Sunday, May 04, 2008

2 Concerts in 1 Week!

Lucy has gotten to do so many fun things lately. I love how she is at an age where we feel like we can do fun things and bring her along with us. Until recently, I said that we could not do a lot of things because I didn't think that she could handle staying up late or the crowds or whatever and I didn't want to leave her with a babysitter. But now, she has proven many times that she actually loves to come along on our outings and it is a blast to experience these things with her. So, this Saturday we took her to the Kenny Chesney concert. Justin knows a lot of people involved with this tour, so we got the royal treatment. I will admit it is a lot easier to take a little one along when you aren't fighting the crowds, lines, small seats, etc. Lucy got to see Leann Rimes, Brooks and Dunn, and Kenny Chesney perform. For those of you who are not country music fans, I totally understand. There are A LOT of ridiculous country songs, I definitely know this. But the Kenny Chesney tour is one of the largest tours in the US and it is quite a show to see. It was a blast. I think anyone would have a great time there, even if only for the people watching. We saw some pretty interesting things. Lucy loved it. She danced and ate and ran wild. She was seriously the center of attention the entire day. I bet she got told a million times how adorable she was and how everyone loved her outfit - totally appropriate concert wear of her AC/DC tee and True Religions.

A few comments we got that were too funny not to share. There is just nothing like country music fans.

First, a girl in a way too short denim skirt, cowboy boots, and a Marlboro red in her hand asked what Lucy's name was. When we said Lucy, she replied with, "Oh man, we love Lucy. Hell, we got us a Demi Marie." In my head, I am thinking - you named your poor child Demi Marie? Yikes. And did you really just say "we got us a"? Justin and I both laughed about this for about 30 minutes. I am still laughing.

Second, this one girl would not stop telling me how adorable Lucy was. It was getting obnoxious. Justin had taken Lucy to get a snack and she says, "I mean seriously, your daughter is so f@^*ing cute. And the fact that she is so f*&!ing chill makes her like a million times cooler." Did you just curse at me about how cute my child is? Twice? Thank goodness Lucy was not still standing there with me. This girl had had a few drinks, in case you didn't guess that.

And finally, my favorite of the day was a woman in a Nascar t-shirt dancing erotically for her husband the entire concert. She was right up front and she was really feeling it. I didn't take a picture because I was scared she would eat me if she saw me do it, but just imagine what you think a Nascar fan might look like and that was her. It was awesome.

Again, the things you witness and hear at a big ole country concert are AWESOME!

This is A LOT of pictures. They are from all weekend.

We went down right in front of the stage to watch Leann Rimes. I promise, Lucy had in ear plugs the entire time.
We watched the rest of the shows from backstage. Lucy was waving to the crowd like she was the performer. It was so funny. I love this picture.

These are just some cute ones from Friday.
This is right in our backyard. I check on the eggs everyday.

After church today.

In my next post, I am going to try and answer some questions I have gotten recently in the comments. I get really behind on this, but am going to work on it next time. So, if you have a question, now is the time to ask.


Susan said...

Let me first say that I love all the photos, and it looks like Miss Lucy had a blast at the concert, but I truly LOVE the photo of Lucy at the garden gate. Oh, my, but that's just a gorgeous shot.

Glad you guys had a good time. I'm supposed to go see Kenny, Keith Urban, LeAnn Rimes, Gary Allan, and Sammy Hagar (uh, huh... Sammy Hagar) this July. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the heat. Yuck. Anyway, I'm not the biggest Kenny fan, but everyone tells me it's a fantastic show. Glad to hear you think so, too.

Kate said...

keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllly!!!! this is some really good work!!!!!! :)
i looooooooove the pics from the concert!!! ah!!!!! :) love em!
and i looove the comments! my fav might be the 2nd character! ha!

Mom said...

Kelly, you really are outdoing yourself with all your photo work! The pics are awesome! Love the one of Lucy and Justin looking out over the crowd. They are all good. Will wait for the baby bird pictures!!! Kiss the goose for me! Love to you all. LeeLee

dwayne and melanie said...

Yeeks, can this girl be any cuter!Your photography is out of this world. You might have to teach me a thing or tood. I love the garden gate picture, and the daddy daughter pic is awesome. She is quite a kid!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the photos. Lucy looks like she had so much fun. But I have to admit that the highlight for me was the list of the things you overheard/saw. I'm dying here.

Anonymous said...

Lucy is one hip chica with that acdc tee!
I think of the 3 I'm partial to the woman who told you how *****&&&$$ cute Lucy is. Can't make that stuff up!

Anonymous said...

Cool pix and story but you kinda came off as thinking you're better than the average Country Music fan. People can be different but still be as good as you!

Nancy said...

How fun!!! I love that Lucy was waving back at the crowd! :) The pic by the garden gate is really special :)

Norah said...

Lucy is just picture perfect ! Can you believe our girls will be 2 yrs old soon?! I'm still in shock!

Laurie said...

Hahaha - I'm still laughing about the NASCAR chick and the lucky lady who "got her a Demi Marie!" That's too funny. You're right, country music fan or not, who wouldn't love to go just for that?! I wonder if those people ever realize that THEY are the real show!
Great pictures. I love Lucy rockin' out with her yellow ear plugs!
And btw, my word verification spells smurf...trying not to take it personally since my sister used to call me a smurf as a put-down when we were kids! hahaha!

Tara said...

Oooo I have a question!
What does your husband do??
I tbink in one of your posts you said that you two once went to the grammys? I cant remember what you said but I totally googled his name, and came up with a bunch of movies stars. :)

Emily said...

where did you get that dress towards the end with the red buttons?? so cute. or as the lady at the concert would say..'so f*n cute':)
love, love the first picture. love them all!

Kelly said...

I promise that I do not think that I am better than country music fans. I am a country music fan and quite the southern girl myself. I say all kinds of ridiculous things, but you have to admit, these comments were a little over the top - by most peoples standards.

Kate said...

Seriously, who drops the F*bomb when complimenting children!!?? That's not country, that's backwoods! Ain't riiight.

Love the daddy/daughter pictures and the one at the garden gate. Don't you love that hen dress? My Lu gets the best compliments when she wears hers.

Lucy is so (F)reakin' cute!

Anonymous said...

Miss Lucy is absolutely adorable. Just read your "2 Concerts in 1 week" post and sounds as though Miss Lucy really enjoyed herself despite the rude and untastefull comments. Some people should just watch the concert from the privacy of their home.

mam said...

Oh, my god, that "secret garden" photo with the overgrown arbor might be my favorite picture of (your) (because you know we "got us one" of those Lucy's too!) Lucy of all time. SO adorable.

LawMommy said...

Seriously, only Lucy could be that frigging adorable in an AC/DC t-shirt.

I love Leann Rimes - it looks like you guys had an awesome time. (And Lucy looks inexplicably cute with her little yellow earplugs.)


Jenny said...

i love the outfit for the concert!!!

We could never take the girls anywhere, my god, they are just nuts right now.

looks like Lucy had a blast!

Nicki said...

Ok that looks SO freakin' fun! The comments had me in stitches! I don't know how you keep from laughing right out loud!!! ha. Beautiful photos as usual. I love the desaturated ones and the silhouettes! Good work! And aww - baby birds!

Ok now Denver is calling your name and it wants you to stay for an extended you hear it yet?

S. said...

She is just so f%#@ing cute! lol.

Love the t-shirt--I love country music and I am laughing right along with you.

Just be careful when the birds hatch--we had baby birds in the holly tree right by our front door, and let me tell ya', the mommy and daddy were *not* happy when we would try to look at them! My husband and mom both suffered the consequences!

p.s. how did you get Lucy to start keeping the bows in her hair?

Arlene said...

Lucy rocks!!!!!
Loved the photos (as always, Kelley!)
and Miss Lucy is just sooooooooooooo cute. (that compliment just sounds so boring after hearing what some of the concert fans had to say.....but I wanted to keep it rated "G")

Your post had me laughing so very much. I loved it all!!!

Kelli said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. I am not a huge country music fan but do love Kenny Chesney. I can just imagine the NASCAR lady- we have the Brickyard 400 in August. It is certainly a different crowd than what is here in May at the Indy 500!

Jo said...

Okay, when is Lucy going to start doing band reviews for Rolling Stone????

So cute!

Jill said...

I ran across your blog on a friends and your photos are wonderful. Since you are answering questions, I am hoping you wouldn't mind sharing what kind of camera you have and what computer program you use, I would like start taking better quality photos. Thanks

Jess and Paul said...

You have such an exciting life, Kelly! The pics are awesome...I especially love what you have been doing with your b&w's and sepia pics. You will have to pass on some wisdom to me sometime...I just got photoshop and I am totally lost of course. Oh, and thanks for your empathetic comment on my blog about the made me feel TONS better:).

keimtime said...

I too would love to know what of camera you are using and how you get your photos to look so bright and beautiful. I have 6 month old twins after years of infertility and would love to take better pics of them growing up. Again, I love Lucy's clothes and hairbows. Where did you get the ac/dc tee?

Courtney said...

Love the concert attire. Lucy is so adorable. I love how you dress her. Where do you shop ??? I also would like to know where you bought her ACDC shirt. I love it. You take such great pictures. How do you take such clear and great photos ?? Courtney

Amber said...

what a little rock star!!!!!!

Lynn said...

Again, love the photos. You need to keep that ac/dc tshirt for when Lucy is a teenager, so that you can pull it out and say, "see look, I dressed you cool when you were a kid!"

My question would be this; how do you have the energy to do all that you do with Lucy? Your blog is always so energentic (except when Lucy is sick).

Anonymous said...

Wow she is really cute and looks like she had a balst at the concert! I love the clothes you get her!

Boom said...

Stop. It.

That AC/DC shirt is just too much!

Anonymous said...

I don't have any questions, but I love the pics, the clothes and I am a teeny-tiny bit jealous that you can do such cool stuff with your girl;)I think we would be seriously out of our element(and I don't meant the country thing) if we tried to pull that off....I am just trying to imagine the 5 of us at a concert...
are you with me Laurie?

Kelli said...

Hi Kelly. My name is Kelli too. I am waiting for my daughter from VN as well. I love reading about Lucy and looking at all the gorgeous pictures. What a treasure! Thank you for sharing your story. It gives waiting adoptive parents something to look forward to.

Kristi said...

I love the jumper with the ric rac that Lucy is wearing. May I ask where you got it?

Also, I know Kenny Chesney's drummer's mom really, really well. Sean has been his drummer forever.

I'm sure the concert was great!

Jenna and Ed said...

I'm cracking up about the crazy stories from the concert! So funny! Oh, and Lucy looked fantastic in the AC/DC t-shirt! Seriously, cute!

megan said...

I love Kenny, I try to see him everytime he comes to concert!!! There is always a lot of crazy people to watch at a country concert. Lucy is such a cutie!!! I love the outfit, I am sure she was the best dressed at the concert!!!

Brenda said...

oh those jeans and acdc t-shirt are the cutest! She looks like a rock star! And like she was having fun!

Anonymous said...

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