Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Daycare at Our House

Before I forget, the Photoshop Elements book I got is The Photoshop Elements 6 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski. I really really like it. I got a lot of questions about it.

Today was so fun. Mandy needed to run a bunch of errands, so she brought Anna and Louis over to play. Then Katy needed to look at some houses, so she brought Ava over. So, it was me and 4 kiddos. We had so much fun. I had all 4 of them outside and let them paint pictures. Anna only wanted to use red. She was my most meticulous painter. Louis painted a field of corn. And Lucy and Ava just kind of smeared around all of the colors. I had all four of them cleaned up and back in the house playing before Katy got back with sandwich supplies. I whipped out 7 grilled cheese sandwiches in about 10 minutes and Katy cut up some strawberries. We had them all fed and playing again before Mandy got back. I really had a lot of fun at my little daycare.

Lucy has her first crush. The girl LOVES Louis. I mean loves him. She wants to hang on him, sit in his lap, talk to him, and just be near him all of the time. This really happened a couple of weeks ago. He is so sweet. He is great with her because he is a great big brother to Anna. I think it is so funny because Mandy has always told me about little comments Louis makes about Lucy when we are not around - like how cute she. I just had to share because Lucy is never like this with any other kids. She just loves her WooEEEE.

We are having some CRAZY sleep issues around here. She is back to sleeping okay, but getting her to sleep is SO difficult. All of the sudden she is totally stressed out about going to bed. We have tried the guest room, her room with the air mattress, and her crib. Some nights are okay, but most are terrible and take forever to get her to sleep. It is hard on all of us. I try to stay calm, but I start to lose it after a while. It is just frustrating and that time from when Lucy goes to bed and when I go to bed is very valuable to me. I just wish I knew what snapped. Why all of the sudden she is stressed out at night. It is weird.

Other than the night issues, we have had a really great last couple of days. Life is good. Here are some pictures from today.

How cute is Ava?? She makes the funniest faces and noises and I always say that she is telling me a huge story, I just can't understand it yet.


Sharon said...

What great little artists you had there! Sounds like a really fun time.

Kate said...

Daycare? What time is drop off?!!!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome.
ava does make great faces!!!

Kelli said...

Sounds like a fun daycare! Beautiful pictures of the little Picassos.

Weintribe said...

so sweet!

and I agree...I'll be there next week to drop off my two ;)

Anonymous said...

We have the sleep issues here too. Here's hoping it is a very short phase. :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly you are beautifull mommy and the best! Lucy is very, very happy!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the sleep issues. I hope that things get better soon. I know the frustrating feeling.

That last picture is just gorgeous!

LawMommy said...

Sleep issues are the hardest thing I have had to deal with as a parent. I have a terrible time being rational or reasonable about sleep issues because my own sleep is so important to me. All I can say is that it seems like my kids will go through a sleep phase (more Gabe than Lana), and just when I am about to lose my mind, the sleep issue changes/resolves. I have regularly been terrified that I will "never sleep again" - and it's so frustrating.

She just turned 2, though, so, is she getting her two year molars? Gabe had a terrible time sleeping any time he was getting teeth.

Anonymous said...

Hey! We had 2 little buddies over my in-home daycare yesterday too. and guess what we did?! finger painted!! it was a mess, and i made the mistake of doing it inside with the, so my wood floors became very colorful!

JMCS said...

Hi Kelly,

Your Lucy is just adorable! I love the photos. I saw your beautiful daughter's photo on WYP and had to come by and tell you how gorgeous she is. Take care and talk to you soon. :)


Lynn said...

Just a thought: did Lucy's sleep problems start AFTER her Daddy's appendctomy? Maybe she is having problems dropping off to sleep because of it. Make sure that you tell her that Daddy is all better now.

I don't know why, but that was my 1st thought when reading about her sleep issues.

I give you a lot of credit for taking care of 4 kids, with an art project, and lunch. You did SO much better than I would, as I would have said, DVD TIME!

Anonymous said...

Like I've told you a million times before - you are better with kids than anyone I've ever met so it doesn't surprise me that you had all 4 entertained and fed, no problem. Oh, and on top of all that, you got good pictures of them! Sheesh! Is there anything you don't do?! Sorry about the sleep issues. Taylor had a tough time right around her second birthday too. Just like everything else, it passed after a week or two. Easier said than done though when you're the one not getting any sleep!!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! And how neat they were - looks like everyone had a great time!!

Catherine said...

We are having the same issues with Isabella, who is the same age as Lucy. It is so draining!!! We try skipping naps, putting her to bed earlier, putting her to bed later...NOTHING works. The kid could stay up until 1 am and still won't fall asleep. It is exhausting for US...hopefully it will end soon!!! Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Four kids and paint? You are much braver than I am! :) Glad they all had fun. I bet Lucy had a blast with them all over at her house.

~Kim said...

Great pics--Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

so much fun and great pictures too!!

Anonymous said...

The painting is adorable and hilarious! Maybe if I had you nearby I wouldn't be freaking about the idea of putting Delaney in daycare!

Sorry about the sleep issues - that is my very least favorite sleep issue of them all, the fighting of going to sleep. I'm like you - I really try to keep my patience for a while, but I just can't as it drags on and on. I hope it's a very short phase!

Sandra said...

Hi Kelly. Thanks for the sweet words. We are having so much fun with Sarah Wesley. I love looking at your blog. Your pics are amazing. I love the stories you share. I would love to meet Lucy sometime when you are in Fayetteville.
Sandra Cooper

Anonymous said...

it's weird seeing you say "Katy" and not mean me!