Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Party

Here she is, our birthday Princess. These pictures were actually taken the other day because I knew I would be too busy to get any good ones at the party, and I was very right. My pictures from today were not good, but these are some of my all time favorites. Since I know a lot of people will want to know, her pettiskirt is made by Oopsy Daisy. It is crazy cute!

This could possibly be my favorite picture of all time. This is a little face that only people who know Lucy really really well get to see. It is so rare that I would catch it in a picture.
Dancing Queen

The party was crazy! We had a ton of people over here. I was so so excited to finally meet Nicki and her family in person after knowing her well for a few years now. The girls were so adorable together. I am not going to lie, Lucy was a little overwhelmed by all of the commotion. She was fine and happy, but pretty shy. There were 14 kids and a whole lot of adults. It was 105 degrees. All of the kids played in baby pools and the sprinklers while the adults melted. We had one major mishap - the ice cream cake we had preordered was never actually made. I threw a fit and ended up getting two small, already made cakes for free. But the point is, I wanted our personalized cake. I got over it after pouting for a bit. Lucy could have cared less because she thought the cake was awesome. She got so many fun gifts. They will have to be a post in and of themselves.

I am so exhausted and feel like I have been run over. So, none of these pictures got any editing and I am hoping Nicki got some better ones than I did. I am going to bed. More later.

Melt my heart!! They were running up and down the sidewalk, laughing the whole way.
Miss Addy Mai doing gymnastics in the pool. She and Lucy really really resemble one another. Everyone thought so.
Anna, Lucy, Addy
So pleased with her bicycle that is way too big. It didn't stop her from figuring out how to get it around.
The balloons were her favorite part.
Anna Banana - love this girl.
We set the slide up to go into the pool. It was a big hit.
Where's Lucy??


Kate said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! Hope you had a wonderful day! Enjoy being TWO!

The pictures are so sweet. Love the pettiskirt. Have you seen the ones made my Kaiya Eve? You have to check them out! Lu has a leopard print one with matching's so funny.

Anyway, glad you survived the party. Funny about the cake. I would have thrown a holy fit myself! Ha!

KelleyO said...

Love love love the pictures! I am so glad everything went well. I would have pitched a fit too about the cake.

Jess and Paul said...

Happy birthday, Miss Lucy! It looks like she had a fantastic time!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!!!

Love the pettiskirt, it is a total Lucy look.

I too would have raised some hell over the cake!!

Looks like she had fun with her friends, Addy and Lucy look very similar. I thought the last picture was Lucy for a minute!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy!

Nancy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Lucy!! :) Looks like a great time! I would say which pics are my favorites, but there are too many to list. :)

The Condreys said...

The party looks awesome! Lucy's skirt is super cute. Sorry about the cake, that is a bummer. Her new bike is adorable! Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! Be on the look out for a present from Lilly!

LawMommy said...

Oh my goodness - where did you find the bathing suit with the bright red cherries? (At least, I think they look like cherries?) (I am obsessed with all things cherry-printed at the moment. It's a sickness, really.)

She looks adorable. And she and Addy Mai do look alike - I've kind of thought that before, but, to see the two of them together makes it obvious.

Anonymous said...

what an awesome party!
the girls are fabulous!!!
Hope Justin came through and was well for the party!

Kelli said...

I can't believe Lucy is 2! Happy birthday! The pictures are fab and so is the outfit! I always thought Addy and Lucy looked alike in pictures, but wow, it is amazing how much so when they are together in pictures. Sounds like a great party, even without the cake- which I would have thrown a fit about as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Lucy! I LOVE seeing Lucy and Addy together...can't wait until my munchkins join in their mischief - just ~2 weeks away!! Lucy looks so proud of herself riding her new bike. I think we should do a belated birthday celebration in FL altogether and give the custom cake another go - there's a Cold Stone down the street from the house and we could get 'em to write all the kids' names on it!
Anyway, wish we could've been there too. Looks like it was a hit Kell!

KrisJ said...

Darling! I cant even imagine your photo books they are just gorgeous photos! Happy b-day Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

I LOVE that dress! What a great idea to have a removable skirt like that. And the girls are so adorable together. What a fun day!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the skirt! Lucy and Addy really do look a lot alike.

Jayme said...

Looks like a blast! Love Lucy's B-day outfit too!! Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl!

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! You all look like you had a great time. Gracie sent Lucy a present. It is the last thing she needs but I knew it was for her the second I saw it.

Anonymous said...


My name is Anne-Laure, I am french, it's the first time I write you a message.
I would like to congratulate you for your blog and your lovely family.
You are a very good photographer and I admire Lucy's dresses collection!
I wish you lot's of love and happiness with your daughter.
Maybe you would like to adopt an other baby, to give Lucy a sister or a brother?

the boyd girls.... said...

I am a friend of a friend from NWA that has "blog - Hopped" over here... Lucy is precious! Love the petti skirt! She is so beautiful! I have two little girls myself and know how fun they are to dress!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Lucy!! Looks like fun. Love her skirt; it is so cute on her.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lucy!!! The party was such a success, and except for a little cake glitch and 105 degrees, all was perfect. We had a great time with you, the Pollards, and all your friends. Hope the next year doesn't fly by so quickly. And maybe next year we can get Aunts Holly, Amy, and Katy here!!! Love you to pieces, PaPa and LeeLee

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! You're such a star!! We had so much fun, thank you so much for letting us crash your party! You are a total liar because your pictures are awesome!!! Mine are pretty much a bust too but I'll post what little is salvagable when I can!

Jenny said...

I want that skirt. Where can I get it in a big size????

Totally adorable. And we can't wait to meet miss addy out here. And then meet miss lucy eventually too!

Happy b-day. I will wish it again from the girls on her big day!!!

2 Kelly, 2!!! Can you believe our girls are 2!!!! I remember you coming in to Viet Nam and leaving messages on my blog about me being there. We just missed one another. by like 2 days.

xoxox---Jenny, Mia and Cammie

S. said...

How cute! Sounds like a great time was had by all!

Lucy really looks like an older version of Amelia to me--I am so curious to see what you think!

Emily said...

catching, i missed a lot.
first of all, happy 2nd birthday miss lucy! is she really too? cannot believe it.

for some reason i THOUGHT nicki was stopping by your house. how fun!

i LOVE the pics of her in the big red skirt.the first is incredible.

Emily said...

i meant two, NOT too!:)
got up WAY too early this morning!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures (and babies, and skirt, and all of it)! Wow, you and Nicki are so right, seeing the girls right next to each other is unbelievable. I've always thought yeah, I can see how you say they look alike, but wow - can't imagine it in person! Glad the party went so well!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Lucy! I'm glad the party went so well and hope Justin is feeling better!

Annette said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! You look so adorable in your new outfit! It looks like you had an awesome birthday party!

Kelly, you always take such great pictures.