Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Time

Holly, Adam, John, Wyatt, and Amy all got in to town. For some reason, Lucy always takes a long time to warm up to John and she never really stops being on the defense the whole time he is around. It is hard on me and seems to be hard on her. I just wish she would lighten up and play a little nicer with John. She is SO protective over anything that she is playing with or holding. Even if John is not messing with her, she is worried that he MIGHT mess with her. On top of being defensive, she is extra whiny from 2 year molars breaking through. Two of them are actually in, but the top two are still making life a bit more interesting for now. I know that they are bothering her because she has her fingers in the back of her mouth a lot which is something that she would never do. They seem to be coming in at a really rapid rate. So, maybe in the next week or so she will have all four of them in and we can resume our "minimally whiny" life back because this whole "whine all of the time" bit that has been going on is for the birds. Non stop whining will kill me with a slow, miserable death. I cannot stand it.

There have been some moments of kindness. They are getting better. Lucy is the one who needs to just calm down and relax. I do too. I know that when I am on edge with her, it only makes her worse. I just really wish that we could get the whining under control and make her more at ease. They are currently watching a movie peacefully together. I think it will get better each day.

Here are some super cute pics from the past few days. Wyatt is 11 months now and he doesn't mind getting his picture made. Does he not have the most incredible eyes? Have a great weekend!

Adam & Wyatt


Jess and Paul said...

These are amazing!!!

stacy said...

You are so right about those eyes - what a cutie pie!

I am so with you on the teething and whininess. My squirt still hasn't had a single one break through yet but I am SO over teething. Today is already one of those all-whining-all-the-time kind of days, fun. And like you, as much as I KNOW keeping patient is best for everyone, it just doesn't happen after a while. You hit the nail on the head with that slow, miserable death idea. Ugh.

Well, Lucy is still adorable no matter how grumpy she might be! Hope the rest of her teeth pop through soon and she warms up better to John!

Emily said...

his eyes are insane! HUGE!
gorgeous, kell!

whining bites. hoping those molars go ahead and pop through soon.

Jenny said...

We have teeth here too and we are going nutty. Up alot in the night. Random screaming. Crying. Oy. We got it double cause both girls are doing it.

And that is funny about the dynamic. SOunds like MIa and Cammie. THey totally start freaking out if they have a toy and the other is within taking distance. It is exhausting to me and why we have 2 of almost every single toy.

missy said...

Hi there,
I am in awe of your photography. Of course, it never hurts when you have a gorgeous subject like your little Lucy. Seriously, could she be any cuter???

I am a complete novice at photography, but I am dabbling in doing photo sessions for friends. I am so curious to know if you edit photoshop?

Could you email me if you get a chance and let me know what editing tools you use? Thanks!

Laurie said...

Ugh, I'm with you...I don't do "whine." WOW, Wyatt's eyes are amazing. He's such a pretty kid.

Laurie said...

Oh, and your pics are gorgeous, as always!

Nicki said...

wow, that is one awesome kid to photograph!!! Crazy eyes!! Love your pics!! Sorry things are still rough between the cousins. It won't last forever! She wont' still be defensive when she's 6, I promise!

Dude, whining is the worst EVER. And I haven't even begun to deal with the 2 year molars. I DREAD the day.

Laura said...

Oh, the whining. I hear you. I almost lost my mind this week because of the whining. Just when you think they can't possibly whine any more...they surprise you! I *despise* teething. Despise it. Anyway, enough whining from me. I love your photos! You did an amazing job.

Jena said...

eyes are gorgeous
know exactly what you mean about defensivenss and BOTH of you being on edge and only making it worse...

Christina said...

What a great bunch of photos! There are so many, I can't pick a fave. Those are some amazing eyes.

I have an almost-three year old here with the constant whining. So I feel for you. And I can't even blame it on teething anymore! I hope she and John will warm up to each other and end up having fun together.

Mom said...

Great pics, kid! I think the cousins are doing better with each other every time they are together. I love every little hug and squabble! LeeLee