Saturday, March 13, 2010


The most adorable profile ever.

It was a wild day around here. Today was the annual St. Patrick's Day party thrown by our neighborhood. This event is HUGE. The streets shut down and just about every other house is having a huge party in their front yard. Then on the big street, the bars and restaurants sell food and alcohol that people are actually allowed to walk around in public with. This is the one day of the year here where there is no open container law about alcohol. I am sure you can imagine how out of control this all gets. Let me just tell you, it is really out of control. Two of the houses on my street have such big parties that they have hired security and port-o-potties delivered. Insane amounts of people are everywhere.

This year I told our playgroup friends that they were welcome to come and play and witness the madness if they wanted to. Several came over and the kids had lots of fun and we didn't feel like we were totally out of the fun just because we had wee ones running around. The weather is AMAZING!

By this time, the parties have wound down and most people have gone home. Thank heavens because by about 3 pm, it is not a pretty sight to see people who have been drinking since 9 am. I actually had to get out around 5 pm to return some movies and I was not comfortable being on the road with all of the crazies. Most people aren't driving - there were really only cabs out for the most part. But I was scared I was going to run over a drunk person who accidentally stumbled into the road.

I am always glad when this day is over. We did have a lot of fun with our friends though and got to enjoy some truly beautiful weather. I got the girls down, put clean fresh sheets on the bed, took a shower, and look forward to relaxing for a while.


Mom said...

Glad your busy day is winding down. The profile of Lucy is absolutely gorgeous.

Hoping that Holly's weekend has been going ok and that the healing can start for Alison's family.

Did you find your lost item??? You need Lee to the rescue, because I search for things better than anyone I know!!!

Hoping Justin is feeling well. Hug and kiss those gals for me (yourself included) and get some rest. You sounded pooped! Much love, LeeLee

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Hi...I'm with you..I live around Old Town...and I had to go to the cleaners this afternoon around 4:00...oh my gosh...the streets were filthy. Tons of people still out and about. I can't believe how big this parade has gotten thru the years.
By the way, you were right about that profile!
Have a wonderful day!

Nicki said...

That sounds like so much fun! Nothing like that around here, unfortunately. Last night our neighbor got tiolet papered and it is like we are all walking on the wild side now! Snort!

Jeff and Lisa said...

I love all your pictures from the last couple of posts. The girls look adoreable as always. Annie is starting to look like a little toddler. Love the pic of Lucy giving Annie a kiss. Both girls are absolutely precious. Enjoy your beautiful weather!