Thursday, March 04, 2010



It was a BEAUTIFUL day here today. We spent most of the day outside. I really love days like this. It was about 70 degrees, sun shining, perfection. Makes me and my babies feel better. I am a little worried that Lucy is coming down with something. She has been coughing a whole lot this evening. We have had enough sickness in this house!! Annie and I still have quite a bit of congestion, but we are doing fine.

I really have a few things that I want to write about on here, but I am still so tired and not really up to it. At least I have cute pics of the girls climbing in our little trees. In case you were wondering, Lucy is about 2 feet off the ground here. I was laying in the grass taking these.










Erica said...

Wow, first one?

Glad you are feeling better--I remember calling my mom one day as i was driving to pick up Duc from daycare thinking I was going to pass out while I was driving. I cried. Talk about a new low.

the girls are beautiful and I am so jealous of the weather! I can't wait until Duc and I can hang out at the park again.

Anonymous said...

love these!

Mom said...

Those are some cute girls!!! And what a wonderful, fun day you gals had. I hope Lucy is not going to get sick. She was coughing Tuesday night--hope it doesn't turn into anything. I think the sunshine had to help everyone's spirit! It did mine! But I don't think we were that warm. Maybe it will warm up for ladies' lunch tomorrow. You're invited!

Is the grass dry enough for you to lay down in??

Hug and kiss those pumpkins. Love, LeeLee

KrisJ said...

Gorgeous!!! Glad your feeling a bit better. Hoping that the girls wake up feeling fine and that you are 100% too!

Norah said...

So beautiful and I can almost feel the warmth!

Emily said...

i love the one of lucy really smiling. cutest.

so excited for warm weather. bring it!

Anonymous said...

these pictures look so wonderful! the girls are gorgeous! hope lucy is not getting too sick. have a good friday!

Wanda said...

Love these pictures. The setting is beautiful with the tree.

Enjoy that weather. Sigh.........

Kristi said...

I was looking at the first picture and said to Kenna, "Look at that cute little girl climbing the tree."

She replied, "Oh yah. That's me."

Funny girl.

Little Miss Magic's Mama said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! What setting did you have your camera on? lens? You are a FABULOUS photographer...wish I were in Texas!!!