Friday, March 12, 2010



The weather has been so perfect since I got home. Well, it was really windy this morning and early afternoon, but it settled down for our tradition of after nap popsicles. We have been playing in the front yard a lot lately because it is fenced in and the girls and still be in on the action, but safe from the street. Our neighbors across the street usually come over and play, so it is a nice thing for us to do each afternoon.

We have a lot going on tonight, so I will write more tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

Our Matilda Jane's arrived!! Yipppppeeee!!



Mom said...

Can I be first?? LeeLee

The Hines Family said...

That first picture of your girls is PRECIOUS!!

Mom said...

Hey lady--those new duds are the cutest!! And I'm glad that your weather is so wonderful that you can be outside so much. Send it our way, please!

Why are you so busy tonight?? All is well?? Give me a shout.

I am loving Annie with pig tails. Two beautiful gals with darling hair is just toooooo much.

Well, the poor Razorbacks were out game one. ugh But, my Jayhawks are still doing great. Am watching Three Men and a Little Lady right now. So cute.

OK, just talked to you. Please tell Dada to get feeling better right now. And you get some rest.
Love and kisses, LeeLee

KrisJ said...

YEAH!! SOO glad your back! Love their new outfits!! And cant wait to hear more about your trip and your photo shoot from before you left!!

Shawna said...

That first picture is so adorable Kel! The girls look darling. Enjoy your great weather...I'm very jealous! So glad you had a great time at your workshop!

Veronica said...

If we get a girl, I look foward to searching Ebay for these outfits when the girls grow out of them!

Heather said...

Our Matilda Jane's arrived today! Can't wait to try them on C! They are TOOOOOO Adorable! Thanks for the opportunity to order thru your trunk show party. The pictures are darling...we are grateful for the pretty weather as well!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....The first pic is SOOOO SWEET! Your girls are just too much!

Beth said...

I love these pictures today. The combination of the too cute outfits with the crazy ponytails is just too much. And of course you should enter the first one of Lucy kissing Annie in some sort of fun contest!!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! the girls look precious!