Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time to Rest

Does anyone else feel like today is Monday?? I have been confused about what day it is all day today. The good news is, it is already Wednesday, which means the weekend is right around the corner. YIPPPPEEEE! I had a bit of a wild weekend since it was a holiday weekend and all. I am feeling it today and very tired. I wish that I was snuggled up in my bed with my dogs and a movie. How great does that sound?!?!?

I talked to our agency today. It sounds like we will be getting our referral in late July if everything goes according to plan. I was really hoping for early July, but hey, any time in July will work. Each day that passes in this month will be a hard one knowing that she could come at any time. I am just trying to keep busy so that I don't focus on the time. I also asked if I could be given an estimate as to Lucy's age since I have such a problem with shopping and buying her stuff. I was told that most of the referrals that have been going out have been for young infants and that most likely she was born in April or May. That would make her itty bitty. I was told if I am going to be buying, to buy small!! Justin and I aren't real particular about the age that we requested. We do think that it would be fun to get a youngen since this is our first child. That way we can experience most of her firsts. Again, I was told that there are no guarantees about an age at this point. I think that by now I am well aware of the "no guarantees" policy! What this means if she will be around 6 months when we travel, everything that we have bought will be way too big. I guess I will just have to shop some more!!

Here is a little something to make us all smile today. This is Miss Lucy's cousin, John. Is he a pumpkin or what? He and his mom call and ask about her a lot!! He is ready for someone to play with!


c h e l said...

It's funny because when I FINALLY gave in and started shopping for Cupcake, I decided to go "really big" and get 6-9 month clothing, so I would be sure it fit her. I assumed that she would be a newborn and tiny. Of course we ended up with a very HEALTHY girl who is almost 9 months, and almost in 12 month clothes.

However, our agency is pretty good with its estimations, so I would go by that. However, keep the receipts, just in case you get a Cupcake, too!

jeneflower said...

That is funny because Tuesday felt like Saturday to me since everyone was off and that means today should be Monday. But no... it's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. It is like we skipped the borring part of the week. Cool.

Anyway, I hope you get your referral soon, but not before me. J.K. I am always excited to hear about new referrals!

Ann said...

yah this week has been weird, for us it was working monday, then being off tuesday, then back on Wed, which felt like monday...ugggghhh. I hope that you get your referral soon, July is a good month!! So lets hope for that. Does everyone shop before they get their referral we're so afraid to do that. Dh won't even let me buy a stuffed animal until we get the referral.

Ryan and Heather said...

I also started with BIG clothes (like 12 months -3T clothes!!) thinking she'll fit into them someday and it won't be a waste of money. Here in MN you have to be careful about seasons-it's 100 degrees in the hot summer months and -40 below in the Winter so there is a huge range of clothes to get. I just got something of everything-pretty much anything I think is cute and not too expensive lol.
Thechildrensplace website has a good clearance section. I got some small things 0- 9 months sizes for like 2.00 a piece I figured then I won't be sad if she never gets to wear it.
I really hope you get your referral soon!!! It's so hard waiting!

Ryan and Heather said...

by the way, what will Lucy's middle name be? Just curious. I love the name Lucy~!