Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm a BIG Girl Now

I have several exciting things to report for the past week. We were in Nashville this past weekend for my sister's 30th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY! While we were there, Lucy got her first injury since she has been with us. It was nothing major, but she hit her head on the coffee table and it split her forehead - not deep or anything, but I thought I should document it. She did not even cry or make a peep when it happened.

On Friday we got to eat lunch with Susan who is going to be travelling to Vietnam within a few weeks to get her precious Lily Ana. This little angel is really special to our family because she is from Que Son, where Lucy is from. We got to see her and love on her while we were in Vietnam. Susan is about to pop she is so ready to get her baby girl. We are praying for her travel approval to come NOW!! We had such a wonderful time getting to finally meet Susan in person. Lucy was so sweet all of lunch and let Susan hold and love on her.

Then on Saturday, Sherri and Grace drove over to see Lucy and I. It was so amazing to see Sherri, Terri, and Gracie girl!! We travelled to Vietnam with them and they made our trip so much fun. Grace was Lucy's roommate for her entire life. Lucy lived the first 5 months of her little life with Grace always being about 1 foot away from her to her right. Grace means so much to us. She has the best momma in the world. We really do appreciate them making the long drive over to see us. The girls just looked each other down. I know that they don't understand now, but they will grow up always knowing how important they are in one another's lives. We can't wait for the next reunion with Lily Ana and all of the Que Son girls will be together again!!!

Grace, is that you? Where in the world have you been????

The girls are back together - finally!

Lucy is crying and saying that she doesn't want to leave Grace yet

Me with my two favorite girls!

Could Grace be any more adorable?!?!

Also on Saturday, right before we left to meet Sherri, we realized that Lucy's two bottom teeth have poked through!! She was a little fussy that day, but nothing that was too terrible. We noticed how much she had been drooling last week, and now we finally know why!! She is biting everything as hard as she possibly can. She will hold something in her mouth and bite it until she shakes and then pull it out while she is still biting down.

In other development news, for the first time ever, she crawled over to a toy basket and pulled herself all the way up to her feet. I could not believe it. She has only done it one more time since then. We have to baby proof our house this week! She is into everything. She will wave when we wave to her. She was waving to everyone in the airport today. She will shake her head to say NO! And she is now saying mama all of the time and does not have to be fussing to do it. I swear I really could hear her say it all day long. I LOVE IT!!!

Here are a few more really adorable pictures to enjoy.

Lucy and John getting read to by their PaPa - notice John's arms behind his head!!

Lucy in her bloomers


Susan said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you girls came to Nashville! It was fabulous finally meeting you in person and I had the best time. Like you, I'm looking forward to getting the third Que Son girl home and having another reunion. Lily Ana will get to fill in Lucy and Gracie on things that went on after they left. I know it just was NOT the same for her without her little roomies.

For those of you who haven't seen Lucy in person, you would not believe how adorable she really is. Pictures just don't do her justice!

KelleyO said...

I'm so happy that you guys got to hang out together. Lucy and Grace are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - what a fun playdate! It will be so neat when all three of you can get together with your Que Son babies!!!

Lucy has done so much in a short amount of time - teeth, standing, the whole deal! Wow! What a big girl! And she looks adorable, even with that cut on her head! :-)

~Kim said...

Aw, she's been busy lately! She is such a beautiful little sweetie pie! Thanks for keeping us updated--I love to hear about all her activities! LOVE the bloomers!

Anonymous said...

Lucy is beautiful! Sounds like you've been very busy. So happy for you all. Kelly, I adore the black and white photo of Lucy that your friend took!!! It is amazing. So sorry that she has a "boo boo" on that beautiful little head, but I'm sure it is probably not the last. Don't ya just hate it when they hurt and there's not a thing you can do about it but love on them! It is amazing how quickly they bounce back though. Thank God.

Love the updates. You are doing a great job.

Sherri said...

It was so great to see you guys!! We have to keep getting together as often as possible. The girls will always have a special bond. I am so proud of Miss Lucy and all she had accomplished. What a smart girl!!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness - the girls look like they could be twins! Too fun!

Emily said...

i didnt know you had family in nashville. i have two sisters who live there!!
the little que son girls look so cute together!