Friday, May 23, 2008

Videos and Pictures Galore

This is a lot of video and pictures for one post, but the grandparents are going to love it. I wanted them to see all of Lucy's talking and craziness. I think that the reason that I have not been blogging much the past couple of weeks is because Lucy was going through a little phase. It was not a really fun phase and was exhausting for me. When she was sleeping, I mostly wanted to lay in bed and watch tv. I had no energy to do much else because she was just wearing me out. She was testing me in every way possible, whining A LOT, and just being a little toot. I don't want you all to think that this child never goes through that, because she definitely does. Luckily for me, the phases usually never last longer than 2 weeks and then she is back to her normal self, which has already happened. Yeah!!

A little background for this video - She is always talking about Justin being on the bus (the bus comes and gets Justin when he leaves to go on the road - Lucy LOVES it when the bus comes to our house - but any time she sees any bus, she thinks her daddy is on it. When we see a city bus, she says, "Daddy, bus, YEAH!!!") When she talks about her friend Ava, she says Ava, nice. That is because Lucy has been known to bully her friend Ava, so whenever I tell her we are going to see Ava, I also tell her we are going to play nicely with her. So now she says, nice any time she says Ava. So funny to me.

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Eating ice cream - her favorite thing in the world. She probably ate the most I have ever seen her eat for dinner tonight. It was awesome, so she gets a treat any time she eats her dinner well. Lucky girl!

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And this is what she is like after ice cream. Wild child!! She went straight from dinner to the shower to get the ice cream off of her.

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We went to the Arboretum today with our buds. I got better pictures of Anna than I did of Lucy today. Such cuties!!
They got to play in the fountains after lunch
Anna LOVES the camera, which makes me very happy. She will look straight in the camera, which is always a challenge with Lucy.
This is so cute!
Anna on the frogs
I love this picture. Lucy was kicked back chillin on my lap.
After Lucy's nap, we ran a few errands. We ended up getting this sprinkler thing for the yard that she loved. It is so hot here.
Lucy ate this enormous plate of food tonight - roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe and cheese. It was the biggest dinner I have ever seen her eat.


Jess and Paul said...

Oh my goodness, Paul and I watched all the videos...Lucy is so precious. We can't wait until Phoebe talks. The pictures are great, Phoebe had that bathing suit...but it didn't fit quite right so we took it back. Glad to hear you made it through Lucy's phase...I totally relate to you on the is a BIG challenge for me also. Have a great holiday!

Ashley said...

Her speech is amazing!

I back away from blogging when my daughter is going thru a phase as well. They are draining! :)

Anonymous said...

kel-- i just love every single bit of that! a couple things, first..i thought her ice cream was a plate of beef strog., second i love that we say bus and nice after ava...i love awesome and the dancing and the booty shake AND that she makes her mama sing that song! thanks for the videos! we love ya'll! and i love typing right now because i got a mani and i am loking at it while i type. AND it looks good.
love and miss

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful! Love the shot of the 2 girls. Beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

I so LOVE Lucy pictures and video! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Nicki said...

Wow you have an amazing repertoire of songs! hahaha. You are such a fun Mom! I'm also impressed by how cooperative Lucy was in these videos. Addison instantly climbs on me or runs away the minute I try for video. Lucy's vocab is huge and she speaks so clearly! Also she really REALLy reminds me of Addison in these videos - they have a lot of the same mannerisms. Crazy! So do those Anna pictures mean we have something to look forward to in the future? I would pay anything to have Addison be a willing participant on my photography!!!

Kelli said...

The videos are great- she is talking so well! The picture of the 2 girls is one of my favorites!

Mom said...

Kell--good singing!!! Love ALL the pics and videos, and our girl is doing way too many new things since I last saw her!! Can't wait to get my hands on her!! And, I can't believe that she could possibly be going through a phase!! You crack me up--I used to say that about YOU!!! Love and miss ya terribly, LeeLee

How did the banana bread turn out? Bet your house smells yummy!

Norah said...

Linhsey just said " More Ucy!" She really enjoyed the videos and especially Old MacDonald. She was shouting out what animals to do!

Sherri said...

Gracie and I had so much fun watching the videos. She wanted to see them over and over. She would just die laughing when Lucy was laughing. I miss you guys so much!! Love to all.

The Gregs said...

She is SOOOOOO adorable.

rachel said...

Her little voice is just precious. As a northern girl I can totally pick up on her southern drawl and it's to die for! (yours is cute too! ;) As always, I love all the pictures. Glad you are finding ways to cool off in your hot weather! We are still waiting for ours to come. :(

Shawna said...

Sorry Kel, I thought I commented earlier. Lucy is one funny girl! I can't believe how talkative she is! Can't wait to see her again in a few weeks! The sugar high video totally cracked me up...I guess she got her momma's tumbling skills.

Courtney said...

You're a great photographer! You've captured lovely pictures Lucy!