Thursday, March 11, 2010



Wow. It has been a long time since I have posted. Feels strange. I missed you guys, did you miss me?

WPPI in Vegas was such a fabulous experience. I feel like I learned so much invaluable knowledge from some of the very, very best photographers in the business. It was the coolest thing ever to meet someone like Jasmine Star. The opportunity to spend 2 hours and 45 minutes with Jesh de Rox is something that I will never, ever forget. I left his session feeling like a different person. I wanted to dive right in and start making changes in the way that I do things. He captivated the audience the entire time and had everyone (including lots of men) crying as he openly shared his knowledge and experience with us all. It was so refreshing that a photographer like him is dying to share what he knows. He doesn't feel the need to hoard his information. Instead he is on a mission to inspire. Amazing. He made the entire trip worth it.

I stayed with two girls that I met at the Amy Wenzel workshop. We had an absolute blast. Amber had this great idea that we could take pictures of one another to update the personal sections of our websites. Um yeah, that was NOT a good idea to me. You all know that I live behind the camera, but when you turn that bad boy around on me, I start sweating and quite literally freaking out. Freaking. Out. The weather was awful most of the time we were there, so I thought I had dodged this huge bullet. Again, this wasn't my idea. I begged and pleaded to not have to take a turn, but Jessica put her foot down and said, "Shut up and get on the balcony." I don't think she realized that I really, really meant it when I told her that I freak out when the camera is in my face. She quickly learned though and told me to please stop making mean and scary faces in the pictures. She assures me that there are some good ones, but I will be the judge of that when I see the images. I would really like to not be a freak for pictures, but I just get so terribly uncomfortable.

Speaking of the girls I was at WPPI with, Jessica does these amazing online workshops for people trying to learn how to really use their dSLR cameras. She is awesome and the workshops are awesome, so if this sounds like something you would be interested in, sign up for her newsletter. The next workshop is already sold out and they sell out very, very quickly when she opens one, so make sure and sign up for the newsletter so you know right when it is that a workshop opens. I can promise you that she will make you a better photographer in a few weeks through her online workshop.

I want to give Justin HUGE props for doing such an awesome job with the girls and the house while I was gone. The girls did really well except for one meltdown on Annie's part after we video chatted on the computer. The house was clean. I really am so proud of Justin and the girls. Thank you also to Nana and Grandy for helping on Sunday and Monday. I know the girls and Justin loved having you guys here for those days.

The girls and Justin picked me up from the airport last night. I didn't land until about 9 pm, so everyone was very tired, but they were so sweet. One of the first things Lucy said was, "I can't wait until we get home so I can give you a huge hug!" Killed me. By the time we got home, it was 10 and the girls were beyond exhausted. I knew they were both going to be very needy of me, and I was ready. I rocked them both together. I got Lucy down and then had to rock Annie for a while. I was so happy to just sit and stare at them both. After about an hour, Annie was awake and very upset. I brought her in our bed and she actually went to sleep on me. She NEVER goes to sleep in our room when we take her out of her room, but she just needed to know I was there. Then around 1:30 am Lucy woke up and we moved the very asleep Annie back into her crib.

They have fought to be attached to me all day. I know me being away from them was hard on them, especially Annie. I will just have to keep reassuring her that I am back. Other than being way over tired today, they really did pretty well considering.

I have more to say, but that is enough for tonight. I promise to get back on track with blogging.






Meet Jessica, photographer/teacher extraordinaire of Cincinnati's 503 Photography. I didn't take pictures of Amber. Jessica got roped in to doing both of our photos.


Erica said...

I LOVE Jessica--so jealous you got to spend time together. She has a fabulous eye for imagery.

Glad you had a great time and glad you are back!

Mom said...

Glad you are home, pumpkin! Some of us (me) are not on Facebook, so had to get updates from relatives. Not my best.

The girls look adorable. Was it that warm for the new dresses?? Hope so. Not as warm here today, but beautiful all the same.

Am ready for this blog to get rolling. Great job, Dada! Keep those videos rolling! Seashy should be able to get them now, so send to her, too!

Am sick about my shows. Do you get them? Off to round up dogs and get ready for bed. Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Lynn said...

I'm so glad you are back! I missed visiting every day! The girls are looking particularly adorable :-)

Ki said...

so glad that you are back!!! I checked your blog because as you know it is my little piece of happiness every thanks for posting today!!
p.s. Leelee have you ever considered starting your own blog??? I fee like we all know you too from all your sweet "firsts" and appearances on this blog :)

Christy Henry said...

good Lordy. i was seriously having blog withdraws!! :)

(no pressure)

i am glad you had fun at the conference. your photos are already amazing to me, and i can't imagine what all you learned.

welcome back!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, whether you get weird in front of the camera or not, that photo that Jessica took of you is FABULOUS. Truly.

Ronja from Germany said...

I missed you, too! I just love to read your blog, and am glad that you still post so much, even though your 365-days-of-blogging is over.

Hope you'll have a good day with the girls and that Annie will forgive you for being gone soon!

mimi lam said...

Welcome back, so nice that you had an amazing good times, and can't wait to see more of your new learned photography tricks.

Jessica Cudzilo said...

So, I can't post a pic of you, but you can post one of me?!?! Oh, it's on!! Thanks for the referrals. I've already gotten 3 or 4 "keep me updated" emails. Awesome! :) Lastly, thanks for making the trip. I know it was so hard to be away from home, but you never griped or complained.

Nicki said...

Sounds SO fun! Reentry is always hard. Great pics. I think you should blog a top 10 list of things you learn!

Elizabeth said...

Bout time you got back! No blog for days and days seemed like forever. So awesome that you had such an amazing time and were deeply inspired. What an incredible treat.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You were missed! Glad you had a great time, and can I just tell you how jealous I am that you went to a workshop presented by Jesh DeRox? I swoon over his photography!

Thanks for the tip on the online workshops! I am going to sign up to be on her email list. I love to learn photography, and online workshops are the best!


MKH said...

good to have you back! that must have been such an amazing time! glad it was so great and that the girls did so well!

My Sweet E's said...

I've been a long time reader and coincidently I am currently taking Jessica's workshop! I have ALOT to learn and I think she was sorely disappointment in my first homework! But w/ anything new, practice is a must!

Anyhow, glad you had a great time in LV.