACK me up!! Love and kisses, LeeLee

Christina said...

Oooooh, Caroline is like a little china doll! What a sweetheart. Those legs are too sweet...and her eyes!
Love the hose series, too. :o)