Friday, March 30, 2007

Life is Settling Back Down

I am starting to feel human again. I had 5 nights in a row of getting essentially 2-3 hours of sleep per night and I felt like I was losing my mind. I have had sleeping problems for years now, and sometimes it is way worse than others. I think that the worst has passed though and I got a beautiful and peaceful night of sleep last night. My mom even had to come down and rescue me for a few days. Moms are the best, especially mine.

I believe that more teeth are on the horizon for Miss Lucy. For many nights in a row she was up a lot of times, which obviously was not helping my sleeping issues. I believe that she is feeling a million times better as our nights are getting easier again. I pray for this trend to continue. I can't wait for those two top teeth to pop through. Teeth are so adorable on babies, but man, they are a lot of work to get here.

Lucy has decided this week that she wants to change her schedule, much to the sadness of her mother. She was taking about 4.5-5 hours worth of naps a day for quite some time. Now she is only taking a short nap in the morning (30-45 minutes) and about a 1-1.5 hour nap in the early afternoon. By the time bedtime at 8 rolls around, I have a very tired and sometimes grouchy little one on my hands. The up side to all of the this is that she is usually so exhausted that she passes out while I rock her with her evening bottle and lays right down. That is nice. Very very nice.

About the standing in the crib, I think we have this under control. She has mastered the art of both up and down with no problems at all. YIPPPPPEEEEE!!! I am not at all kidding when I say that she wants to stand absolutely all of the time. She has had many falls and she never cries about it, just figures out the quickest way to get back on her feet. She is a climber, ALREADY!! As you can see in the pictures, after studying what her best options would be, she finally got herself into her toy bins. Silly silly girl. Of course once she got there and was laying across the toys, she had no idea what to do with herself and got mad. I have a 7 month old climber. What am I in for next? By the way, on Monday my little baby is going to be 8 months old already. Can you believe that? It sounds so old to me.

In other news, she is now eating Cheerios, yogurt, biter biscuits, and the regular old baby mush (which she is not at all a fan of). I am slowly introducing more and more solids because she is much more interested in eating them. As far as her milk goes, we are still on the soy formula. I really do believe that she has just gotten 3 miserable colds since we returned home. She passed the last one on to me and I am still not 100% over it, so I know she felt rotten. I think that allergies could quite possibly be playing a part in all of this as well. Who knows??

The weather has been amazing here lately, so we have been taking lots of walks and enjoying it as much as possible before the miserable summer heat hits. It has rained the last two days, so we could get out for our stroll. I love all of Lucy's summer clothes and dresses, so I can't wait to have them all out everyday!! I also can't wait for it to be time for pool time because this girl still LOVES the water. She is going to be so excited about the pool.

We are going to a wedding in Houston tomorrow that Justin is in. I am excited for Lucy to get to meet a lot of people who have not yet gotten the chance to meet her yet. It should be fun.


mommy magallanes said...

I hope that you continue to get better sleep and more of it. It definitely helps. Lucy is darling, and she sounds like a very determined baby.

Susan said...

Yay! Glad you've gotten a little rest. Insomnia really stinks!

Cute, cute pictures of Miss Lucy. Oh, and what's this about her turning 8 months old?! That just cannot be possible.

Anonymous said...

Kelly-here is a great tooth chart! It's a cute keepsake, and tells you what age what tooth should come, with a place to mark the date!

Sarah said...

Yes, you do have a climber! Be prepared for some scary stuff. I have a climber that started young too. She hasn't let up. Amazing what they can get into when not limited by their height.

Jo said...

I must have miss read.... Lucy can not be 8 months already!!!!!

I am sure Lucy will be the center of attention at the wedding.

Nicki said...

That wedding is THIS weekend? Ugh - somehow in my head I had it as the last weekend in APRIL. Sob, that stinks.

You are in serious trouble. Addy is a climber too. I will tell you what you have to look forward to: the other day she mastered the rock climbing wall at the park 5 times over. SCREWED. We are both screwed :-)

I hope your sleep stuff continues to improve. Lack of sleep is sooo hard. Add in all the illness and stuff and man, that is one rough few months!

S. said...

Lucy just gets cuter and cuter. You might consider putting her down earlier at night. I know 7 works well with lot of babies her age (or even 7:30)--I have really found it to be true that sleep begets sleep! Thanks for sharing her with us!