Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin and Questions Answered

Happy Birthday Justin!! We love you.

Here are answers to recent questions.

What camera and photo editing tools do I use?
I use a Nikon D40. It is my first big girl camera and I absolutely love it. It is really easy to use and I pulled it straight out of the box and started taking pictures. I have since started to attempt to learn more about the different settings, but for the most part it is on the no flash mode or the auto mode if I know that the flash is not going to go off. I have the kit lens and a 55-200 mm zoom lens. I really want a 50 mm where I can play with the apenture more. That is the next thing on my wish list, which is growing at a rapid rate. Photography becomes very addicting and I am even more addicted to knowing more about the editing. I use Adobe Lightroom, an old version of Photoshop Elements, and occasionally (but not often) Picnik, which is an online editing program. It is really good, I just don't use it much. For those of you who know me at all, you know I am always wanting Photoshop CS3. I will get it someday. Again, photography is addicting, and also very expensive.

Where do i get all of Lucy's clothes?
Again, a very expensive hobby of mine! I am 100% addicted to buying clothes for her. I can not help it. She has a ridiculous amount of clothes. You probably do not want to know where I get most of her stuff. Because if I tell you, you will be sucked into the black hole of little girls clothing. It is hard for me to say I get most of her clothes at one store, because they are really from all over the place. I LOVE to find a new great kids store. The change of seasons is such a wonderful time for me because since Lucy is our first, I have a valid excuse to buy her a whole new wardrobe that fits and is weather appropriate. I actually get her stuff from all over the place, but most of it is boutique type stuff. I have several favorite lines that I have listed before - Pink Chicken (the green ducks dress from several posts back was PC - I got asked several times about it), Misha Lulu, Tea Collection, Lola et Moi. The list could go on and on. I also love places like Target and Old Navy for basics. I have decided that being in a dress does not mean that you can't get dirty. She has too many dresses to not allow her to play in them. So, she gets dirty even in her nice dresses.

Em - the dress with the hens and red buttons is made by Misha Lulu. I got it from a store in Fayetteville, AR called Bella Jacks. I bet it is going to be hard to find now. I had my bff grab that one for Lucy and I had her stalking the store for the hens dress long before it came in.

Several of you asked specifically about the AC/DC tee. We got it in a children's store in Manhattan called Peanut Butter and Jane. I have a funny story about this. We bought that shirt long before we even had Lucy's referral. We had a fun 4 day trip to NYC planned and we spent the entire time buying stuff for Lucy. She literally got a suitcase full of goodies that trip. Anyway, when we found that tee and took it up to pay, the girl ringing us up told us that they had just sent a box of presents to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (who at this point had just been born) and she got the AC/DC tee as well! So, Lucy and Shi could totally rock out together some day!

What does Justin do for a living?
You know, I totally understand asking this question because I post some stuff that would make me wonder too, but I have to hold my tongue just a bit here. I divulge WAY TOO MUCH info about our family on this blog as it is. I love that one of you thought he was a movie star. Secretly, I think Justin liked it too! :) I will say that he is not in the acting business but is in the entertainment industry. I will also say that he is very talented. I can say that because he is mine and because he really is so talented!

How did we get Lucy to keep hair bows in and where do you get them?
We did not do anything. We were just so lucky that she has always been extremely tolerant of things on her head. From day one in Vietnam, I started putting big ole hats on her and she never put up a fight or fuss. Once her bangs started getting a little longer, I started putting the bows in. I think she was so happy to have her hair out of her eyes that she just left them alone. Again for those of you who know me, I am a firm believer of the bigger the bow or flower, the better! We have kind of strayed from our bow loving days because her hair is long enough now that I put it in piggies most days simply to keep it out of her eyes. But recently she has decided that she does not like to get her hair done and it is quite the task to keep her occupied enough to get it done.

As far as where I get them, most are from a store in Little Rock called Shoe Connection, the flowers are from Bella Jacks in Fayetteville, and the really big ones are from a store called Hip Hip Hooray. For me, I think that children's boutiques have the best really big bows. It is hard to find the big ones on an alligator clip, but I have done it.

Where do I find the energy to do so much with Lucy?
I would not really say that it is that I have a whole lot of energy, but more that I get easily bored. I would so much rather load Lucy up and take her to do something fun than sit around our house all day. We both get stir crazy really easily and since we live in a big city with so many options, we try and get out pretty much everyday and do something fun. Lucy loves it, she gets to learn, and it makes our days go by quickly.

I think that covers my most common questions. I have put an email address to the side under my profile. Feel free to email some time if you have questions. Sometimes I get comments with questions and I don't know how to get in touch with the commenter. Also, if you do email me, I have to warn you that I am sometimes VERY slow to respond. I get overwhelmed when I have a lot of emails that need a response, but I will get around to it. I promise.

Here are pictures from the zoo this morning. She was lucky enough to get a whole ice cream cone to herself.

ice cream8.jpg
There is a bird exhibit in the children's zoo where you can feed the birds and they will actually sit on your hand or shoulder. At first, Lucy was a little scared, but then she loved it.
Lucy and Fish.jpg
Lucy had several turns on the carousel
Since Lucy still doesn't care about what flavor of ice cream she gets, I can choose one that matches her outfit so the drips just blend in! Rainbow sherbet it was.
ice cream1.jpg
ice cream2.jpg
ice cream3.jpg
ice cream4.jpg
ice cream5.jpg
ice cream6.jpg
ice cream7.jpg


megan said...

I do love Lucys clothes!!! You should become a child stylist, turn your hobby into a job. LOL Your pictures are beautiful... I want a big girl camera before our little girl comes home!

Anonymous said...

Kisses to Lucy! Happy Birthday, Justin!! I know that you were just waiting for me to sing!!! Hope your day is great. Miss you all. Love, LeeLee

mimi lam said...

I am your long time blog lurker, and enjoying so much, and learning all your child fashion, accessories, photography styles, thank you so much. Lucy is absolutely lovely, she has a easy nature, graceful way of showing of her beauty in any fashion styles, so effortlessly. Thank you for sharing your joy. M Lam,

Kelli said...

I have been looking at that camera- I want it SO bad. I may splurge with some summer school money. I think it's now or never! Great pictures from the zoo!

Jess and Paul said...


I have to admit...I got the same camera as you because your pictures are the best advertisement EVER! Nikon should give you commission...I don't think I am the first or the last you've converted.

PS. That's a BIG goldfish or whatever it is :)

Weintribe said...

love these!

pssst) there's a sale at Pup (lovers and inwood) 50% off their Tea collection. I went a leeeetle crazy ;)

Emily said...

thanks kell..totally going to check out that brand now. love that dress.

oh, and i am 100% with you on the dress things. lulu gets dirt and food all over her dresses. but, they are meant to be worn. so i never ever worry. i would throw her in a mud puddle in a smocked dress as long as i knew she was having fun.

Anonymous said...

Baby fashion is so fun, but alas, my daughter wore pajama pants today! We went on a trip the week after we received our referral and the most fun we had was shopping in a baby boutique. I can totally relate to your story!

Kate said...

We'd be completely dangerous shopping together!!! I justify my shopping addiction by telling myself that I'll pass down all of Luci's clothing to her baby sister. (hopefully, I'll get that chance) I'm already looking at fall clothing lines for Luci. I know, pathetic.

The ice cream pics are adorable. She did really well not making too big of a mess. Oh, and I agree about the dresses--Let them play hard in their Pretties!

Anonymous said...

kel!!!!!!! love this!!! happy bday tina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that i got the bff shout out! ha! cute cute pics! liza would KILL for that ice cream cone! :) kate

Michelle said...

Wow, you get a lot of questions!!! I love taking pictures too...I just can't get my camera on the right setting, very frustrating! Your pics are always great!

Anonymous said...

omg. she is sooooooooooo cute. your pics are phenom (for an amateur). Keep up the average work.

Hey, don't you have a sister named Amy?

Can I have the guys? for real?

Sharon said...

Cute pics! Lucy appears so much older in these pics.

Dawn said...

Thanks for blogging. I am a long time reader of yours, and love to see updates of your adventures with Lucy. You two always seem to have so much fun together. Our daughter is also from Vietnam. She will be two in August. Great pictures too! I have to agree, maybe you should be a child stylist or a personal shopper!!! Nah...too much fun shopping for your own little one!

LawMommy said...

Well, happy birthday to Justin!

The picture of Lucy in front of the huge gold koi is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Happy brithday Justin!

I loved the Q&A!

I also love Lucy in a Pony! It is my new favorite thing for Addy: the pony with the big bow. That is HILARIOUS about the ice cream matching the dress. Oh and since Lucy often seems to follow in Addy's footsteps within a few months let me reassure you that Addy LOVES things in her hair and on her head (hats! oh the hats!) and now is also totally in love with sunglasses and has to have them on whenEVER we are outside. So hopefully you can look forward to that! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Well, you know, Justin just has that famous look to him, as do you.
I laughed out loud when you said you get ice cream to match lucys clothing, thats brilliant! I am totally taking notes!
And about you being a fashion designer or personal shopper...I still vote on professional photographer!

Courtney said...

I have been following your blog for some time now. My SIL is adopting and I found you thru her blog Pursuit of Poppy. Thanks to you I will, in the next week be an owner of a Nikon D40 after weeks of convinving my hubby to get me one. I can't believe it worked. But the final straw was that I showed him all of your lovely pictures. Your writing is wonderful, and entertaining. Lucy is adorable and you guys have so much fun. Keep up the good job. Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Emily -
If you want that chicken dress, they have it at a boutique here - I just bought it last week before Kelly posted this for my daughter. They may still have Lulu's size. The website is They don't have products on there but they have a phone number and they'll send it to you.

Sorry for hijacking your comments section Kelly!

Happy Birthday Justin!

Laura said...

Cute post! I want Mattix to get a bit older so we can go out and do more fun "stuff." He's at that age where things like the zoo don't quite thrill him yet. Hopefully soon... Happy birthday, Justin!

Kelley G said...

OMG! I love your photos. I am really close to buying a camera like yours.

Any changes you would make in buying the camera or are you completely satisfied with it.

I am just scared I will buy it and my pictures will still not look as good as yours. I am really envious of how clear they are.

I am looking at the Nikon D40x. Just wondering what you know about it in comparison to the one you have.

I have found some great prices on

jenn said...

Too funny about the ice cream as I did that too when my older two were little. One day when Gracie was about 4 we were getting ice cream and when asked what kind she wanted she piked pistachio. I thought it was a strange flavor and asked what made her pick it. She replied matter-of-factly "it matches my shirt!" I had to laugh as I thought about it as she always picked a different flavor of lots of things. I talked to her about it some and she informed me that she always picks what matches her shirt, even what car she rode in at the fair!

Meredith Woodruff said...

It has been way too long since I have looked at everyone's blog! I love all the new pics! You have gotten really good!!! You need to come to NWA and have a contest with Kate! I have the perfect model for you:)! Ha, ha!

Kelli said...

I look at your blog every once in awhile (because our dream is to one day adopt, also). I came across it while researching vietnam adoption. I read the part about your addiction to buying her new clothes, and just wanted to tell you about my line of clothing. I do a lot of custom stuff. Check it out if you get a chance. Maybe you'll find something you like for little Lucy!
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