Sunday, March 18, 2007


We got the bloodwork done. It was an absolutely horrible experience again, but it is done. We should have the test results on Monday. The lady from the lab even called to check on Lucy it was so pitiful.

She is sick with a cold/cough again. This is the third cold in less than two months. The problem is that with the coughs comes vomitting. Major vomitting. For a couple of days she can hold almost nothing done because right after she eats, she has a big coughing fit and everything comes back up. She won't drink Pedialyte. So I am constantly worrying about her getting dehydrated. I know all of the signs to look for and she has never shown any of the signs. This time has been her worst cold yet. She is usually still in good spirits when she is sick. Not this time. She is very irritable and sad. Usually the vomitting lasts for exactly 2 days. Not this time, it is lasting longer. I don't even know what to do at this point. We are going back to the doctor tomorrow. They know about every time she has done this and the doctor has said that she has a sensitive gag reflex. Well, I think it is time we dig a little deeper. This does not seem right to me. I am starting to think she might have a soy allergy. She shows most of the signs of being allergic to soy that I can find online - the runny nose, the cough, vomitting, a rash (ever since she switched the skin around her mouth is really red if I don't keep Aquaphor on it all of the time). The throwing up episodes did not start until after we switched her to soy. Do any of you have any advice on this? I am open to hearing any of your experiences at this point.

Please say a little prayer for Lucy that she starts feeling better and that we can figure out what is going on - without having to do any more bloodwork.


LaLa said...

Hey Kelly..she sounds so much like Annslee. When she drinks milk or soy milk the same thing happens...coughing till she vomits. Not fun! We put her on sweet acidophilos about 8 months ago and it did the trick. She is not lactose intolerant b/c lactose free doesn't work. You might just try it... She also had cough/cold for about the first year home off and on. I think we have different polens etc here so they are just adjusting their allergies (no medical verification on that one) I hope you figure this are absolutely right to press the doctor on this one..dig as deep as you need.

Nicki said...

I don't have a lot of advice but wanted to share that when I researched it, I found out that LOTS of asian babies are allergic to soy and dairy, both. When I was choosing formula, though, I read a lot that pushed me in the direction of dairy, becuase soy can create all sorts of intolerances and problems. Can you just do a trial without it and see how she does? I would imagine with soy you would see a pretty quick change within a few days. I suspect Addison has a dairy intolerance, at least. I am counting down the days until I can wean her off formula and onto rice milk to see how that sets with her.

I hope she feels better soon! That vomiting sounds so horrible for both of you :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly
Sorry to hear its been a rough week for you all. Try giving her some water or diluted apple juice, if she does have a stomach bug the milk probably isn't sitting well. I agree to see the doctor for sure. Just keep her drinking, the pedialyte does taste gross..I wouldn't drink it either. Everyone has been getting lots of colds this year, even here in Canada. Will she eat some toast or a soda cracker?? It might soak up some of the acids in her tummy. I know you can't give babies under 2 gravol supps, but it does say under the age of 2 contact your physician. As long as she is drinking she'll be o.k.
Your in my prayers,
Tracey Antonioni - Canada

Susan said...

Poor, poor baby. I have no advice, but I can say lots of prayers. Please keep us posted. Big hugs to Lucy and her mom!!!

Jennifer said...

Could be soy and watch for regular formula as it has soy oil in it as well. Also keep an eye on acid reflux with the gag reflux and the throwing up. Acid reflux is what my girls have and it is no fun. There are formulas you can get that are free of all the yucky stuff. Ask the Dr.

Also my girls take zyrtec and it works wonders for allergies, like itchy and red stuff that crops up.

Keep us posted..

Sara said...

Hi Kelly,
Sorry I've been out of Lucy has been such a challenge lately! I just wanted to post quickly and say that my best advice is to follow your instincts. I had a feeling that my Lucy had a cow's milk allergy and as soon as I stopped giving her bottles of milk she was SO much better. So, see what happens if you switch her. I hope she improves soon, poor babe (and poor Mama and Dada!).

jenn said...

Good thing your looking into and I hope the Dr is of help.
I can't stress enough to follow your instincts. YOU are her mommy and mommies "know" when something isn't right.
With my oldest we had constipation problems. They wanted us to do a suppository every other day. Needless to say it was gross (the result of the suppository) and in between days she was MISERABLE. I asked once if switching to low iron would help and got a big long medical explanation and rolled eyes (not my regular Dr.) Well I did it anyways and within days we ended the poop battle as we called it. Only took about 3-4 months to figure it out, wished I had tried it back when I first thought of it (about a month into it.) Moms have instincts for a reason!

ShellyW. said...

We are so sorry to hear that sweet little Lucy is feeling so bad. We are sure it is not easy on you and Justing either. We will be praying for you ALL.

Shelly and Rob Weston

ML said...

when my son was a baby, he was allergic to yogurt. his mouth also broke out just like you described. i'd definitely get her off the soy. i agree with jenn, your instincts are probably right on here. praying for her recovery.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine told me that children with milk allergies will get sick quite often. So I think your mothers intuition about the soy formula is right on. If she is lactose free (I'm assuming that is why she is on soy?) then try the hypoallergenic formula - or talk to your doctor about that, at least.

Destination Motherhood said...

I don't have any advice, but I hope she's feeling better! This must be really hard for you, I hope you get some answers from the doctor.

Ann said...

I don't have any advice, but I hope your little angel is feeling better. Maybe the test results will tell you something more definitive

Heather and Michael said...

No advice - just prayers! Sarah was sick a lot with viruses/colds when we first got her home. It doesn't happen as much now. All these changes are so hard on their little bodies. Sounds like you are very observant of her and know what to do. Hope Lucy feels better soon!