Thursday, February 28, 2008

Favorite Dress of All Time

Here it is, my favorite dress I have ever gotten Lucy. Isn't it precious?!?!

It is made by Lola et Moi. Check out how cute all of their stuff is. This dress is a size 2, which is crazy to me that it fits her, but it is elastic in the back, so it fits really well. It is the perfect twirling dress, and my girl can twirl. I got her two other dresses by Lola et Moi in a size 2, but I tried them on her today and they were huge. They are more of just a pillowcase dress shape. I am going to see if my mom can fix it by making the straps shorter, but they might have to go back. I am dying right now because all of the spring/summer clothes are coming out, and I want them all. I did clean out Lucy's closet again. It is nice and neat - still jam packed, but looking better.

Let's do something fun, tell me your favorite clothes for you little one. Here are some fun places to start. I love pretty much everything made by these lines. Misha Lulu (my friend Kate gets all the credit for introducing me to this adorable line), Pink Chicken (the brown and blue dress from the other day), and Tea Collection. In addition to their regular/dressier clothes, Tea Collection has a great "play wear" line called Daily Tea that is relatively inexpensive and awesome comfy clothes. I prefer non-babyish clothes, if that makes any sense.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, that is my favorite brand as of lately. The best boutique in Tulsa carries it. Ebay gets tons of it too! I see it a lot on (the greatest mag! I wish you could be at the photo shoot!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, you would totally flip over Matilda Jane Clothing!

Anonymous said...

I am *dying* from the cuteness! Lucy makes the adorable little dress look even better! I admit, this is why I can't wait to have a girl. Boy's clothes are cute, but girl's clothes? I can't even handle it.

Anonymous said...

Kelly--as you know, there are several things that I need to address with you!!!! he he he The dress is darling--I'll look at the other ones to see if I can make them work. Am absolutely pooped from packing up the kitchen and hauling boxes. Will be glad to have that all done Ladies lunch is tomorrow if you want to buzz up here! You're definitely on a roll. Love and kisses, Mom Tell Lucy LeeLee sends her love.

Kate said...

Oh what fun! That dress looks like sunshine! I think my daughter has a purple tulle skirt from that line...cute! Shopping for little girls can be so dangerous! I really need to learn how to sew!

Here are my favorites:

Baby Gassy Gooma
Greggy Girl
Trish Scully
Eliza Gran
ZaZa Couture
Bear Feet (shoes)
See Kai Run (shoes)

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I don't think it's a good idea to force people to comment on your blog. This particular post is a little out of my range of authority. I love the dress, but I think you have an outfit from Old Navy that is much cuter. I'm pretty sure you know the one I'm talking about. Love Ya, See you two soon. PaPa

Leslie & Shaune said...

oh, i'm a sucker for cute clothes.
some of my fav's...

1) Oilily
2) Greggy Girl
3) Baby Lulu
for young kids.

Leslie :)

Anonymous said...

That dress is so cute! But where are Lucy's Steve Madden moon boots like her mama and aunties used to wear?! It was so good to hang out with you, Little Miss and Justin last weekend -- let's do it again soon!! You're doing such a great job with Lucy Goose! Love and miss you all!

Sharon said...

Very pretty! Have you tried Maggie Delaney? You can design your own twirl skirt!!

Oh, and for the person who posted about Matilda Jane, OMG, to die for!

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

Thanks for all the links!!!

Boom said...

You are introducing me to a slew of beautiful clothes...I thought I needed no help in the shopping department!! I LOVE spring and summer clothes...ready to burn the winter stuff!!

I am Emily's friend...and I am Katie Buchanan's friend...and somehow there is a link there between you and Katie and your sister? Or her sister? Or someone? I can't recall. Anyhow, your daughter is PRECIOUS. And it's nice to "meet" you. :)

Jen said...

Ok Darn it! The girls clothese are just too cute...the boys stuff is very limited and not so cute!

Why can't anyone get excited about dressing boys??

I LOOOVE the new dress on Lucy! The flower is too cute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. It's starting to warm up here which means that I won't be able to convince my daughter to wear pants for much longer (she is so a dress girl). :) And that is an adorable dress on Lucy.

LawMommy said...

Oh, she looks adorable in that dress!

My favorite kids clothes are from Hanna Anderson...although, truthfully, my kids are more likely to be dressed in Old Navy or Land's End!


Anonymous said...

I think my all-time favorite Lucy outfit was a cargo dress she wore (once I think - hahaha!!). This new dress is very cute on her as well though! And I love the twirling function!

BTW, I almost peed when I read your hilarious comment on my post. Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

I'm with lawmommy...
I work at a kids consignment botique, so when we get in cute botiq-y stuff I get first dibs on it,
I love janie & jack,
baby lulu
and mini boden

I am so sad that Bailey is now in 5's and is too big for a lot of the lines that you linked to!

if you ever want to make some $$$ off Lucy's clothes, ship out to me and I'll sell them at the store where I work!!!! The owner has two little girl's and dresses them in a lot of botique stuff! It's really cool too, b/c she buys stuff outright so you don't have to wait for it to sell to make $$$
(you too Nicki, if you are reading this.....)

Jenny said...

I do babystyle. that is my go to for play clothes. Dresses, will always be Lily Pulitzer. Something about them, the colors, the classic lines. I do have a few nordstrom baby things that are really special! I like baby lulu but it is all kinda chubby looking. We have a few things from hannah andersen. And the fall back, baby gap.

my latest purchases for summer were from garnett hill baby, some cute capris and tops...I with ya, I am not into baby baby stuff, no light colors please! brights, fitted, stylish.

And shoes, I want adidas or puma sneaks for the girls but can't find any for their teeney tiny feet!

I also loved lucys coat in the last pic..

Cinnamon said...

That dress is adorable! Thanks for the sites. I always need good suggestions for grandma(hehe). Jade was looking at your blog with me and she just say Lucy and said "Jade,Jade". I said no honey that is Lucy but you guys do look a like.Cute!

Ruth said...

Just love your pictures, Nikkon needs to give u a commission because I just bought the same camera....I have a question, in the previous post with the brown and blue dress, is the one in black and white and if so how did u get the flowers to stay may just be th elighting ...if u can email me let me know....thanks...Ruth

Nancy said...

SO cute! Posts like this (and the comments!!) are NOT helping my "not shopping while I wait" attempts. At.All. But I am getting some good ideas!

Anonymous said...

For awhile I was into euro looks like Catimini but now I really like vintage fabrics (like the pink chicken). I think I only have one real favorite - Naartjie. I can't get enough of it. But most of Addy's stuff are outfits that I get super obsessed with finding - usually they are from previous seasons or just sold out somewhere - haha. Not really one specific designer - I can get just as obsessed with an Oilily outfit (or color - I was obsessed with orange for awhile) as I can get wit a Gap line (my current obsession is the entire Mediterranian line which is sold out now but last week it was the Sand & Sky dress - also sold out). I should stop. It is probably really sad that I could talk about clothes all day long.

Along with a lot of the brands people mentioned here, I also really like My Vintage Baby (a LOT!).

LOVE that bright happy dress! It is so cute on Lucy!!

dana said...

Lucy has got such a beautiful wardrobe!! I really need to have a girl - I always find myself shopping for girls stuff. Boys clothing can only be so cute before it's too girly. I buy a lot of stuff from Boden, which is also available in the US.

R&H said...

I LOVE all of Lucy's clothes!

Jess and Paul said...

I love the designer bibs at (and one of their models is really cute too)!

Kristi said...

You and I could be good friends. :) We both adopted beautiful little girls from Asian countries and we both like lovely little girl clothes.

Your daughter is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

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