Sunday, June 01, 2008

22 Months

Today Lucy is 22 months old. In two short months she will be 2! Unbelievable. I know how quickly the next two months are going to go by because we have a lot going on. She is getting to be such a big girl. She acts like a big girl, talks like a big girl, and rarely gives me the chance to baby her any longer. I love this age though. She is just so much fun and we get to do so many fun things with her. Here are some of my favorite things that our girl is up to right now.

-She doesn't quite understand the whole saying I am sorry concept. When she does something not nice to me or one of her friends, I always try and get her to say that she is sorry, but she never will. However, if I do something on accident that hurts her, she is quick to say "I soddy. I soddy." For instance, getting her in or out of the car seat I will occasionally scratch her leg or arm. Nothing major at all, my nail just caught her while we were trying to get buckled - no mark or anything. She always says many times that she is "soddy." It is really cute.

-She cannot pronounce the hard C or K sound. Overall, her speech is so clear, but in place of the ck sound she puts a T sound. So, ducks are duts. Ice cream is ice tee tee (not sure why it comes out this way, but it does). And kitty cats are titty tats - ha!

-She is big on telling us when something is gross to her. For instance, the other day we had been outside all afternoon. I had been pulling weeds in the flower bed while she played. I was dirty. She saw the bottom of my feet and announced, "Ewwwwww. Yutty (yucky). Nasty momma!"

-She says sentences now - up to three words, sometimes four. She will say, "Is that momma?" as we look at books and she wants me to tell her what something is. She seriously probably says this phrase 100 times a day. She loves to boss the dogs around and say, "Com'on sissy bubba." She also loves to tell the dogs to "Get!" when they are bugging her, "Sit!" when they jump on her, and "Hush!" when they bark.

-She already knows that she loves princesses. She has some Disney princess sippies and she loves to ask us "Who's that daddy?" as she points to each character. Snow White is the only one that she will tell us who she is. She can also say Pincess.

-One of her favorite things in the world is getting "medicine" on her skin, which is actually just Eucerin lotion. As the weather turned hot this year, she has developed some weird skin issues. Turns out it has just been severe dry skin and the really thick lotion has healed her right up. Anyway, it was really itchy for her before it was cleared up, so I would ask her if she wanted some medicine when I saw her itching. She always says yes and now any time she has the slightest itch, she insists on getting some "med-cine." It is so cute when she says this.

-When she wants something really badly, she will start saying "Pretty Please Momma!" Again, cracks us up every time. I love how she says thank you and she is pretty good about using her manners. Her southern accent is really really thick and it shows in her manner words.

-The other day at our neighbors house she picked up a lighter, showed it to our friend, and promptly shook her little finger and said, "No way!" Good girl. Smoking is bad and fire is dangerous.

-Two nights ago Justin and I just had to peak in on her sleeping. It was about 11 pm and we went down to her room. When Justin opened the door, she started to move around. We stood at her door watching and of course, after a few seconds, up popped her head with hair going every direction. We had to go in at this point. Whenever she is ready to get out of her bed, she gathers up her blankees. Well, she started to gather up her blankees so I was just going to rock her for a second. She was totally out of it and clearly still basically asleep. I said, "Lucy, do you want momma to rock you?" She sat there in her crib for a second, said a very attitude filled, "NO!" and laid back down and went to sleep. I had to run out because I was holding back my laughter. It was hilarious. If she could have told us to get out of her room right that second, she would have.

-She is obsessed with singing songs. We have to do the same ones over and over and over. I bet I sing these songs at least 15 times each a day. We start with Old MacDonald. She picks the animals and starts with a sheep every single time. Then a moo cow. The animals vary after that, but as she thinks of her next choice, she says, "Ummmmm" and taps her chin with her pointer finger. So funny! The next song is always ABCs. Then Itsy Bitsy Spider. And after that I can name any song and she will agree to it. But while I think of what song we will sing next, she does the whole ummmm and finger tapping bit again.

-She continues to be a great sleeper and so easy to put to bed. She sleeps from about 8-8 and takes around a 2 hour nap a day. We are so so lucky because she is so flexible on this. If we need her to nap early or later than normal, fine. If she needs to stay up way past her normal bed time, fine. She totally goes with the flow and I am so thankful for this. Today we took her to a baseball game and had to put her down for her nap about 2 hours early, and she was fine with that.

-Her least favorite thing in the world is getting her teeth brushed. I have no idea why, but she screams and cries both in the morning and at night when it is time to brush her teeth. She loves to hold her toothbrush and do the brushing herself, but when I have to step in and assist, all hell breaks loose. She also hates mud now, which is funny to me because she is such an outside kind of girl and she is dirty a lot of the time. But when she sees wet places in the yard, she will stop and wait for me to pick her up saying over and over again, "No muddy." She is scared of a lot of things now, but usually strange things on tv that are not even scary at all.

-Her very favorite things in the world are her blankees, ice cream, cookies, cake, singing songs, dancing, her play groceries and dishes, popsicles, and being outside. Her favorite animal at the zoo is the elephant and the flamingos - "el phent and mingos.

Happy 22 Months Lucy Goose!


We took her to the Rangers game this afternoon. She loved it and we were able to stay for almost the entire game. We only left early to beat some of the traffic.
Lucy and Ava read books a lot of the time, but would stop and cheer as well.
Her first ever taste of cotton candy. It was a hit.

I look forward to every day with you baby girl. I love watching you grow, learn, and change.


lee said...

I absolutely adore everything about this post!

Ashley said...

I just adore your photos!

Kate said...

kel!!!! sooooo cute! i feel like i can hear her every move! i need to get some lucy time fast so hurry and get here!!!! luuuuuv the popsicle shots!!!! ANDDDDDD
DO NOT bug her again while she is sleeping!!!! she did not think you were being cute! ha! love that story! :)

Jess and Paul said...

Awesome post...great to read about all the sweet. I LOVE that first picture!!!

Adam, Natasha & Avi Joy said...


I noticed that Lucy is reading Avi Joy's favorite book... Mr. Brown can Moo, can you? It is the best huh?
I enjoy all your pictures and updates. Avi Joy just turned two herself and each day is so much fun with her new words!

Holly Beck said...

Kelly - can't wait to see you & the goose next weekend, so hurry up! The family shots are really cute - I like Justin in blue. Also, I meant to tell you, John got his first bloody nose the same weekend Lucy got hers (I think it was Mother's Day). He was playing outside on one of those backyard playgrounds, and he slammed it. Pretty pitiful. Only five days until sisters unite! XOXO.

PS - Mom told me that you couldn't believe that Wyatt had graduated to size 3 diapers! He's only days away from 8 months, and I know John was in 3's well before now. Jack is already in them! In fact, he was wearing them before Wyatt - he's only 5 months. I can't believe the goose still wears them!!!!!!! Tee hee.

Kelli said...

22 months- wow, where has the time gone? She is at such a fun age and sounds like she does so many cute and fun things! Love the popsicle pics and the family shot at the game!

PS- i changed my blog address:

Anonymous said...

Kelly, what kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are awesome

Kristin said...

Happy 22 months!

I can't believe how fast time is flying...and it's been a whole year since I've seen Miss L. Way, way too long!

Mom said...

Kelly Belly--post and pics are great. Get your famiily over here!!!! John wants to see Lucy and have a mustache like PaPa!!! House is already a mess-but the kind of mess I love!!! (You'll still be able to see how good the kitchen looks.) Happy 22 months Big Girl! Love and kisses, LeeLee

Kate said...

Great pictures! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow!? Once they start talking, it's down-hill from there!

Happy 22!

I have my "42" post up...wish my Lu was 22 again! {sigh}

Meredith said...

What a fun, fun age! I love the popsicle pictures - too cute!!

Susan said...

First of all, happy 22 months Miss Lucy! Time is certainly flying by.

Okay, Kelly, you can really quit rubbing it in that Lucy is a great sleeper. LOL. Petunia is a LITTLE better these days, but she and Lucy definitely aren't on the same page when it comes to sleeping.

Love the hat -- I've been looking for one similar to it for Petunia, but haven't found one yet.

And I TOTALLY hear you on the teeth brushing. What in the world makes it so horrible to our children?! If you find the miracle solution, please let me know!

Laurie said...

Awww, such a cute post Kell! Lucy is so darn cute and I love what a sense of her personality you gave us in this update. I can't wait to meet her for REAL!!

Christina said...

Lucy has so much personality! I am so impressed with how much she is talking and expressing herself already - such a little smarty she is!

stacy said...

I second what Laurie said - you really do get such a sense of her personality from your post, and I just adore her (not that that's new, but I adore her even more now).

Nicki said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I have been oogling them all day!

Anonymous said...

wonderful! Almost 2!!! she seems to have such a personality :)

Anonymous said...

I love the part about medicine on the skin. Those are great pictures.

Yippee said...

Oh my god, the picture with Lucy wearing the sunglasses and Justin holding a beer is one of my favorites in the "cool" category ever :) ...

I have seen those battery-run toothbrushes for kids and wonder if the kids would prefer them over normal brushes. I think they can be useful for the young kids who don't have a good hand-coordination yet...

Are you already thinking about your daughter's teenage years already !?! :) It makes me smile reading your post, realizing that that same thing happens in any home with a teenager: parents walking in and waking up their still sleepy teenage son/daughter on a Sunday morning. Geez, those annoying parents! ...

I was reading some travel blogs. I think this little girl and your daughter share many similar facial features:


Anonymous said...

Wow she is sounding so big and it looks like she LOVES her red popsicles! What great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Goodness. They grow up so damn fast! Lucy is turning into quite the little lady.

Courtney said...

Love hearing all the new updates. Love her straw hat......So adorable. Courtney

Erica said...

That was beautiful, Kelly! I love that you look at all her milestones and the photos are the best.

Amber said...

I can't believe that Lucy is almost 2 years old!!!!! crazy! Cy can't wait to see him some lucy again very soon! We are so excited about y'all coming to visit!

Mary Kate said...

Great fun facts about such a sweet little girl! What an amazing and smart girl Lucy is--22 months going on 22 years!! Thanks for sharing with all of us--it makes the wait to become a mom a little better as we can see what we're all working toward!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Happy 22 months, Lucy. I love the "I soddy" thing. What a cutie!! I'll admit to being slightly jealous about Lucy's amazing sleeping habits. My next child has to be a sleeper, right?!

Karyn said...

I've been reading your blog and really enjoy it!
We're in the "talking" phase about adopting, possibly from Korea. It's really inspiring to see how happy your family is.

And Lucy really does look like a movie star in the picture with the sun hat and sunglasses! Too cute for words.
Thanks for the great posts,

Dianne said...

Great pictures. She is so pretty.