Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pool Fun

Today we had a lot of fun at a friend's pool. Lucy has not been in a pool since we were at the beach, so I didn't know what she was going to think. She was a little scared at first, but then she remembered how the floaties work and she was off. She would say to me, "I do it momma. I swimmin." Okay. I just stood back and took a zillion pictures. Our friend Liz was there with her two girls - Taylor, who is 2, and Reece, who is 4 months. Lucy LOVED Reece. She is obsessed with babies right now. She kept saying, "Baby, Woo Cee's lap." So I would help her hold the baby. Whenever Reece made any noise, Lucy would run over and make sure she had her paci. She was really so sweet with the baby. It is so fun to take pictures of other people's kids since I am mostly only used to Lucy. It is also fun for the post processing. Thanks for so much fun today girls!

I think I have figured out the whole bed time thing and we have had 2 naps and 2 night times with no tears, no fuss, just calmly going to sleep. Every night before bed I tell Lucy we are going to brush her teeth, pick out 2-3 books, sing a few songs, kiss night night and then I am going to my room to go to bed. This has always worked just fine, but recently she has wanted us to stay in her room forever. She would not go to bed with us in there and she would freak out whenever we tried to leave. Even if we stayed long enough for her to fall asleep while we were in her room, she was waking up when we tried to leave. So, I tried something. After our normal routine, I give her one of her small books to read to herself while I leave. She is perfectly happy with this and makes no fuss at all. When she is done, she tosses it on the floor and passes out. Works for me, works for her, sounds like a plan. I love to go in and check on her now that she is sleeping in the big girl bed. She looks so small in there.

Big plans for tomorrow - THE CIRCUS!!! I can't wait. I think I am more excited than anyone, but Lucy does talk about it a lot. For some reason, she thought flamingos were at the circus. Whenever I mention the circus, she would say, "El-phant and mingos!" I didn't want her to be disappointed, so I have told her that there are not flamingos at the circus. So now she says, "Cir-tus, el-phant, no mingos!" She cracks me up.

Here are pics from the pool today. They all got a cup of ice cream and those are my favorite pictures. They were all so serious and quiet while they were working on their ice cream. Lucy loved to feed Kori's chihuahua, Moose, her ice cream. She would let Moose lick her spoon and then she would eat a big bite. Yuck, but whatever. Moose was so happy to get some ice cream that I couldn't make her stop.

Reece - the world's sweetest baby. She was so fun to love on!
My new favorite person to take pictures of - R would look at the camera whenever I said her name and smile. Who knew 2 year olds willingly did this?? It takes A LOT of work for me to get Lucy to look and she never wants to smile.
Rainey B&W2
Lucy Pool
Aren't they cute?
Ice Cream
Kids Ice Cream
Lucy and Moose
Keeping a watchful eye on Reece.
Lucy and Reece
Rainey Smile


Emily said...


smart momma on figuring out how to get her to bed. now any suggestions on how to get lulu not to throw her food? seriously, any advice is welcome:)

Kelli said...

love the ice cream pics- cute kids!

Heather Field said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE, all of them! Love the picture of Lucy watching the baby!

Seash said...

Lucy's pink floaties are the cutest! I always had to use those standard orange ones...

Jackie said...

Hi there, I stop by on occasion and I'm always so impressed at the incredible photos you take! Amazing...


Lisa and John said...

I love the ice cream pictures. Looks like they could be on the front of a greeting card

Sherri said...

I am dying to see a picture of Lucy in her big girl bed! Did you check out Grace's pics? There is a link on one of my recent posts. She looks like she lost her best friend. Not one smile

Kate said...

Glad Lu is sleeping better! Mine...not so much!!!

Love the doggie ice cream pic! And Moose? Love that name!

Willis said...

I just love your photography of Lucy. I especially like the top of your blog. If you have a chance, and it's not too hard, could you e-mail me the directions for getting my blog personalized with my own photos? I can only figure out how to use the blogger boring templates. Yours is so colorful and personal. My husband and I adopted our son, Rocco, from Vietnam through Dillon Int. in MArch of 07.

Susan said...

You need to hug Lucy extra hard for being a good sleeper. I'll soon be making reservations for Petunia to spend time at your house so you can get her trained on the sleeping thing, too. She's killing me! LOL Petunia will be getting her big girl bed very, very soon.

I love that Lucy is so sweet to the baby. Great photos of ALL the kids. Um, and, yeah, a little yucky about using the same spoon to share ice cream with the dog. But it's also kinda funny.

Nancy said...

Love the pic of Lucy with Moose :)

Morgan's Mom said...

Does everyone have that super cute white one-piece?? I've seen it on three blogs today!

Moose and Lucy are too cute :)

Caroline Hardin said...

Adrienne sent me this site and I can't stop checking it...Lucy is so stinkin' cute! Hope all is well.
Caroline Hardin

jilljohnandhope said...

Love the pictures!!!