Sunday, December 31, 2006


HI!!!!!!!!!! I have been DYING, and I do mean dying, to get on here and be able to update you all myself. It has killed me that the internet has been down. I hope that I can get this posted without any problems. I have so much to say, so this is going to be a long one. It is 8:45 pm here and Justin and Lucy are both fast asleep. I was praying that this would work, and looky here, it appears to be!! Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments. I finally got to check my email today and read every single one of them. They made me cry. I am going to make a list of the things i have wanted to say and about some of the things you all have commented about.

1. The Visit to the Orphanage - On the 27th, we got to go to Lucy's orphanage. It was a 1.5 hour drive from Danang. Half of the road was on country roads and I seriously thought that the wheels were going to fall off of our van. The drive there felt like a million hours. We finally get to Que Son and see the orphanage. None of us knew a thing about the orphanage going into this, so it was all new. First of all, it is a very small orphanage - 7 babies total and 2 of them were brand spanking new. One got there that morning. I know one of the little bitties was a boy, but am not sure of the other one. We walk up to the orphanage and standing in the doorway is one of the nannies holding Grace, Sherri's baby girl - who by the way is absolutely adorable and a wonderful baby. I love me some Gracie Girl. We are all squealing about seeing Grace. We get to the entrance, and on a little bed is the main nanny holding Lucy. I was seriously speechless when I saw her through the window. She had on a red hoody, no pants, and a diaper. She couldn't have looked any cuter. The nanny was hesitant to hand her over, but she finally did. Holding her for the first time is something that I cannot put into words, it was simply amazing. She just let us hold her and she stared at us. She watched everything so intently. After a few minutes, the nanny came and took her back from me. She walked outside with her and was crying and kissing on her. It was almost too much for me to process emotionally. It was heart wrenching. The babies in Que Son are so loved and adored by the nannies. I felt so calm and reassured about the first 5 months of Lucy's life. She has had it great. The nanny finally handed her back over and I just held her and cried because I was so emotional about the love that the nanny had for her. We got to stay at the orphanage for about 2 hours. In the 2 hours we were there, Lucy was fed 3 times. That's right folks, 3 times in 2 hours. It was crazy. She would eat about three sucks of each bottle, but any time any of the babies would make a peep, they would put a bottle in their mouth. The 5 older babies were each in a cradle. I would give anything for a cradle at this point. The girl misses the rocking. They would rock the babies so high I thought she was going to fly out, but of course, she never did. We hugged and kissed on those babies for as long as they let us, but then it was time to go. I actually felt good about leaving her for one more night. The nannies still needed to say their goodbyes. She never cried or fussed a bit the whole time we were there - none of the babies did.

2. The Giving and Receiving Ceremony - It was short and to the point. When we pulled up to the city hall in Tam Ky, there is Lucy, bundled in a huge red sweater, a ski/snow hat, pants, and socks that were like hose. Heaven forbid that she got cold in the 85 degree weather. I have to say though, she looked adorable. I was hoping that they would let me keep the clothes that she came in to let her see one day when she is older, and I didn't even have to ask. Changing the babies into a G&R outfit was never even an option. I am so happy about getting to keep her clothes - they smell like women's perfume. I think it is neat that she stayed in her own clothes. It was another emotional overload situation because 2 of her nannies were there and they were all upset again. I had a really difficult time with all of this. After the ceremony, we took care of the babies passports and that was it. Another 1.5 hour drive to get back to the hotel. The babies all did great. She just sat in my lap and took 2 cat naps. No crying at all.

3. Once we were back - We get to the hotel, come up to the room, lay her down on the bed, and come to find out that this girl can move. She rolled all over the place and even laughed for me when I tickled her. We thought that she was just the easiest laid back baby in the world. We stripped her down and let her play naked for a while. She LOVED it!!! Then we thought we would find out what she thought about her bath. She REALLY LOVED the bath. We could not believe how much fun she had in there. All of the babies enjoy their baths, so that is great. We got her changed and went down for dinner. She still has not fussed at this point one little bit. Once we get back to the room, I think it started to hit her that things were different and maybe not going back to normal. She starting crying around 8 and cried solid until 10 or 10:30. She would settle down and then work herself back up. It was so hard to see. We just held her and let her cry. She would barely eat a thing. Once she got to sleep, she slept pretty well. Each day she seems to mourn a little less, but she has definitely had a rough time. She hates to be bored in the room. She will play for about 20-30 minutes, and then she is done. We have to keep her moving around. This is getting better each day, but poor little angel, she misses her nanny. I know it is a good sign, but it is heart breaking to witness as a parent. I wish I could make her understand that we love her as much, and more, than her nanny did. She is finally starting to eat a little better. She is a tiny little thing, and a lot of time she just doesn't have time for food. She is just not that interested in it. And the funny thing is, the nannies instructions to me were this exactly: She needs to be fed all day long. She eats all of the time. Don't just feed her 4 or 5 bottles, she needs a whole lot. Well, that is not how she eats for me unfortunately. She is getting to the point where I think she realizes that we are here to stay. She smiles and coos for us. She is very serious a lot of the time though. I have gotten her laughing several times though.

Now I am just going to comment on the fun stuff.

1. The hair - Her hair is beautiful. She has some bald spots in the back, but they will go away. She loves hats, which is great since you saw the hats we have brought!! I got the flower hat on ebay, since several people have asked. We copied off of one of Lucy's friends - Liberty Mai for that one. Sara and Liz, we will take pictures of her in the precious barettes you sent. Don't think I forgot them. The hair she has is pretty thin right now, so I don't know if they will stay yet.

2. The clothes - as my sisters said, she prefers to be naked, but that has not stopped me from trying. Most of the stuff we brought is too big. She fits best in 3 month clothes, and they are even a little big. Most of the stuff I brought is 6 month+. Oh well, she still looks very stylin every day. Her personal favorite look is a diaper and a big hat!! Kate, I know you are lovin the fringe on top!!

3. Eating - she eats about every 3-4 hours. We do a big time happy dance if we can get three oz. down in one sitting, but it is usually more like 2. We know she needs to be eating more, but it is going to take some time. She eats a little more each day. Formula is stinky and gross to me. I have tried to give her a little rice cereal. She thinks it is funny and likes to mostly spit it out and then laugh.

Okay, I know I have rambled on and on, but I have been dying to update you all. We love and miss you all. Thanks to my sissies for the great posts. We greatly appreciate it. Any suggestions on how to get her to eat more are welcome. She was dehydrated when we first got her, but some pedialyte helped her out. Seriously, thanks for the love and support! Y'all are the best. We head to HCMC tomorrow, so pray for more regular internet from here on out. I will post pictures as we go.


RollerCoaster said...

I am absolutely thrilled for you! Lucy is gorgeous! I hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly and I hope Lucy does start eating more! You all make a wonderful looking family!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, it's so good to hear from you!! It sounds like Lucy is adjusting more and more each day. I'm coming to Dallas now for Kathy's wedding--yeah!!--and I'm so excited to meet Miss Lucy that weekend!!

Cara said...

It's wonderful to hear from you. I am so happy for you and your new family! Lucy is just too cute for words! I may have to steal the hat idea from you as it is too cute too! I wish you a smooth process and a wonderful trip. Happy New Year!

Stepping On Legos said...

Aww, its so great to hear all these details Kelly!!! LOVE the photos!!!! As for the food, my only suggestion is to play around with the temperature of the formula and also try to use what she was using, if you know. You have probably done both of those already and you are right, it will just take time. Hang in there! And update as often as you can! Hahah.

KelleyO said...

I'm so glad you have internet again. Lucy is lovely! I'm glad to hear everything is going so smoothly! Thanks for the awesome post.

Anonymous said...

these are just the details i have been hungry for! you are so good!
i feel like the eating thing will just transition back. she is just probably used to snacking all day so doen't understand the big meal..she'll get that down in no time! the pics are juuuust precious! and yes! you knooow i love the fringe on top! she might be crowned the new willie oats! :)
what all do you guys have to do now? paperwork?
i'm glad that she is sleeping good for you all too! she probably is having some withdrawel from that swinging because i can notice liza does when we are traveling and she doesn't have her swing! do you have one ready in dallas? i don't even know why i am asking?! :)
i am so glad we can communicate again! i love it!
we miss ya and love ya tons!
keep it comin!
the new pics are toooooo cute!

Jo said...

So good to hear from you. Sounds like your having a great time being a new mommy. I hope the rest of your trip goes fast and your home soon.

KelleyO said...

Quit looking at my butt! Bunny and I are cracking up! You are too funny.

Sara said...

LUCY IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just needed to say that right upfront!
I am nursing and typing at the same time -- you'll soon learn to multi-task like this with bottles -- you probably already have!
Don't worry too much about Lucy's eating pattern. Babies take what they need, believe me. Unless she is sick, which she clearly is not, she will eat when she needs to. Eating seems to be very linked to babies' emotions, so when their schedules are thrown off a bit, their eating is as well. Our Lucy has been basically rejecting almost all solids foods for over a week now (thus the constant nursing!) but I just try not to worry. She'll eat more when she's hungry! I am sure you'll find that as your Lucy gets more and more comfy with you, she will start to eat a lot more.
Is she steady enough to carry her in a hip hold in a sling? That may be fun and will help with the attachment, as I know that you know! But at 5 months she may still be a little floppy :)
Love and kisses to Lucy from Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Yea it's you!! It's so good to hear from you. Lucy is an absolute doll!! Such a pretty girl. I love hearing all the details.

On the food thing....I think it will just take time. My daughter would only take a 1/2 oz at a time when we adopted her. It was excruciating to get her to eat more thana few drops. But her little tummy was just not used to eating bigger amounts at a time. Slowly over the next few weeks/months her intake increased to 2oz, then 3 oz...then on to 4-6oz. So I think with Lucy her tummy is not used to expanding that big yet...but it will get there slowly but surely. She looks super healthy. Now that I think about it, my older son went from 3oz to 6oz w/in about 10 days. He was more healthy than my daughter...more like Lucy. So maybe in another week or 2 Lucy will double her intake.

I'm so glad you're back online. Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey!

Susan said...

Hooray! Love hearing all the scoop from you, Kelly! Thanks for all the photos and details of your trip so far. I was so hungry to hear EVERYTHING from you and Sherri. Lucy is a doll and I know you and Justin must be such proud parents.

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...


Brenda said...

Thanks for posting Kelly. We love hearing the details of little Lucy. She is precious!

Jenny and Matt said...

So great to hear from you! I can just imagine how you all must be feeling right now - your first few days as a family!!

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

So glad the internet is back!!! Sounds like things are going very well... our daughter R, who was 7.5 months when we adopted her, mourned for 1-2 months, mostly at bedtime crying and hard to calm down... the rest of the time she was very happy and busy.
Hope the rest of your trip goes very well!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to the Pollard family!!!!!! I am SO happy to hear from you Kelly. The pics are just adorable and i am dying for you guys to get home. Lucy will come around and start eating better soon - not to worry! It sounds like she is adjusting great and i can't wait to hear more details and see more pics!!! love you guys!!! -kathy

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH KELLY!! I am so excited to get a full update from you! I'm just so happy for you guys - I'm seriously crying right now just reading all about it and showing the new pics to Sophers and Mr. Henry. We all love Miss Lucy already!

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I'm so glad to see a post from you!! It sounds like you guys are going to have a great trip! I can't wait to see the pictures of you guys back in the states!
Huge love!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is I LOVE LUCY!!! She is such a doll baby! Kelly and Justin you both are glowing and are such happy new parents! It is so great to hear from you! And Miss Lucy is just taking it all in and cannot believe how lucky she is! Love you guys! Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

What a great post. Keep sending all the news this way. I love the pictures of Lucy. Don't worry too much about the eating. Ellayna was like that when she came home from Korea. It really is an adjustment thing. She'll be fine. I know it's hard not to worry.

Anonymous said...

Ramble ramble MORE- I am so glad to read this. I can't believe you are finally there. What an amazing holiday! I can't wait until you get home with Lucy and we can read about her and see her everyday! *hugs*

- chel (Gracie's mommy) (Blogger won't let me log in again!!)

Denise :o) said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Your little Lucy is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Really... she is beautiful. I love the pictures of your husband and Lucy and of you and Lucy. The smiles on your faces says it all!! I can see the love! Beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! So glad you finally got to personally share your joy with everyone! She's amazing. This is indeed a very happy New Year!


Ange said...

Lucy is very beautiful! Congratulations.

Jenny and Matt said...

What a great start to a Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year....Can't get much better than this. She is beautiful. You all look so happy! I'm trying not to cry. I can't wait for your next post. It doesn't sound like Lucy needs any clothes, but just in case, check out the Siagon Center in HCMC. It's just down the street from the Rex on the opposite side of the street. It's on the way to the Ben Thanh market. We are sooo happy for you!
God Bless,
The Weston's

Jessica Johnston-Myers said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Along with everyone else, I was thrilled to see a post directly from you! I'm glad to hear that things are going so well for you, and I adore the hats!

Anonymous said...

Kel! I love the new pics! mornings are so fun! Justin looks like such a fun daddy! I think she'll be a daddy's girl! :) too cute! you all are going to be the best mom and dad! love ya'll

Emily said...

i seriously raced home from the new years weekend to check your blog. i was praying to see pics of lucy.
she is beautiful!!! beyond beautiful-she is perfect!
i am so happy for yall. keep posting. we are all dying to hear about it!

Ann said...

I am sooo sooo happy that you finally have her. It sounds like she is a wonderful baby and she'll adjust soon. Keep those pictures coming.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the cutest thing!! I can not wait for you to bring her home! I am going to eat her up!!!Please be safe! I love the hat!!!

Gina said...

I'm glad everything is going well!

Your daughter is just soooo precious! I've never known a baby who loves hats!! They are always trying to pull them off. Guess she knows how pretty she looks!

Sarah Bussey Adams said...

Justin and Kelly,
I am SO excited for you guys. Lucy is GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to hold her. I will be down in Dallas when yall get back. I am planning on coming by to see that sweet little thing. Maybe we could do some pictures if yall aren't just dead from the trip back.