Saturday, July 01, 2006

Adoption Dream

Last night I had my first adoption dream where I actually saw what Lucy looked like in the dream. The dream was of us getting our referral - I don't know why I would dream about this, I NEVER think about us getting a referral! HA!! Anyway, I mainly remember the part of us looking at her picture. She was about 6 months old and had short hair. She had chubby cheeks. The thing that stood out the most was that they had tried to put her short hair into a "sprout" ponytail on top of her head. It was so cute. There was just this tiny rubberband with hardly any hair in it and the hair was sticking straight up. SO CUTE!! I was crying in the dream. I woke up right after seeing the picture. I wish that I would have been able to see more. Nicki, don't worry, in the dream I kept asking about your referral, and you got a 3 month old!!! I am dead serious about this too.

I am praying that this dream is a sign that Miss Lucy is coming to us soon! I hope so. I try and imagine all of the time what our referral picture is going to look like and how we will respond to finally seeing what Lucy looks like. I have stopped trying because who knows how we will react. I know we will be overjoyed, but will I cry, laugh, scream, etc. I hope that Lucy has that crazy hair that stands straight up. I think that is so cute!!

It is finally July, Lucy!! Go ahead and tell our agency you are ready to meet your mom and dad!


R&H said...

WOW!! I really think it's a sign! I woke up right after seeing our little girls face too and I try and try to remember every detail of what she looked like in my dream but I wish I could have looked at her a little longer. Someday we'll be holding our babies and we won't even remember what life was like without them.

Stepping On Legos said...

I had adoption dreams last night too! I don't remember the details but I am always very aware of them because I wake up feeling emotionally drained! haha. That is so cool that you dreamed of my referral :-) Nicole did that once, too. We are all so closely linked! I have never had a dream were I can see a baby's face (not in pregnancy, not now either). I'm jealous! It is definitely July - I can feel it in my bones. It feels oh-so-good! I celebrated by watching Chel's adoption video again and crying! :-)

Alice said...

I LOVE my adoption dreams. They are like little snippets of heaven and I savor every memory of them when I wake up.

I think we are in the same boat waiting for our referrals and thinking about it every freaking moment. Hang in there!

Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

How totally great to "see" your baby in your dream! I rarely can see faces in dreams, it's weird. Here's hoping your dream comes true very very soon!

Emily said...

I am ready for little Lucy to join your family already! Come on Lucy.
Maybe your dream is a sign.
It couldn't be too much longer till referall...right?

Ann said...

That is so cool. That is definately a sign that she is on her way. Hopefully your dream will be reality very soon. And those little barretts out.