Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Quite the Little Chef

As I have said before, Lucy loves play kitchens. We are trying to find her one that we really love right now. In the meantime, I got her a shopping cart and some play food at Target this past weekend. She adores it. She cooks me all kinds of things in her pots and feeds it to me with a spoon. It just cracks her up. I love it because it really promotes her using her imagination. We love to pretend to lick the ice cream or nibble on the crackers. The food is wooden and seems to really be holding up well. It is just the cutest stuff. Here she is in her apron and hat.

Today is Ash Wednesday. I am not Catholic, but I always like to challenge myself during Lent. I am giving up caffeine and starting an exercise program. I am going to start exercising at least 3 times a week. That is not too much. I am going to do things such as walking with Lucy, Tai Bo, and my pilates video. It will be a start to getting a bit more fit.

Still no milk going down. She did at least drink a few swigs yesterday morning and a bit of milk from a straw in the afternoon, but not much at all and none today. I am going to stop stressing. I talked to the doctor today and they said that I am doing everything right and to just give her some time to adjust to the idea of milk in the sippy cup and try and push other dairy products as much as possible, which I have been doing. The nurse made me feel better by saying that they see this a lot, and the kids always end up coming around after some time to adjust. She doesn't seem to mind missing the milk at any time other than first thing in the morning. She really wants it in the mornings and gets really upset some days when I just give her the sippy. It is frustrating for both of us. It is just hard for me to understand why she will drink anything else from a sippy but her milk that she wants so badly. I know it is just the change, and I try and remember that. I really appreciate all of the great suggestions that you guys have given me. We are going to Target tomorrow afternoon to pick out her own special cup. I think this is a great idea. In most instances, I give her choices so that she does feel a part of the process. I have let her pick out her cup several times from our vast array of sippys, but it hasn't worked yet. Maybe getting to pick a brand new one will do the trick. I also REALLY appreciate the advice on the eating. We are going to take the approach of 3 meals a day and a morning and afternoon snack and no grazing in between.

I got all of my cleaning done for the week. I have felt more productive in the past couple of weeks than I have in quite some time. Lucy is really great about letting my get the cleaning done in the morning. In order to keep her content, I always let her "help". I will let her try out the mop for a while before I actually use it or push the vacuum around. She loves to feel like she is participating and once she has had a turn, she will go and find something else to play with. To treat myself, I got a gorgeous bunch of tulips yesterday. I love this time of year when the tulips are in season. They are my favorite flower. Whenever I work around the house in the mornings, I make sure and do something extra fun with Lucy in the afternoons. This way she never feels like she is getting less attention and she allows me to get stuff done.

We had a play group at our house yesterday. Lucy plus 4 other kids. She had such a great time. They all played in the sandbox. It totally wore her out and she was passed out by 7 last night.

Lucy and her bestie, Anna. Could they be any more adorable?

I thought I should document this since it is so rare - a clean plate. Of course, it was a waffle and syrup, but she actually ate the whole thing. WOOO HOOO!

How she eats her raspberries


Kate said...

Kel!!!! Love this post! sooo fun! :)
i'm glad you called the doc..i knew they would make you feel are doing ALL the right things and are such a good mama! love the rasberries!you are so good at all the playgroups! wish i could be at those too! :)
that is so funny about the workout ..that is one of my lent things i was about to post! twinks!
also..i laughed at the mandym thing..i kept thinking who is this? mandy moore?

StaceyF said...

I saw a really cute pink/chrome play kitchen at Kmart recently, I think, and I feel like I also saw a fun one in the Sears ads in the paper this past weekend. Lucy is getting to be such a big girl- helping her mama cook and clean! After the play kitchen I think it is time to get Miss Lucy a dress-up trunk! That was always one of my favorite things to do- dress up and play "house".

Chandra said...

Lucy looks so adorable in her chef hat! I love it.

I'm glad the doctor and nurse were able to ease your mind in regards to the milk. Hang in there! She will give in eventually I'm sure.

jena said...

I think you're doing a great job with the whole milk's hard, I know, we went through the same thing with Khai, and he still doesn't really like milk in his sippy cup....but he eats a lot of yogurt!!!
I love the tulips, and I gotta say, all of your goals are challenging me!

Mom said...

Kelly--our little chefette couldn't be any cuter!!!! I guess we better get Justin home and get rolling on the kitchen. After all, she did give him a BIG kiss! Good work on the goals--I gave up coke today, and that is a biggie for me. Am also trying to do better on the exercise myself! Was too cold to walk today, tho! Did get the wet work done--yea me! You've got me going! We love our Valentine! I'll get Lucy to eat a bunch of Dove chocolate with me--must be some milk in there somewhere! She is growing too rapidly for me. Love and kisses, Mom

Mom said...

Also--the tulips are beautiful. Did Lucy like them? I love having fresh flowers around. LeeLee

Kate said...

Cute,Cute,Cute! Love the picture with Lucy and her raspberries!

Shawna said...
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Shawna said...

Sorry Kel, I deleted before b/c I was distracted while typing and it made no sense after I reread it. Anyway, Lucy really couldn't be any cuter. Also good work on the get up here and get to work on my house!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love how she loves to play in the kitchen but is so pickey when she eats!Your pictures always blow me out of the water!

dana said...

What sweet pics! Kaneu has the wooden fruit and loves, loves, loves to play w/his kitchen. Plan Toys has a great selection of play kitchen gear.

Keep hanging in there - she will come to learn that milk in a sippy is a good thing! I hope I didn't offend you w/my comment about the chocolate/strawberry milk. You are a great and concerned mom and are doing a wonderful job. One idea if you are concerned about the calcium - broccoli is an excellent source of calcium. I used to steam it and then puree it and add it to pasta (kind of like a pesto) and scrambled eggs. It goes almost undetected and is really good for them - and you too! Kaneu now loves it so much I don't have to "hide" it.

Also, Jessica Seinfeld's book Deceptively Delicious has some neat recipes including nutrient-rich veggies - like spinach brownies, which sounds so gross but they are actually good! You cannot taste the spinach after they are cooled. Just an idea!

Norah said...

This is the Melissa & Doug Kitchen that we got for Linhsey. It's wood. She loves it! We didn't buy it from this website though.

Jenny said...

I gave up shopping for lent. I have done this before and it really works. I save soo much money cause I won't allow myself to buy 4 t-shirts at target every time we are in there! I walk with the girls 3-4 times a week, it is a nice break.

We have 5 different cups for all different stuff, so the girls know what to expect. And if worse comes to worse give her a little juice with calcium in it.

Also, we do 3 meals and 1 snack. Milk in the am after breakfast and milk cup after snack.

Good luck with everything!---J

Jen said...

Great pictures! Lucy is such a cute little Chef.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!!

Carrie & Crew said...

I can relate to your milk battle and I know it’s tough! My two year old still gets one or two bottles a day. His weight has always been near or under the 5% on the growth charts and he is a terrible eater. His main source of calories is from his bottles and he has refused milk from sippies with vigor just like Lucy. Our family doc has said since weight is an issue that it is okay to take our time with removing the bottle, there is no magic age. I know that sooner would be better, but it will happen. I would like to go cold turkey once my son has recovered from his most recent stomach bug. Unlike him, I am ready to be done with bottles!

We are slowly making some progress, though. James loves Elmo and we went shopping and found an Elmo cup that I told him would only have milk in it. After a few days and a lot of encouraging, he no longer threw fits at seeing the cup and will now take a few sips of milk from his special Elmo cup. I just put a small amount in the cup and if he gets close to finishing it, he gets a sticker (which he loves) on his “milk chart” that I made. After five stickers, he gets a small reward like a small candy or a matchbox car. His big sister has a milk chart too (she was feeling left out) and she is encouraging James to drink so they can both get stickers. We've made slow progress this way...but progress is progress!

Have you tried offering Lucy yogurt smoothies? I’ve tried many varieties and Yoplait makes one that my son will drink. I cut a small x in the top with a knife and insert a straw. He will drink it straight from the little container (if he is in the mood) and there is no spilling if he keeps the straw in.

Ironically, pancakes and waffles with syrup are the food that James will eat the best, too! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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