Sunday, August 03, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

We are working on getting back to normal around here. Justin is still moving pretty slowly, but he is greatly improved. Nana (Justin's mom) came to the rescue and has really helped us out the past few days. She has to go home tomorrow, and we will really miss her. We finally have all of the birthday presents put in an appropriate place and cleaned up. It almost feels normal around here.

Here are the last of the birthday pictures. I promise. I know you are all sick of hearing about her birthday, but I had to share a few from her birthday afternoon.

I love this picture because I imagine she is thinking - Why would my mom put this hat on me? And Justin is stroking her head thinking the exact same thing. Ha.
My Birthday Diva
Birthday Diva
Birthday ice cream, of course.
Ice Cream Face
Ice Cream Face

I got a new book about photo editing in Elements. I LOVE it. I have been obsessed with it for the past 24 hours. I have learned some amazing tips. Here a few examples of before and afters of some of my all time favorite pictures of Lucy. The before is on the left and the edited picture on the right (or bottom). It is amazing how just a few small things can really make a picture go from boring to awesome.

The edited picture is on top in this one.
I finally figured out how to remove unwanted objects!
The edited picture is on the left in this one. I have always loved this picture but hated how dark her face was.


Jen said...

Oh No! I missed the big day!! i'm catching up after a week w/no internet and cannot believe all that has happened.

Tell Lucy Happy Birthday and tell Justin that I hope he feels better. I know how bad that hurts!!
He's an amazing dad to keep working the grill with appendicitis!

Anonymous said...

Okay, your pictures keep blowing me away every time you post!
What was the name of that book for elements??

Jess and Paul said...

I'd love to know the name of the book you got also...I've been looking for one myself but haven't found anything I "fancy" yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you are going to turn into the next Pioneer Woman with all those before and after pics. Now you need to post HOW you did it. I cannot get over the unwanted objects!!!! You totally got rid of those people's feet and the pattern of the floor is still there. Amazing!!

The birthday hat is PRICELESS. You always find the best stuff.

So glad Justin is getting around some. Hope he improves leaps and bounds every day. Been thinking about you guys so much.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Justin is doing better and that Lucy had an amazing birthday! Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures both the befores and the afters! Amazing!

The Marks said...

pictures are really freakin' cool; i especially like the one where you remove the's like magic!! hope justin continues to feel better...hug and kiss to Lucy (it is still her birthday month; keep celebrating!!)

Sherri said...

Justin I am so, so glad you are home and feeling better. Stay out of the heat and take it easy.

Love, Sherri and Gracie

Cheryl F. said...

Those pictures are beautiful. She is just a darling. Would love to know how to use my camera one day. You take to neatest pictures.

Anonymous said...

And the name of the book is....

Anonymous said...

removing unwanted objects.
that is my fave cool.
great photos-i LOVE the drum photos!
and sure justing does too!
or does he...he he...
hope drum heads aren't in his near future, she looks like a rocker!

Jo said...

Glad to hear Justin is doing better, it's not easy being sick and keeping up with a busy little girl!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Lucy photos.

I meant to tell you how it is crazy how much older she looks in just 1 short year.

I also loved all the birthday wear Lucy had, I am currently on the hunt for Cami's perfect birthday outfit.

Josh and Marcie said...

I am glad things are getting back to normal for you guys. I would love to know what program you use for your photo editing. We just got a new camera and we are hoping to still go to Vietnam and get some amazing pictures. You have a real talent. I hope Justin continues to feel better.

KrisJ said...

So your going to start having a side bar with tips on how you do these things! I absolutely love the photo where she is looking at her b-day hat and you can see Justins hand.. how gorgeous is that!

Kelli said...

Those are great edited pics. Sounds like a great book...inquiring minds want to know!

Cinnamon said...

First of all Hapy Birthday Lucy! I love how you can remove objects. I have so many pics I would love to do that with. I LOVE the picture with Lucy and the drums (with her teeth showing and her eyes closed) rock out girl!

sg said...

Hi Kelly,

I can't believe I don't visit your site more often. These pictures of Lucy are adorable! Great combination: very cute little girl with an awesome photographer Mom. Anyway, I'm glad everything went well with Justin's surgery and life is getting back to normal.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why I haven't visited our blog before! Beautiful photos and love the editing. Thanks so much for sharing. I always love to see before/after shots!

Lucy is such a cutie!