Monday, March 15, 2010



The girls have been sleeping in the past two mornings because of the time change, which is very fortunate for me because I have not been sleeping well. We had a very low key day. I started tackling our house, which was just getting gross. I did a million loads of laundry and started the cleaning process, but I still have a ways to go until I am happy. It always amazes me how quickly the house gets out of control when I don't stay right on top of everything. It is making me tired just thinking about it!

The girls are in love with having picnics in our front yard while the weather is so nice. So tonight we made dinner, laid a blanket in the yard, and ate out there. It really is so nice to not have a dirty kitchen after dinner and they love. So do I. You can see just how happy they were about it in their pictures.

Lucy is going through a rough patch right now. She does not want to listen to a word I say and she seriously disagrees with everything that comes out of my mouth. She is constantly asking me for things that she knows she can't have and then whining incessantly about my answer. It is very frustrating for both of us. Every night we talk about how she is going to really try harder to listen to me and how I am going to really try harder to be patient. Today she just looked at me said, "Momma, I am really having a hard time listening right now, aren't I?" Um, yeah. You are.

Also, the time change has made naps for her very screwed up. She has skipped nap the past 2 days. One day is fine, but two days in a row is a recipe for disaster. She was totally falling apart by bath time. She was dead asleep by 7:05. Hopefully she can catch up a little tonight. Let's all hope!










Denise said...

The girls are growing up so quickly. Look at all of Annie's teeth! Don't you just wish you could freeze time sometimes.
Beautiful pictures, and as always, I love checking in on your journal.

Mom said...

OK, I just finished the book The Last Song and I have to admit that I got all teared up. So, the JOY in those little pumpkins faces has really helped perk me up!

Holly has been doing John every other day naps, and that seems to be working. If she doesn't get settled back into a routine, maybe that would be worth a try. I haven't been sleeping well either since messing with my clock!

Picnics are wonderful! Did we make the cookies? I think they enjoyed them. Looked like St. Pat had been there!

Hope we all get a good night's sleep tonight. Loved the pictures. XOXOXOXO LeeLee

Mom said...

Also loved the pics of your cowboy singer. Lee

Heather said...

I can't believe how different Annie looks from when she first joined the family. For some reason, these photos tonight really make that change so obvious---perhaps it is the pure joy in her face! Surely a child who is much loved! Keep up the amazing work.

mimi lam said...

Nice pictures of Annie and Bianca, and look at Annie's teeth, she is a full todler now, burting with joy and laughter she is.

Seashy said...

these pictures are soooo cute! Hiiiii Bianca!!

I would still really enjoy more pics/info from Vegas...

Ashley said...

Those last 2 shots of Annie are KILLING me! She really is too cute!

metaphase said...

I have those days (or weeks..) with Ava, too. We just got out of one of those weeks, in fact. There are times that she literally disagrees with every single thing I say. Then, other days, it seems like I say "NO" all day. Then I feel like a horrible, unfun person. Just want you to know you're not alone. Ava takes a nap only about twice a week these days (so sad for me!) but I make her go into her room for quiet time for about an hour so Binh can rest. I miss those long naps, though:)

Dawn said...

Oh my, those Annie smiles are the best!

MKH said...

absolutely precious-and the past few posts were amazing. loved the pics so much! and I did check out the shots you took of the musician and they were really neat!

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