Thursday, May 29, 2008

This Week's Happenings

Just when I said that I was back to being a better blogger, I go and don't post for a week. I think it is the heat, but I have had little to no motivation to do a whole lot lately. Here is what we have been up to the past week.

Saturday night, Lucy had the worst fall that she has ever had. She slipped in our shower and hit her nose and mouth on the tile floor. It was awful. Her nose bled and her lip was busted. I was so upset. I know that I can't stop her from every fall and bump, but this was one that I really wish I could have stopped. She was totally fine after a few minutes of hard crying. I just held her in the shower until her nose stopped bleeding. After a few minutes, she was back to sitting on the floor of the shower and splashing around. Here is a picture of her fat lip. She looks so sad, but she was jumping around and playing.

Here is Lucy after church on Sunday. She does so great at church now. She never cries and she is always playing when I come and pick her up. It makes me so happy.

This is from one afternoon this week at the pool. These bottoms are from last summer and they still fit great! Lucy can totally pull off that whole topless baby thing.

Then this afternoon we discovered a place that quickly moved to the top of our favorite afternoon outings. A sprinkler/fountain park. It was so fun and a great place to play and stay cool in the miserable heat. We got told by several people that Lucy looked like a movie star, and she totally did - sunglasses, floppy sun hat, and a Starbucks cup. Nicki, she is following in Addison's footsteps and she is obsessed with sunglasses. These are some of my favorite pictures of my funny girl.
Mandy, here is Anna. I want to make sure and continue journaling your life so that you don't have to! :)
Lucy and Ava

We went to the Thursday concert at the Arboretum tonight. Lucy seriously had the time of her life. She cut a rug on the dance floor. I am going to get video next time. She has a couple of signature dance moves that are so funny. My favorite is the one that looks like she is a bird trying to take flight. The band loved her and I got some great pictures of her and a few band members. The kids can get right up by the stage. She didn't get to bed tonight until 10. Party animal.
These girls love each other. They were cracking themselves up and chasing one another. They held hands the whole long walk down to the dance floor. It made me melt.
It was an 80s band and they were in full costume. I LOVED the music.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Lee (Zoe's Mom) said...

hey, you can have a week off whenever you want! you come back with great posts! what a fountain park, so cool! great pictures!!!
falls stink, but glad she is ok!

Kelli said...

Love the sunglasses pics- Lucy is quite the little diva! Looks like she had a great time at the concert. I am so ready for warm weather here....

Sherri said...

Poor Lucy! I am so glad her lip is better. She is a tough girl. Love the pictures, especially the ones playing with her friends. And what a diva in her hat. Gracie hates sunglasses but has a thing for hats. After I dress her she will go to where we keep the hats and say hat, like it is now time for accessories. In the past she would NEVER leave a hat on her head.

Jess and Paul said...

LOL, Those hat and sunglasses pictures are to die for! Lucy gets more beautiful every day.

Nicki said...

That is a scary fall! Addison's had a lot of injuries but the face-falls absolutely top my list of scary falls for ANY child.

LOVE the glasses and the hat! She looks adorable! I am growing more jealous of your arboretum by the day. We just have nothing like it.

Nicki said...

Oh and I forgot to say that Addy's signature dance move is a sort of soaring like an airplane slow-mo drugged out hippie move, no matter how fast the music is! haha. I can't wait to see video!

Heather said...

My favorite is of Anna and Lucy running together. Gosh, they are just way too cute. I'm glad that Lucy's fall didn't cause a tooth to go through the lip. That's so scary.

Shawna said...

Kel, I was about to give you black stars for the week, but you redeemed yourself with those precious pics. Poor Lucy Goose and her fat lip. The sunglasses are my favorite, and I love that she's not afraid to get the front row spot just like we did (and still do). Question--is she on stage with the tambourine yet? If no, she still has some learning to do. Also, did the band happen to be the Spazmatics? I discovered them this fall in Dallas and am OBSESSED with them...they really are the most fun 80s band I've ever seen. Complete with full on Ghostbusters, Karate Kid, Revenge of the Nerds costumes...they like to mix it up. OBSESSED. Glad you and Miss Lucy had a good week. Can't wait to see you in a few!

Mom said...

Yea! Great new pictures! So tired from trying to put the house together so when these grand babies get here all I have to do is play with them!! Lucy is a regular Jackie O! So glad her little lip and nose are ok. Love and miss ya! LeeLee

Emily said...

ugh. that would have scared me. i know they always end up ok, but it is so scary!
the pictures of lucy in her glasses is priceless!
oh, i finally meet mandy's friend. do you remember that connection? she said she was supp. to meet mandy and anna at the arboretum that day. and i am pretty sure it was the day you were there with them. small world!

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh, those sunglasses are a RIOT!! Sorry to hear about Lucy's fall - those are always more traumatic for us mommies than they even are for our babies. I'm so glad she's ok.

Mom2J&I said...

Stumbled across your blog a little while ago and you are fantastic with the camera!
Lucy is just beautiful (she reminds me a little of my Isabel)
I am also very jealous of the arboretum.

Erica said...

Wow, she is a diva. Maybe her nickname should be Little Miss Thing! Beautiful photos--looks like you are both having a blast with or w/o the busted lip.

stacy said...

Oh my goodness, she is a movie star! She is just too dang cute with that hat and sunglasses. Can't wait to see the video of her dancing!

Josh and Marcie said...

I am loving the little swim suit and her accessories! Where did those come from. It sounds like you guys always have something exciting going on. She is just precious as well as her sweet little friend.

dwayne and melanie said...

Finally, my Lucy fix! Love the Greta Garbo look!She is just so stinkin' cute!

mary kate said...

Who can complain if you take some time off from blogging when you come back with pics like these??! The photos ala Jackie-O are priceless! What beauty and confidence!!

Jenny said...

Lucy is too much. the pics are great.

Sometimes I really feel like the girls miss out, we can't do stuff like this on our own..

Can you believe our girls are coming on 2????

and suddenly, like mimi and cams, lucy is changing into a big girl. I can see it in the pics. sad and wonderful!

dana said...

I LOVE the Hollywood shots!! I am glad she is ok - it's so sad and scary when our little ones are hurting.

Anonymous said...

That water park looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

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