Friday, May 09, 2008

Frog Fountains

Lucy got her first bloody nose today. She was being so goofy and slipped and hit her nose on the floor. It only bled for a few seconds, and she was more concerned with the fact that blood got on my arm. She was over it within 30 seconds. I really think this is the first time I have actually seen her bleed. She has scraped her knees plenty of time, but never enough for blood.

Aside from her minor accident, we had another fun day together. We consider going to the mall an activity. I usually go more for entertainment for her than shopping for me. Our mall has this awesome pond in it with several ducks and LOTS of turtles in it. She loves it. When we pull into the parking lot, she starts screaming DUCKS!! My girl knows the mall. After her nap, I took her to the Arboretum (our favorite place) and we took her swimsuit so she could play in the frog fountains. It was hot here today - 90+ degrees. The fountains were a great way to not melt.

These pics are all from the Arboretum.

I love this picture! It is such a classic Lucy face.
This bunny was eating all of the petunias and was not even a bit scared of us. Bad bunny!
Yet another reason why our Arboretum rocks! Because they have these.......
where you can do this.......
silly face.jpg
When she was done with the fountains, she ran and ran and ran!
This kills me. She is so happy and loves to say, "RUN FAST!"
Another fun day!


Kelli said...

This must be the week of injuries- first Petunia and now Lucy- poor girls. At least they are troopers about it! Looks like you guys had a fantastic day! Love the bathing suit pics....really, I love them all!

Meredith said...

I love that frog - what a cool fountain! As usual, adorable Lucy pics! What a sweet girl.

Mama Bunny said...

Your pictures are really getting so much better! I love these.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I can't believe how tall she looks in these pictures. she's getting soooo big!

Sharon said...

What a fun day....minus the nose bump. Linhsey yells out " Run! Running!" while she is running. So cute! They do such similar things sometimes : )

Anonymous said...

Someone on the airplane told me that big bows are all the rage on Southern kids. I love those pictures and the big bow.

Jen said...

Looks like a blast! I'm so behind on reading--i love the AC/DC shirt. Very cool :)

Ooops,little man is waking. got to go.

Anonymous said...

Love the catchlights and the classic lucy face cracked me UP! I need to remember to carry a spare swim suit for Addy so she can splash whenever we find fun fountains now that it's 150 degrees out. Sounds like a fun day for sure!

KrisJ said...

Love it, I keep think I need to move there! Pretty good that youve made it this far with no blood, my Maddie got her first bloody nose when she was about 4 months, we were at a friends and her little boy punched her while she was in the swing.... ya I freaked!

Emily said...

she is SUCH a happy girl.
love her goofy face:)

Anonymous said...

What a FUN time! Love ya, LeeLee

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, a bloody nose. Poor Lucy. Your arboretum looks awesome! We missed you guys this weekend Kell, but you wouldn't have been swimming if you'd was pretty darn chilly yesterday!! I agree with Justin!

Anonymous said...

I so love the first picture of her on the bench! It looks like it was a great day! And Happy Mother's Day since I am a few days late in commenting!

Anonymous said...

where did you get the cute sandals?

Dianna said...

Kelly, that girl of yours is absolutely gorgeous! Which you, of course, know *lol* I don't post often but I check in all the time. Lucy and Phoebe are gonna have to get together someday. Maybe Lucy can teach Phoebe to leave the bows in her hair for more than 2 seconds!