Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby in There Momma?

I bet I got a bunch of people's excitement up with the title of this post. Ha. Tricked you. Our neighbor and very close friend, Christy, is pregnant. She has a month to go and her belly is big at this point. We see Christy and her husband Steve a lot, so Lucy talks about the baby in her belly with Christy every time. She will tell us that Ava is in her belly and that she is a baby. As an aside, I know Lucy must be so confused because one of her besties is named Ava and I know she wants to know why we keep telling her that Ava is in Christy's stomach. Must be really confusing, but she goes with it. The other day, Lucy and I were in Target, and she patted my belly and said, "Baby Momma Tummy." Wow. I was floored that she would even put such a sentence together but really, I was just shocked. She is tooooooo little to be thinking things like this. She kept patting my stomach and saying baby over and over the entire time we were in the store. I just kept telling her that there was no baby in momma's stomach, only in Christy's. I thought we were done with it, but it has happened several times since. Yikes. Maybe she is trying to tell me to lay off the ice cream and cookies because it LOOKS like there is a baby in there. Ha. I just can't believe that she comprehends enough to now already realize that babies grow in bellies. Is this normal? It makes me laugh now, but some day it is going to be a very very complex conversation about the belly that Lucy grew in and that that belly was not mine. Yikes. I knew it would come up, but so early?!?!?

I know you are tired of seeing pictures of Lucy in front of our house every day with chalk. I am too. But the thing is, after dinner around 7 pm, there is the most amazing lighting out there and it is the only time of the day that we can be out without having a heat stroke. It is still high 90s or even 100 degrees, but the sun is not so intense. So, out we go every night. The chalk keeps her really busy.

I love some of the pictures that I got with the new lens today. The first ones are from a lunch date Lucy and I had with our friends Katy and Ava a this old fashioned pharmacy with a soda fountain. The girls can pull high chairs right up to the bar and they were so pleased with their milkshakes and grilled cheese. I wish I could have gotten a lot more pictures, but the placed was packed and I could not move around at all. We are going to go back at a down time of their day and get some fun ones. The outside pictures were when Christy was out with us, hence all of the big smiles. Lucy loves her some "Tisty" and "Teev". Enjoy. I am getting more comfortable with the lens. Still need lots and lots of work, but made some improvements today. My favorite thing about the lens is the intense catchlights it picks up in Lucy's very dark eyes, which is not an easy task to accomplish. When I get it focused correctly, the sharpness is amazing. Still working on this though.



Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...


and all photos of lucy are always wonderful, chalk or no chalk

laurie said...

love that stripey dress! jackson would tekk peope about my tummy too. he'd put his hand on that monstrosity of a belly i had and say "baby!" i think it still shocked him when one really came out though!
it's hotter than heck here too. don't you guys have a pool? i'd live in it if we did!

Jenny said...

girl those are some of the best shots ever of lucy!!!!!

Mom2J&I said...

I just love to check in and see new pic's of Miss Lucy. She seems happy for you to take her picture! We adopted 2 little ones from VN and they both turn their heads when they see me with the camera. How do you do it? Your pictures are just stunning.

lee said...

fantastic girl!!!

Mary-Margaret said...

seriously - does lucy ever take a bad picture? i don't this so...she is the cutest!! i like the new lens too; the pictures are just fantastic. hope you are having a good Wednesday...tootles for now. XXOO!

Morgan's Mom said...

The black and white is just full of cuteness! I do see what you mean about her little sparkley eyes in the others.

I will be in Dallas next week--thanks for the warning on the hot weather. YECH.

Kate said...

That story is so sweet! Isn't it amazing how clever they are at such a young age?

FINE!!! I'm putting the freakin' lens on my wish list! Thanks a lot. =)

{love the catch lights}

Nicki said...

Gorgeous shots - you are doing much better than I am!!! How funny about the belly babies! I think Lucy is saying that she wants a sibling!!!

Emily said...

those are some serious catch lights..esp in the b and w. the pics look awesome!

Carolyn said...

In an incredibly impulsive moment, I just bought the Rockstar outfit that Lucy has. I just couldn't resist!

Kelli said...

Such a cute story. And these pictures have to be some of your best!

Mom said...

Kelly and Justin--obviously Lucy wants sibling!!!! The pics are great. Even I am picking up on some of your terminology, which is scary because as you know I am technology impaired. Love ya tons, LeeLee

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog--I have been reading since before your referral and this is the first time I have commented. We have also adopted a baby girl from VN. Have you seen the books Motherbridge of Love or Forever Fingerprints? They both talk about the belly mommy issues on a kid level. You might like them. Love your pictures and thanks for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone gets tired of photos of Lucy, no matter where they're taken! These are great; she suddenly looks so much older. I hear you on the heat - it was still 104 here at 5:00 today and I wanted to pass out. I was thrilled that it didn't reach 110 today. Sad. Um, I'm afraid that someone could mistake a baby in my belly, given my current appearance. So glad Mattix isn't old enough to think that yet! Ha ha ha. Maybe Lucy wants a sibling!

rachel said...

She is precious. Honestly, she is so beautiful! It's a bit alarming how quickly they catch onto the baby-in-tummy thing. Although, if it makes you feel more at ease, I think Ava was 4 before she wanted any details on how the baby gets in there and how it comes out. Those are fun conversations. :)

Sara said...

Awwww, love the photos and the story. Maybe it's a good thing that she already realizes that babies come from tummies...maybe it will actually make it easier to explain things to her at an early age?

And yes, I got totally excited when I saw your post title. Maybe Lucy is trying to give you a big HINT that a baby in there would be a fun thing!! Anyway you take your time with that and go at your own pace. You have PLENTY of time to think about siblings.

Meredith said...

Is there a baby in there Kelly:)??? Come on!!! Lucy wants a brother or sister!

Lynn said...

I think all kids get excited about a baby, and don't think of all the realities of it. It's normal.

My sister-in-law who also adopted (and was adopted herself) simply says, "You grew in mommy's heart while you grew in someone else's tummy".

Amber said...

lookin good kelly! i'm going to need some pointers when we finally get our big girl camera!

Erica said...

Wow, she is one smart cookie! Hopefully she won't be patting any more body parts and saying baby--that is when you know it is time to give up the goodies!

Pics are beautiful, as always.