Monday, January 01, 2007

We are in HCMC

Hello again. I have some wonderful news. We are in a hotel with an ethernet cable and there should be no internet issues while we are here. What a relief. It is expensive to use, but who really cares at this point? Not me and certainly not Lucy. She wants you guys to know more and more about her.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for little miss priss. She woke up happy and managed to stay happy throughout most of the day. We were supposed to fly out of Danang at 6 pm to head to HCMC. When we got to the airport at 4:15, we are told our flight is delayed until 8:30. YUCK. That means we are stuck in the Danang airport (which is very very small) for 4 hours. Also, we are going to be getting the babies WAY off of their normal schedules. Lucy has gone to bed around 8 every night and it has worked wonderfully.

She started to get antsy by the end of our wait. I was trying to hold out on her next bottle for take off. By the way, she is already eating a whole lot more. We even got a 4 oz. bottle down her yesterday. Anyway, we managed to make it to takeoff with only a little bit of bottle left, but she was fine. By this time it is 9, I am thinking she is going to take the bottle and pass out. Wrong. She was totally wired for the whole flight. This was fine since she was in a really great mood. She did so well the whole flight, which was only 1 hour. I was a proud momma. By the time we got the luggage and in the cab, she was out for the count. She was so tired she didn't stir a bit as we jostled her around moving our stuff and getting in and out of the car. We brought her up to the room, laid her down, and that was it.

In case you were wondering, she is sleeping with us right now. I think it is wonderful for her bonding with us and she needs it anyway. She is an extremely restless sleeper. She has been waking her self up many times in the night by kicking her legs and thrashing her arms around. With us right next to her, we just jiggle her little legs a bit and leave a hand on her and she settles right back down. She did the sweetest thing this morning, I could feel her starting to stir, so I looked over at her. Her eyes were barely open and when I looked at her she gave me a big grin and then reached out her hand for me. To some of you this might not seem like much, but she has not really reached for us at all until yesterday and this morning. It was adorable. One more cute thing about her sleeping while I am on this topic - the day we visited the orphanage, I watched the nanny closely on how she got her to sleep to see if she had any little tricks I should know about. She did this funny little forehead rub with her hair. So, I tried it one night when she was so restless. She was kicking around and I put my hand on her head and rubbed her forehead. She was sleeping, just not soundly at this point. As soon as I started rubbing, she started smiling in her sleep. It was like the good ole days to her.

Right now it is morning here. We are still really tired from last night, but she is up and at em. She is currently playing with her favorite toy, the wipes container. Figures. I just had to take a break to get her a bottle, but dad is giving it to her so I can finish writing this. She really is just a wonderful baby. What a joy.

As far as her development goes, I think she is right on track. She has wonderful head control, she rolls everywhere, she can scoot places that she thinks she needs to go, she is great on her tummy, she reaches and holds toys well, etc. She has a hard time being held sometimes. It is almost like she isn't sure about being held so much. I have found a position that she really seems to enjoy though, so we are doing better with that.

Any time we are out and about, we cause quite the commotion. Everyone wants to look at her, hold her and ask about her. I honestly don't have a problem with the people wanting to hold her. I thought that I would, but I don't. She really enjoys it and I feel like she needs to get as much of her culture as possible while we are here. The Vietnamese people LOVE babies. They all pass them around and cluck at them and she enjoys it. I know it isn't hurting her, so I just let her enjoy it. We will see how that goes when we get in the busy HCMC markets.

Okay, she is antsy and it is time for our breakfast. I will get more pictures up later today. Love to you all from Justin, Kelly, and Lucy. By the way, she is the boss of us all now. I used to get to be the boss, but now we do it all according to her!!


Susan said...

Oh, Kelly, I had to tear up about her grinning at you and reaching out for you when she woke up. How sweet is that?!

I'm happy that you should have uninterrupted Internet access now. Looking forward to more photos of Miss Lucy.

Jo said...

Lucy sounds wonderful, can't wait to see more pictures.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you all are doing so well! I just melted about her smiling! what a little blessing!
love and miss

Nicki said...

Awww, you are such a good mama. You are already reading her cues, letting her guide you guys and finding the ways that are the easiest for all of you even if they are unconventional. You are fantastic!!! Lucy sounds so very healthy and advanced! None of my boys were moving around much at that age! What fun! I'm pretty sure that Lucy is showing her extreme genius already. The antsy babies are always the smart ones :-)

Jenny and Matt said...

I'm so glad to hear that each day is getting smoother. What a happy time for you all!

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Justin,

Liz has been keeping me up to date on y'alls incredible journey. We both have been enjoying the Lucy updates from Vietnam. I am so happy and proud of you guys! Congratulations, and we can't wait to come to Dallas and introduce Miss Lucy to our tyrant Taylor Pearl! Pretty cool stuff ain't it!


LaLa said...

So happy for you guys. Enjoy, relax and take it all in. You will be telling her about this trip for a lifetime : )

Christina/Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

You sound like the quintessential in-love new mom! What a great job you are doing already.

Laurie said...

Lucy is so gorgeous and sounds like she's adjusting really well. I'm so happy for all of you! That is too cute the way she looked at you when she woke up. I love hearing all about her!!!

jenn said...

Not a big deal?!?! It's huge! She is starting to attach to you guys it sounds, trust me, before you know it she will cry when people take her from you. Aubrey did that and though I felt horrible that the Vietnamese might be offended at that, inside I was jumping for joy to have a "momma's girl" already.
Keep up the good work and I hope your process continues smooth and quick!

Stephanie said...


i'm so happy that things are goung so well with Lucy. She is a precious little girl and you all make such a beautiful family.
Can't wait to hear and see more fro your trip.


Sara said...

This is all so wonderful. I am going to write you a longer note to your regular e-mail account but I just wanted to post to say a quick hi!
Love to you all,

Meredith Woodruff said...

SHE IS SO STINKIN CUTE!!! I look at the pictures all the time! It sounds like she is starting to adjust more and more each day! You and Justin are naturals:)! By the way, the WHOLE McNeil family is following your journey through your blog too! They send their love to the 3 of you:)! I can already tell you that this summer Miss Lucy is going to have to make a trip to the lakehouse:)!!!

Brenda said...

What gorgeous pics! It was a total treat to read all of the updates - and see her beautiful pics! My favorite is the one of her cute little tushy! She just looks so happy and healthy - and you and Justin look like total naturals! We are so happy for you!! Keep on updating, its a joy to read!!

Amber said...

I want ya'll to know that I just cryed my eyes out reading all about Miss Lucy and looking at all of the adorable pictures! She is absolutely beautiful!!! Kelly, you and Justin already look like naturals at this parent thing! I cannot wait to meet her and love on her! I'm keeping my fingers crossed the the internet keeps up for ya'll so that you can keep those pictures coming! loves, amber

Anonymous said...

Holy shmolie is she cute! I am jealous! :-9

Congratulations on a wonderful baby. It sounds as if parenting suits you. I had to laugh on "the boss" comment. Isn't that the truth?

Gina in Nevada :-()

Nina-SOS said...

All your posts are wonderful! I am glad Lucy is smiling and adjusting well! I can't wait for your next update!

Anonymous said...

The new pics of miss priss are just too cute! I am enjoying the stories of her each day! I hope that there is a new post from you soon. Love, kathy

Anonymous said...

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