Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happenings in the Life of Lucy

Well, we have been quite busy since my last post. Lucy had her first experience at the zoo. We went with 2 of my good friends and their kids. Lucy just stared down every animal and seemed to take it all in. I think her favorite was the monkeys. They were really active while we were there, so they kept us all entertained.

Lucy and I at the elephants

Lucy with her Aunt Amy and the flamingos

Lucy was baptized this past Sunday. Both my family and Justin's family were in town. It was so wonderful to have so much love and support for her at such a special occasion. The whole thing brought me to tears. I felt so overwhelmed with emotion as our pastor baptized her. God has really blessed our family. She wore one of her Ao Dai's that we had made for her in Vietnam. She was so adorable. When the pastor held her up to show the congregation, she kicked her little legs in delight.

Justin, Lucy, and I with our Pastor after the service

Lucy looking adorable in her Ao Dai

Lucy and her Aunt Amy

My side of the family - I will post one of Justin's side as well once I get my pictures uploaded

Lucy being tossed around by her Aunt Katy - this is her favorite thing in the world

Lucy has unfortunately come down with another bad cold. Poor baby is totally stuffed up and getting another cough. Let's all pray that the cough til you throw up is not back. She is a pretty good trooper when she is not feeling well. I just feel so badly for her. I hope she is well soon. Her appetite is way down and she is a bit fussy. She seems to really really be a mama's girl when she is not feeling well.

Other than that, life goes on as normal for us.


Susan said...

Wow! You HAVE been busy! Love all the pictures -- especially her baptism pix. She looks quite angelic in white.

Hope Lucy feels better in no time!

KelleyO said...

She is adorable. Concrats on the Baptism. I hope Miss lucy feels better soon!

Heather said...

Oh, she is a cutie pie! It goes without saying, she is always dressed adorably. Yeah for the baptism. What a special day and memory!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you finally posted! I have been patiently waiting for some more pics! These did not disappoint! She is adorable!!! Congratulations on her baptism! I know that was such a special moment for you all:)! I hope she feels better! Does she sleep with a humidifier in her room? I've always heard that helps. Also, my boss swears by Little Noses. It is a nose spray for babies. She may be too young, but it is worth looking into? Also...can you come to Fayetteville soon:)???

love ya,

LaLa said...

I love the Zoo..Annslee does too of course. We are Meerkat and Elephant fans : ) I can't wait to see what Lucy's favorite animals are.
She looked beautiful for her baptism. So glad the whole family was there.

Mia's Mommy said...

Congratulations on the baptism. Lucy looks too cute playing 'in the air' as my kids called it. She's such a cutie!

saucygoat said...

She is darling. Hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie! I love the picture of her sailing into the air. I'm sorry she's not feeling well...again. :( Hopefully she'll be back to her giggling self in no time.

Jennefer said...

I love the outfit at the zoo! I can't wait to take Pineapple when it gets warm.